~Robot lives matter too~ The Holy mother of robots followers aid mechanical creatures in need. These old men walk around with their heavy machinery toolboxes and gather all the lost confused bots that have no main directives still active in their ram. It’s a controversial cult, some say they aid the bots in need but others see them as reprogrammers that take advantage of the weak. 


Ok first of all the perspective is all fucked up! damn i’m not happy at some of the scaling of the characters but that’s what I get for trying to make all of these characters walk around in a 3 point perspective. 

Did callouts for the characters, I really wanted flat shapes and not a lot of line work but again I failed and ended up sketching all of it like usual. 

The robots had to be designed to look helpless, slow or confused since the old men would take advantage of them. A church like structure would be designed as the centerpiece but it ended up looking too small … . or . . maybe the entrance is big enough just for the little robots!, yeah that’s what I wanted from the start aha! 

After callouts I sketched the whole thing freehand and followed the same procedure as some of the last posts. It was fun to try my hand at the floor reflections.- Gabo

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard on Crowdsupply

Crowdfunder aimed at programmers but this could help many disabled people. It has completely reprogrammable keys for gaming, coding and using hot keys.  Being able to mount the keyboard in halves so they’re beside your hips instead of needing to lift your arms might also make it a lot easier to type for some people.

More from their page:

“The keyboard for professionals.

  • Increase your productivity by never leaving the home row.
  • Improve your posture by typing on two, separate keyboard halves.
  • Remap your keys in any way you want.
  • Experience how a keyboard can be different, yet familiar.

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard is a split mechanical keyboard which utilizes Cherry MX-style switches. It’s also a fully programmable keyboard which can be vastly customized for your needs. If you need a compact, ergonomic keyboard or are looking for the perfect programming keyboard, look no further!

Increased Ergonomics

Two keyboard halves result in a more natural typing posture - rather than forcing your wrists to adapt to a straight keyboard, you can adjust your keyboard so that your wrists are straight. The halves are connected by a bridge cable which expands and shrinks as needed, occupying minimal desk space.

The halves connect together securely as one piece, which is useful for transportation purposes or if you happen to prefer a one-piece keyboard.

When connected, you can unplug the bridge cable since there are connectors right between the halves that firmly mate upon connection.

Improved Productivity

For maximum touch-typing productivity, you should never leave the home row. Most keyboards have their keys arranged into various blocks, forcing you to leave the home row quite often to access navigation and function keys. The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, as you will see below, solves this problem with layers.

Thanks to the compact design, reaching the mouse is also faster, as your hands only need to travel the minimum distance required.

Built to Last

High-end mechanical key-switches are used for a flawless typing experience. Unlike the switches of regular keyboards, these provide a satisfying tactile feel. They endure not 5 but 50 million keystrokes, do not degrade over their lifetime, and are replaceable.

The halves are connected by precision-machined, hardened-steel guides mounted to the stainless steel plates that form the endoskeleton of the keyboard. These guides, combined with a pair of neodymium magnets, not only result in a smooth connect/split experience but also create supreme durability.”

Check out the main page for videos and tech details.
Researchers have built the first reprogrammable quantum computer
By Fiona MacDonald

Researchers have built the first quantum computer that can not only be programmed, but, just like a regular computer, can actually be reprogrammed, too.

This latest device is only made from five atoms, but it’s a huge step towards building scalable, functioning quantum computers that could change the way we process data forever.

Quantum computers have the power to be exponentially more powerful than today’s regular computers, which are based on units of information called bits that can either be in a ‘0’ or '1’ state.

Quantum processors, on the other hand, are made of qubits, which can be a '1’, '0’, or both at the same time - a state known as 'superposition’.

But while many groups have built small quantum computing devices in the past, most of these have only been hard-wired to solve a single problem, and any reprogramming requires complex physics.

This new device is different, because it’s easily reprogrammable, and it’s already been shown to solve three algorithms in a single step - something that would require several operations for a normal computer to calculate.

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One-of-a-kind desk hides a pipe organ and fluidic computer #5yrsago

Housefish has a writeup on Kagen Schaefer’s pipe-organ desk, which hides in its drawers a pipe organ that doubles as a fluidic computer, and which has stolen my heart:

At first glance, it’s a relatively ordinary desk, albeit very finely made out of exceptional wood, and with an unusual number of small drawers. Open a drawer though, and there’s a surprise- each drawer operates a wooden pipe organ tube on the back. Opening different drawers plays different notes and lets you play songs. If I stopped right there, a wooden pipe organ desk would already rank among the most novel and impressive pieces of wooden furniture either of us has seen.

But there’s another secret. Inside the desk is a fluidic computer, operated entirely by the air pressure pulses created by opening and closing the drawers. This has been programmed so that playing a predetermined sequence of notes opens a secret compartment somewhere on the desk. It’s also reprogrammable, so you can set it to open when you play the theme to Star Wars, or whatever you want. And in case it wasn’t clear, this is made entirely of wood; there are no electronics of any kind. It is literally something that could have been built using technology available 500 years ago.

Ecclestone contre la reprogrammation du GP de Bahreïn en octobre

Ecclestone La Fédération internationale de l'automobile a fait savoir vendredi que le Grand Prix de Bahreïn, annulé en mars dernier en raison des troubles politiques qui secouent le royaume du Golfe, serait finalement couru le 30 octobre prochain, date à laquelle devait se tenir le Grand Prix d'Inde.

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redesigned a gemsona i made earlier this year

her weapon is a gem reprogrammer that’s mainly used to reset gems to “factory settings” but it can do other things like wipe/change memories, undo corruption, or implant data into the gem. the poofed gem fits in the middle slot and it can adjust to shape/size. she can also extend and grow her arms to help fight without using up energy in her gem by shapeshifting.

she is also v rare and is a unique type of jasper that’s strong mentally instead of physically

heres an app for Pink Ocean Jasper i made for
Gem: Pink Ocean Jasper

Gem Type: Quartz

Nickname: Ocean, Jasper

Pronouns: She/Her

Alliance- Homeworld/Rhodochrosite’s Court

Height: A little taller than an average pearl

Gem Location: Neck

Weapon: A gem reprogrammer, can implant/remove data and memories or reset the gem to their default state. It’ll also give you a pretty big bruise if its thrown at you like a frisbee

Special abilities:
-Can stretch/morph her arms without using up gem energy from shapeshifting
-Common Quartz abilities

-Technically a defective Ocean Jasper, but a very specific defect that was taken advantage of by Homeworld due to their higher intelligence and made able to be replicated/produced as a “valid” Gem. They’re not produced very often though and are still lower on the social ladder than normal quartz soldiers.
-Due to their similar personality/mind altering abilities, they tend to have a natural rivalry with Zircons