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Undertale Explained by Someone Who Has No Idea What Undertale Is (but keeps seeing other people post about it)

Undertale is a game for the Super NES that was released in 2015.

The main characters are two comical skeletons who have the superpower of being both scary and adorable at the same time. The tall one loves puns and the short one has the power to make one eye glow and become extra creepy.

There is also a reptile fish pirate lady with an overbite who everybody adores. She wants to fight you, but she’s not the villain. In fact there is no villain, though in a plot twist maybe it turns out you were the villain all along. Oh, and there’s also a sheep dragon librarian woman who is nice to everybody, but she doesn’t really do anything else worth mentioning.

There may or may not be a human in the game, but it doesn’t have a name so it doesn’t really matter. Everyone who does have a name is named after fonts in Microsoft Word, suggesting the whole story actually takes place inside a computer (like Tron, but with fewer Light Cycles and more moral ambiguity.)

The game doesn’t really have an end, because that would mean that people might stop talking about it at some point. The game just kind of starts over again like Super Mario Bros. or Pokémon, leading to an endless spiral of deep contemplation and melancholy.

The game is critically acclaimed for its deep metaphors and powerful social commentary, but also dismissed by much of the video gaming community for its deceptively whimsical cartoon-like style.

Still, the success of the game can be seen abundantly in the strength of its loyal cult following, and the amount of attention it receives on the social media site Tumblr. This success has game developers already working on the next installment, “Undertale 2: This Time It’s On Instagram!”


things to consider:

- Alphys turning out to be a pro at wearing high heels because her tail helps her keep her balance

- only it also forces her to stand up straight so she looks super tough

- it makes her feel really powerful and confident

- she starts wearing heels whenever she leaves her house/lab and her friends are both frightened and in awe of this short, sweaty, suddenly very confident little reptile lady

- Alphys has a nice time and everyone is happy for her, except for Undyne, who’s now permanently dehydrated