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who taught you that dragons are reptiles?? they're not oh my gods, they're comparable to dinos/birds. reptile isn't right


I taught myself by studying biology and taxonomy.

The clade Sauropsida includes birds and all living reptiles.

Accurately mapping dragons onto this planet’s fossil record is an exercise in futility because as far as modern science and biology can tell dragons never have and can’t exist in this world. I’ve certainly never been here as a dragon. I lived in another world with different biology and different physics to allow for fire breathing, flight, and so on.

However, if one were to make the attempt, purely for entertainment, one might reason that a winged animal which may have either scales or feathers (among other countless variations of dragons) would likely fit somewhere in the transition between dinosaurs and birds, making them a separate class from either birds or modern reptiles, but related to and sharing a common ancestor with both.

Dragons are Sauropsidae. One might then name the class Draconia. Dragons.

Just for the sake of completing the exercise let’s call the “western dragon” genus Draco because the western body type is common of the lore of Western and Southern Europe, wherein draco, drakon, and dragon are native words.

We can then call the western fire dragon “Draco ignus” and the ice dragon “Draco glacis”.

Back up to Sauropsidae. There are two schools of taxonomy. One by characteristics, one by ancestors. By the latter, birds are reptiles.

I refer to myself as a reptile because most people don’t know what sauropsida means. And because it amuses me to do so.

So you just corrected my taxonomy of an animal which can’t be taxonomically classified, and you weren’t even right in any meaningful sense. Which I wouldn’t feel the need to point out if you had instead asked in a civil manner about my classification and respectfully presented the alternative that we may be more closely related to birds.

You’re not wrong, but you’re also no more right than I am. You are however an ass (Equus africanus asinus) .

P.S. What did you think was going to happen trying to tell a dragon she didn’t understand herself?

Everyone seems to think that the animal crossing games are generally nice and lighthearted. But my first and last experience with the series was when one of my villagers came up to me and said “this made me think of you so I had to buy it” and gave me a human skeleton.
More than 100 animals die at Dublin Zoo in just two years
Between 2014 and 2016 109 animals died at the zoo in the Irish capital - including a significant number of critically endangered species that are extinct or nearly extinct in the wild
By Rachel Bishop


Two Rothschild giraffes (one male and one female), which are one of the rarest species of giraffe, with only an estimated 1,500 left in the wild.

A southern white rhinoceros, of which there are only 20,000 left in the wild.

Five African painted dogs. It is estimated that only 7,000 exist in the wild.

Three white-tipped mangabeys – a red-list endangered species. Numbers have halved in the past 27 years.

A Rodrigues flying fox – a bat listed as critically endangered by the IUCN. Zoos have been trying to breed the bat in an effort to prevent extinction.

A female grey wolf.

Three Humboldt penguins – considered “vulnerable” by the IUCN as a result of climate change and overfishing. There are between 3,000 and 12,000 left in the wild.

An African spurred tortoise – the third largest species of tortoise in the world. It is classed as vulnerable. It has an average lifespan of between 50 and 150 years although some live much longer.

Three Eastern Pygmy Marmosets, representing half the population at Dublin Zoo. These are the world’s smallest monkeys, weighing just 100 grams.

Four Asiatic lions, which are a red-listed endangered species.

Four Waldrapp Ibis – a critically endangered heron, of which there are only 500 left in the wild and 1,000 in zoos.

One Asian water dragon – a lizard that can grow up to one metre in length and can live for up to 15 years.

A female red panda – an endangered species.

Another scimitar-horned oryx (male).

One Grant’s zebra – the smallest subspecies of zebra.

Two African hunting dogs. The Zoo had two of these on loan. Both died.They are endangered with a current population of around 6,000.

Two female grey wolves.

11 Chilean flamingos – two of which were on loan to Dublin Zoo.

Five red-ruffed lemurs – a critically endangered species with a captive population of only around 500.

Five Eastern Pygmy Marmosets.

