reptilian people

today, i’ve been crying all day. my mother, who is an arab, muslim immigrant and citizen of the united states for 27 years, and one of the strongest women i know, saw me when i was trying to study, but instead of words, there were tear drops on my paper. she sits down next to me and she asks me whats wrong. i tell her that im scared. she takes my hand and she says,
“i know. i know you’re scared. it sucks. it’s going to be hard and it’s up to God now. we’ve done our part. but now, prepare to fight. prepare to fight. your father and i raised three other kids for 12 years during the Bush presidency, okay? trump may be a modern day hitler, but he isn’t the first. it’s happening with the zionists to the palestinians. it’s happening in egypt. in yemen. in syria. but you fight. you know how? you study, you learn, you get good grades, and go to college. that’s how you fight. you beat them with your intelligence. if you die, you die. and it’s because God said it was your time. but you study and you prepare to fight.”


Some pages out of the book “ A Visual Guide to Alien Beings”  By David W. Chace



Gotham s2e18: After the GCPD arrested Bruce, Karen, and Alfred, it seemed very “strange” to me that Captain Barnes decided to send Karen to Blackgate. Do they have special facilities at Blackgate for people with reptilian body parts? Were they going to throw her in with the general population? How did Hugo Strange find out the details of  Karen’s transportation, and know when and where to send Mr. Freeze? Someone certainly made it easy for Strange to find Karen and have her murdered.

I wish I lived in the story of Cinderella. Not as Cinderella, but as some random townsperson who got to go to a ball in a castle thrown to find a wife for the Prince. How crazy would that be? The Prince would obviously never pick me, but I could probably dance with him and use the chance to troll with him, like talking in an Alan Rickman’s voice or telling him my conspiracy theories that he’s a reptilian. How many people can say they’ve used the ‘updog’ joke on royalty?

  • me: so anyway the reptilian people are all around us, controlling all aspects of our lives and
  • my friend: thats ridiculous theres no such thing as reptilian people
  • me:
  • my friend: no
  • me:
  • my friend: please no
  • me: thats exactly the sort of thing a reptilian would say