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Snakes are awesome and that’s just that. I own several myself and while I was 18 when I brought home my first, my love for them has continued to grow in the ten years since. They make excellent fascinating pets, but it is their role in the wider world that is most neglected. Snakes make your world go ‘round even when you don’t know it. When snakes are locally extirpated completely all of a sudden humans gain a real appreciation for what they do. Hunt clubs for quail, grouse, and other small gamebirds have experimented with exterminating snakes alongside larger predators such as coyotes under the idea that more quail would then survive to a hunt day. Well the end result actually involved decimating wild bird populations across the board as rodent populations skyrocketed. Rodents commonly prey on ground nesting birds, especially nestlings and eggs. In a way that actually can make snakes a local wildlife guardian and savior if you treat them with respect.

This little coiled colubrid pendant is an ideal gift for reptile enthusiasts or anyone interest in animals and ecology. It can now be purchased over on the PaleoPanthera etsy store:


I got organized! 

All of these are created using the SHED skin of my husband’s beloved ball python Freya, my equally handsome argentinian black and white tegu Asgard, and a friend’s corn snake. The skins are sanitized and the coloring method is a secret I will not share. 

EACH ONE IS UNIQUE. I cannot reproduce ANY of these. They are one-off, one of a kind pieces. Each one is fully represented as best as I can.

And yes, each and every one of these is for sale. An email to, or a note here on tumblr, is all it takes to claim one.


General Disclaimer: The coloring method is a secret I will not share. The scale base of these is provided by my husband’s gorgeous pet ball python Freya and my equally handsome argentinian black and white tegu Asgard. They periodically shed, and I take those sheds, sanitize them, and use them in the creating of these pendants.

Additional Disclaimer: EACH PENDANT IS ONE OF A KIND AND UNIQUE. There is only one of each, the additional pictures are just different views. So each one is only ONE and completely ONE OF A KIND.

Tegu Pendants:

1-2) Pale gold/emerald/opal. Flashes of pink and a really pale gold color. It lights up beautifully under bright lights, most often a gold with pink tone. $10
1-3) This one is hard to describe. It is definitely a pale purple-blue. The scales are very small on this piece (definitely a tegu piece)Depending on what way you turn this one, it changes colors. I see hints of copper, emerald, pale purples. The ‘resting’ color is definitely a pale blue-purple though. $15
1-4) This one is a copper-pink heart. Just a really lovely ruddy copper piece. $15
1-5) This is one of my earlier pieces, and as such, this one lacks the backing that the newer ones have. This is also one of the original opal ones. This one is a large pendant, created with larger belly scales. And it SHINES. Copper, pink, blue, all shades. It’s just sad that it is not backed like the newer ones are, so the texture of the pendant messes it up a bit. $20
1-6) This one has an odd stripe of green-bronze at the bottom of the pendant. Other than that, it is a copper-red color, with the same liquid look that the first pendant has. $15
1-7) One of the earlier ones, before I figured out how to color these pendants, I call this one a cowhide pendant. It is nothing more than white and black, showing the scales and scale colors of an argentinian black and white tegu. This one has several defects: a small glue blossoming (from the glue bleeding over the scales), and a small air bubble. $20
1-8)  SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD This one, depending on how you look at it, is gold and pink. One way, it is pink. The other way, a very very bright gold. Slight defect: the cabochon was a bit small for the pendant, so there is an edge showing. $15
1-10) This one is VERY bright pink. It’s a perfect pink pendant, created with tegu scale. There is nothing further I could even say about this one…it is just perfectly rosey pink. $15
2-1: This one has a basic underlying color of pinkish orange, but flashes a brilliant bluepurple when turned towards light. $20
2-2: This is another one that was made early, so it doesn’t have the backing that the others have. THis one has a yellow underlay, wtih bright purple coloring. $25
2-3: This one has a very soft emerald tone to it. the natural scale colors make this one seem like it has many different ranges of emerald, from emerald tinged with purple to emerald tinged with blue or red. It’s actually really cool to look at. This one has a slight problem at the bottom of it, a small glue bloom. It doesn’t effect the pendant at all though. $20
2-4: This one is a soft amber-yellow color. It has the ‘liquid’ quality that some of the pendants end up with. There are small hints of copper in this one as well. $20
2-5: SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD This is a TINY flower pendant. Very hard to photograph. THe base color is a very metallic shiny emerald. There is a small shine of blue and bronze, but for the most part, this pendant is a really bright emerald. $15
2-6: This one is a really really bright gold/bronze/copper color. It was created with ‘thin’ shed, so it had some slight wrinkling in the creation of it. It doesn’t effect the pendant. This one ended up really interesting…just very bright with small scales. Looking at it once way shows the detailed scale patterns, the other way shows the brilliant shine. $20
2-7: This one is a pale lavender opal, mixed with a delicate pink. The scale’s natural pattern makes this one a lovely unique piece. $25
2-8: SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD This one reminds me of water…it’s got a lot of deep blues, greens and purples in it. It’s one of my favorites…it’s got lovely scale patterns combined with the really soft color shading. $15
2-9: SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Pink! VERY very bright pink. This one is pink from every angle, with shines of red-bronze and gold-emerald when turned certain ways. $20
2-10:This one is a really really bright gold/bronze/copper color. It was created with ‘thin’ shed, so it had some slight wrinkling in the creation of it. It doesn’t effect the pendant. This one ended up really interesting…just very bright with small scales. Looking at it once way shows the detailed scale patterns, the other way shows the brilliant shine. $20
This one has a strange bubbling that resulted in the scales changing a bit under the glass. It has a beautiful copper-red-orange color. $20
3-2: This one has the same problem as some of the originals. The backing of the metal pendant shows behind the scales. THe pendant itself has the yellow scales of the tegu, which shift to pink one way, then have a bright blue/green when facing the light. $20
3-3: This one has the yellow belly scales of the tegu, with blue/purple irridescence overlaying that. Slight glue bloom at the bottom of it. $15
3-4: This one is one of the more beautiful ones, and one of hte more plain. Snake scales, shading from blue to purple, with some blue-green shimmering $20
3-6: this one uses the yellow belly scales of the tegu, in this case, they were from him when he was very young so the scales are close to gether. The scales ended up with a lovely blue purple color $20
3-7: This one is opal, seeming to shade from pink/orange at the edges to a green/blue in the center. It has a small amount of ‘fog’ to it that happened because of the scale. $10
3-8: PINK PINK AND MORE PINK. This one has NO FLAWS and is this gorgeous gorgeous salmon pink color with just a touch of irridescent opal to it. I LOVE this one. $20
3-9: This one is made with small small scales. It has a beautiful deep brown-copper coloring to it, with some green to it. $25
3-10: This one is brown with some bronze, along with a hint of green to the scales along the bottom. $20
4-1: SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD This one is a frosted purple/blue color. It was an experiment in trying for the frosted color look, and it worked pretty well. This one is one of the smaller pendants. $10
4-3: SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD This one is pink/purple, which turns blue when turned a different way. The scales are a pretty orange/pink color. $20
4-4: This one is made with snake belly scales. Very green with blue edges and a streak of copper through the middle. $15
4-5: Totally tegu, with browns, tans, yellows and some copper tones. $20
4-6: Green green and more green! Emerald with gold and blue accents, snake scales. $30
4-7: This one is tegu, has a base color of pink. When in a bright light, this one turns gold/green $25
4-8: This one is small and emerald and made with snake scales. It has a  light gold edging with some blue accents. $10
4-9: Pink! This one is very pink with gold accents. $15
4-10: This one is nearly impossible to describe…gold, copper, emerald. Mostly copper-gold. Just a really lovely piece with impossible to describe color variation. $30
5-1: Bright green irridescent, hints of blue and gold. Just a really lovely irridescent green. $20
5-3: This one has a stripe of purple at the bottom of the pendant, green and blue irridescent for the rest of the pendant. Very pretty little color details. $20
5-4: Green emerald, with the tegu scale patterns showing strong. $15
5-6: SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Small lemon-emerald colored pendant, with a soft gold to this one. A lovely lemony gold color. $15
5-7: Green/blue/gold, not much to this one! Just that lovely irridescence $15
5-8: Pink tegu with a soft coppery opal overlay to the coloring. $20
5-9: Gold! Very bright gold, with a pink color tone underneath. $20
5-10: This one is another one that is like water. It has many many many tones of soft watery opal colors and the pattern of the tegu scales. $30
6-2: This one is vibrant vibrant gold. It is one of my favorites and one I have not been able to replicate yet. It has a soft copper tinge to the center of it, that comes from the snake’s natural patterns. $40
6-3: This one is a deep purple blue color. It has a small scale discoloration in the middle, it does not effect the pendant. This one shades a bit, some parts are really deep purple blue and others are a lovely turquioise blue. $25
6-6: This one is pink/brown. A sort of coppery color, it’s not dark enough to be copper, but is definitely shading towards that. Mostly, I would call this one pink. $15
6-7: This one is another color changing one. At rest, I would call it lilac. It’s just a really soft pale purplish. In good light, it lights up to a deep emerald with copper. It’s a really awesome combination, going from such a soft color into such a vibrant irridescent color. $20
6-8: This is another of the small lavender ones. Good scales, nice detail, a very soft lavender color. $15
6-9: This one shades into the emerald category, though like most of these, it shades into a bit of pink, blue and gold as well. $20
6-12: This one is purple. Created from tegu, the color of the scales underneath is the cream color of a tegu’s scales, so it shades from yellow to bright purple depending on how you look at it. $15