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Insert Pun Here CH. 1

M Just in case. I don’t know why, but some slight cussing, maybe a bit of violence when things get out of hand. IF THEY GET OUT OF HAND I DON’T KNOW, this is sort of spur of the moment because there aren’t enough PTA AU *post-pacifist AU) stuff. Also Frisk is about 13, decides not to speak, and has autism (A type called Asperger’s).

Post Pacifist Run-AU  

Set a few years after the barrier broke. Toriel now has a job at a middle school helping run it as the vice principal. And when Frisk enters middle school, she finds herself unable to go to the PTA meetings. So she asks her husband, and Frisks other legal guardian, Sans, to start attending.

Lots of hilarity ensues with the gang including soccer coach Undyne and vice coach papyrus, Grillby who loves to cater events with Muffet, and Mettaton who agrees to be involved with his boyfriend’s antics and back his baby Frisk up. And Grandpa WingDing joining in when the two pairs need a break.

Papyrus/Mettaton, Sans/Toriel

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