reptiles in movies

Maui from the Moana movie as a demiboy Mauisaurus. The guy would be so tickled if he knew there was a marine reptile…indirectly, but still! named after him.

RE: Maui’s gender: Don’t look at me, he said it himself. He’s a demiguy.

For @a-dinosaur-a-day‘s pride month.

There’s an animated movie on Netflix about snakes! It’s called Sahara, it’s basically a romeo and Juliet/Aladdin story. A male cobra (Ajar) meets a female green snake (Eva) and they’re separated by their social class. Eva gets kidnapped by a snake charmer, and all the snakes in the charmer’s basket are dancers that are all suffering Stockholm Syndrome brought on by the music by the charmer’s flute.

Ajar goes to rescue her because they shared 10 minutes of dialogue so why wouldn’t he? He’s accompanied by Eva’s brother, Gary, whom wears a wig in the beginning of the film for whatever reason. It’s made clear that he’s kind of a pothead, though he does “pollen,” and he SNORTS IT.


OKAY I KNOW THIS IS GOING AROUND on the internet in general and I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I’ll be really mad if parts of it are fake because I badly want it to be real, but anyways

I can just imagine it being choreographed though?? Like carefully storyboarded and discussed and a huge-deal reptile action thriller

and it being filmed like

TLBM Concept #3.

The Joker loves snakes so much. He has a huge collection of every single snake known to man, and then some. He names them all carnival names like Funhouse, Peanuts, and Vomiting-On-The-Tilt-A-Whirl.
He wants to fight Batman in front of them one day, but he refuses to step foot within a fifty mile radius of his reptile house.

I really really wanted to see Natsu and Lucy kiss…. Like for real!!!!…

Then, my mind started thinking back to those moments where Natsu would touch his forehead with Lucy, nuzzled her, or just about any touch that may or may not be considered intimate, and I’m beginning to think that maybe it’s his way of “kissing” her… Being trained by a dragon can mean that he shows affection in a way that a reptile would do…

So, I googled, on how do reptiles show their affections…. Turns out….. 😒😒😒

See that, how they just shoved each others mouth…. 😒😒😒


So this guy is based on an old old failed drawing of Shin Godzilla back when I first heard of the movie in…geez when it was first announced in 15 or 16, can’t remember. I basically liked it enough to make it into my own design of Godzilla. Same vein as the Rodan I posted last week, a posterish kinda pic. 

Ok so just to cover something, if you plan to take your reptile to the movie theaters to see any movie PLEASE DO NOT. Movie theaters are cold, loud, and dark. You could easily lose your reptile in there and all it takes is someone to put their foot down and your reptile is gone. Forever. Even if your reptile is a chill reptile it only takes one loud sound to suddenly spook them or a flash of light and whoops there they go bolting off of you. Also it is extremely rude and disrespectful to people in the theater. What if the person next to you has a phobia of that reptile or is just scared of them? Really any pet other than service animals have no place in the movie theater.
Your reptile gets no benefits from being taken to the movies, in fact there is only downs to it. If you really must watch a movie with your reptile, do so at home where you can take care of them properly and control the environment. To take your reptile to the theaters is selfish and disrespectful to not only the people in the theaters, but your pet who is probably very very stressed about strange smells, loud noises, lights, and people. 

Questions I Have About Zootopia

(aka why we need a sequel)

  • Are platypus seen as really weird for laying eggs?
  • Are there hybrid animals like ligers, mules, and beefalo? Are these species discriminated against?

  • Are interspecies adoptions seen as weird? Would a zebra raising a donkey be socially acceptable?

  • What about marine mammals? Are there dolphins and whales in Zootopian society?

  • At one point a polar bear does the sign of the cross. Does this mean there is an animal Jesus? What is his species? Are there other religions?

  • Are there more animal cities around the globe? Have the animals mastered commercial flight?

  • Are their doctors called veterinarians?

  • Do they wear wool clothing? Are there herds of sheep making money by selling their wool? Is it weird if you wear a wool sweater while talking to a sheep?

  • Speaking of which, where do they get milk from?

  • How do they represent aliens in sci-fi movies? Do they resemble animals? 

  • And finally, birds and reptiles. Discuss.
Girlfriend and I watching Secret Life of Pets
  • Movie: *Budgie in a tiny hanging bird cage*
  • Me: Oh god all the exotic animals are gonna be horribly abused aren't they
  • Movie: *goldfish in a tiny bowl*
  • Me: Ahh!
  • Girlfriend: No!
  • Movie: *tortoise in microscopic glass habitat with palm tree and no lamps of any kind*
  • Girlfriend and I: *clawing eyes out* NOOOOOO!