reptile jewelry


Friends! I recently hit 1000 followers and didn’t notice. I want to thank you all for following me! I will probably do something to celebrate, like make a charm or necklace and do one of those reblog-raffles.

BUT I need your input! I am probably going to make a snake for starters since they are the least complicated (I would spend too much time and money on other herps, some of my work can be priced near $100 if I put enough time into it). What simple snake would you like to see me make for the raffle?

ANY black snake. I could do an indigo, mussurana, MBK, etc. 

I could also do various Cali King options like 50/50 whites (kind of what I’m leaning for, since it’s so recognizable), coastal varieties, stripes, etc.

Or a tri-color. I could do any milksnake, mountain king, variable kings, corals etc.

Tell me what you guys like, and maybe I’ll make a few options and winners can choose in order!

To show you what kind of work I’ve done in the past here’s a few pieces I finished a while ago (howling wolf, great horned owl, colorful lotus flower). I make all my pieces with polymer clay detailing - NO paint!

Posting videos to show how gorgeous these look when you turn them different ways. These turned out so lovely! This one is $35 and is one of a kind, the coloring mix cannor be redone. These are all created with real reptile shed that has been cleaned, sanitized and coloring added, then sealed under glass. Each piece is unique.

Small Beautiful Spiral Lizard Creature Eye Copper Wire Wrap Pendant - Handmade $30+shipping - Comes with Free Chain necklace, 16 /18 / 20 inch. Take 15% off of any purchase over $25 now through Tuesday, May 26th with the Coupon Code MEMORIAL at checkout!