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Hey guys! I’ve been making a lot of jewelry lately and after not selling very many at a local event, I’ve updated my Etsy page with a lot of my product! I’ve still got some things to add but I still need to get decent photos of them. Wet preserved animals will be up within the next week or so once they are done ‘curing’ and are put into their permanent containers!

It would really mean a lot to me if people could spread my etsy a little bit, even one purchase would make me so happy. [psst, all purchases come with some snake stickers… snickers…? yep]

All of my animal products were from roadkill or had died naturally and were given to me. I preserved all the skins myself and did all of the resin work as well.

>>>Link to my Etsy <<<

I also will be updating either my etsy or a page here on my tumblr about custom orders. I also provide bone-cleaning services so please hit me up if you have something you want cleaned! <3

Blue Tongue Skink Commission I did recently. The base is made to look like the pattern of his hide! Very handsome skink and I’m thrilled I got to make a mini version of him!!

Do you have a skink? I’d love to see a picture!

OPEN for commissions, message me on my etsy :

I do ship worldwide. 

This little one is one their way home today. I love commissions that push my limits and allow me to try something i’ve never had the chance to before. Pattern is reference from photos given by the owner, markings are almost perfectly spot on. 

I’m simply super proud of this piece. 

Open for commissions, message me on my etsy, tumblr eats dms. 

Something new! LIMITED TIME AND LIMITED OFFER! Reblogs super super appreciated <3 

Link to etsy : 

I’m going to see how this goes and we will go from there. Today on my etsy I have 4 slots open for 4 ball python, flat priced commissions.
If you’ve ever wanted a ball python from me now is the time to get it. Any morph, regardless of pattern for $40 + shipping.

Normally I charge on a tier pattern list, low-medium-high. The price range for my ball python is $40-$70 dollars with higher more complex patterned animals being in the $70 range. For this limited time with these 4 slots you can get any morph ball python for $40 plus shipping.

Its a offer of a 2.5 - 3 inch flat style (like pictured) perfect for a pendant or just display. I CANNOT guarantee arrival by christmas but if you have an animal you always wanted a piece of or have a friend you know would love one then this is the offer for you!

This is ONLY for these four slots, once they are gone all other commissions and available ball pythons will fall under normal pricing.

Any shares of this are greatly appreciated. With christmas coming up I wanted to try to offer something to give back to you who have supported me and my work. If this goes well I will consider doing something like this more regularly with different animal options.


Snakes are awesome and that’s just that. I own several myself and while I was 18 when I brought home my first, my love for them has continued to grow in the ten years since. They make excellent fascinating pets, but it is their role in the wider world that is most neglected. Snakes make your world go ‘round even when you don’t know it. When snakes are locally extirpated completely all of a sudden humans gain a real appreciation for what they do. Hunt clubs for quail, grouse, and other small gamebirds have experimented with exterminating snakes alongside larger predators such as coyotes under the idea that more quail would then survive to a hunt day. Well the end result actually involved decimating wild bird populations across the board as rodent populations skyrocketed. Rodents commonly prey on ground nesting birds, especially nestlings and eggs. In a way that actually can make snakes a local wildlife guardian and savior if you treat them with respect.

This little coiled colubrid pendant is an ideal gift for reptile enthusiasts or anyone interest in animals and ecology. It can now be purchased over on the PaleoPanthera etsy store: