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I rarely make posts advertizing companies, but this is an exception for good reason.. I met Oscar years ago at the various bug fairs around Los Angeles.  His artwork is so beautiful, that I had to share.  What makes it more beautiful is that it is entirely nature-inspired.  I own several of his rings and pendants.  They are a family-owned small business, and the work is impeccable.  He even went to school for entomology! 

His company is now called Biological Jewels (formerly Our Family Jewels).  He will be there with his amazing jewelry at the Pomona reptile super show next weekend. 

Here is his website. (Proceed with caution if you are like me, you will want everything!)  Support local artists!


So I’ve finally found I way to make rings this style, finally. Both of these are for sale and are both sized 8 - 8 ½, there are pictures of them on a sizing dowel in the listing.

These are not made with molds or any special ring making tools so sizes wont be perfect and they wont fit like a retail/store bought ring.

I do have a way to make other sizes so if you are interested in a commission feel free to message me with questions

Retic Ring listing :

Normal Ball Python Listing :

I am OPEN for commissions

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What can I say, I have a soft spot for playful skinks with their pretty tongues!!

This little one is looking for their forever home here :

I am OPEN for commissions

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Currently, these are all the ones I have for sale.

they’re all marked with prices. If you’re interested in one, send me a message! 

These are all created with naturally shed reptile skin, from an argentinian black and white tegu and a ball python, as well as some corn snake pendants. 

I add the coloring myself. No, I will not tell you how. I will say, these are made with GLASS, not resin.

I’m quite proud of the later groups. :)

Another Resin Casted piece, originally sculpted by me. Hand painted with acrylics and sealed.

You can adopt him here :

I am OPEN for commissions, feel free to message me with any questions!

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“Eric” the pliosaur was discovered by an opal miner in 1987. The Australian miner excavated the remains himself, destroying and missing many of the smaller bones. After a dealer bought the remains for $125,000 Australian ($230,000 US when adjusted for inflation), the dealer went bankrupt and put Eric up for auction. Jewelry makers almost bought the aquatic reptile to break up the skeleton and make jewelry, as the opal content alone was worth $25,000 Australian. But with the help of corporate sponsorships and fundraising efforts by schoolchildren, The Australian Museum was able to buy this dinosaur relative for $320,000.