521: Flatwoods Monster

“Of all the eerie saucer stories, this was the weirdest… when the time came to admit that the saucers were real, the slightest official hint of possible menace would be quickly remembered. From that angle the sutton story was dangerous, with it’s picture of a fearsome creature intelligent enough to build and control space ships.”

Major Donald E. Keyhoe

Some Kicking Ambience

Taylor Swift is actually a lizard person and at night her and Hiddleston go home, zip off their human suits, have slimey lizard sex, lay eggs, and feast on the bodies of dead insects.

The reason their relationship appears so over the top and unnatural is because they are Reptoids attempting to replicate a human relationship and have based their research mainly from The Notebook.

(This explains why Harry Styles is obviously so afraid of Taylor)