Two Sulawesi Crested Macaques – a critically endangered species of monkey.

Six Asiatic lions.



hey guys !
i’ve posted on here many times that i’m apart of a group called animalpals through my school. we do things like volunteer our time to play w them, walk them, train, etc. we make toys for sheltered animals, donate food, money, etc. i’ve been apart of this group for almost a year. we’re taking donations currently, so if anyone is interested, PLEASE message me !! it would mean so so so much to me. ❤️


I dunno, I thought it was pretty funny to see only Erron Black sitting in this scene, like a naughty kid brought to the principal’s office because he was caught out doing something wrong like flirting with the sassy-mouthed enemy.

Poor Ermac just looks disappointed …

People who breed animals for fun or profit are scum.

Animals do not exist to make you money. They do not exist for your amusement.

There are too many companion animals. Shelters and rescues are overrun. You are adding to the problem. It is YOUR fault that dog will be put down today. It’s YOUR fault that parrot rescue can’t take in more.

And to those who breed wild animals as pets? Are you kidding me?

Fuck breeders. Adopt don’t shop.

This is a commission for both D4gonn and Keftense, who wanted to see their respective Dragons of Komodo in action together… The result is pretty badass !
The reptile on the left is the OC of D4gonn, called Dagon, who appeared in the fanfiction Undertopia, that you can read here :

The reptile on the right is the OC of Keftense, called Calvin, who appeared in the fanfiction Integrity, Trust, and Bravery, that you can read here :

Have a nice day !


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just needed to vent! saw the most RIDICULOUS for-sale ad. a terrarium with 3 bps (2 fem, 1 male), with an aquarium INSIDE the terrarium (yes, an actual regular sized aquarium) which the bps supposedly "love to bathe in".... comes with two heating rocks, snakes should NOT be separated, the terrarium has a pet-store dial thermometer installed. seller's note: will only be sold to people with experience keeping reptiles. right. riiiiiight.... cause you're a pro, dude.

ooohhhhhh yikes. yikes YIKES YiKeS hopefully theyll end up in a good home. and at least they are looking to rehome them

my current favorite songs, not in the sense that they are actually my favorites but I am listening to them over and over and over while I do other stuff, are all songs from the Tragic Treasury, written loosely about A Series of Unfortunate Events

A lot of the songs I found to be kinda meh, but I really like Scream and Run Away, In the Reptile Room, and This Abyss. (I also kinda like A Million Mushrooms but think I am not going to listen to it much once my Interest fades more?) Overall, I think my favorite of these is probably In the Reptile Room, but right now it’s really really This Abyss which feels like breathing glitter or sand or something (in a good way). In the Reptile Room and This Abyss are pretty

Harry Potter Headcannon

I feel like there’s a story behind the motto of hogwarts. Never tickle a sleeping dragon just sounds so random and strange that there had to be a funny story.
I think it was probably due to slytherin and gryffindor getting drunk one night.

G: hey let’s go explore the forest and caves.
S: sure thing
They both stumble through the forest that will one day become the forbidden forest.
G: What’s that growling noise?
S: I don’t know but it sounds like a big animal.
The two founders wander into a cave and spot a large reptile curled up asleep right at the back.
G: What’s that?
S: it’s a huge snake of course.
G: I dare you to go over there and tickle it.
S: no don’t be silly
G: worst comes to the worst you can always speak in snake language and tell it to calm down.
S: alright fine.
Slytherin creeps up to what he thinks is a snake and hits it with a tickling charm. The reptile growls in annoyance and shoots out a jet of flame causing both men to sprint out of the cave as fast as poss which results in lots of stumbling due to them being drunk.
S: that wasn’t a snake.
G: no I think it was a dragon.
Slytherin has put out his robes which had caught fire and Gryffindor was grumbling about his singed hair when Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff walk in.
R:What’s happened in here?
H: Yeah it smells like somethings been burning.
S: never tickle a sleeping dragon.
Gryffindor nods solemnly and they both refuse to say anymore about what happened.