Introducing the members of Battaglia’s elite: the Reptilia Unit!

Betamax: a komodo dragon fighter meant to inspire fear on the battlefield with his size and experience in hand-to-hand combat. Enjoys killing.

Ripple: a famous aquamancer, once associated with Cerpin who’s right arm is able to conjure a watery claw, her body can turn into water as well.

And Chroma: a mysterious chameleon gun specialist known for primarily using a sniper rifle. A hardened killer.

Note that they all have their own agendas and motivations for working with the feared villain.

Kimberley Rock Monitor  (Glauert’s Monitor)

This long-necked monitor lizard is commonly known as the Kimberley Rock Monitor, and has the scientific name of Varanus glauerti (Varanidae).

Varanus glauerti is a medium-sized monitor (up to 80 cm in length) which occupies rocky habitats, being both terrestrial or arboreal. Males and pairs often share the same tree, and even the same branch stub, with no evidence of agonistic behavior outside the breeding season. They are active foragers.  

This species is distributed from western Kimberley in Western Australia, to the northwestern tip of the Northern Territory (Australia).

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Photo: ©Henry Cook

Locality: Kimberley, Western Australia

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Sunbeam Snake - Xenopeltis unicolor

Xenopeltis unicolor is the type species of its genus, and the type species of the the family Xenopeltidae. The family is characterized by a peculiar skull in which the bones are rigidly connected.

The Sunbeam Snake is a harmless, non-venomous species which stays largely hidden in burrows, but comes to the surface to feed on lizards, frogs, mice and other vertebrates. It is mainly nocturnal, grows up to 125 cm, and is widely distributed throughout Southeast Asia.

Under dull light its color appears dark brown to black, but under strong sunlight it displays an attractive iridescence of red, blue, green and yellow. The ventral surface is white. The head is depressed (flattened) which allows for easy burrowing.

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Photo credit: ©Max Jackson | Locality: Vietnam (2014)

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