Happy Friday! Check out this Reprofiled production kukri and throwing hawk combo. The scales were provided by Ian @aussiekustomknifescales, red morrel burl cast in transparent resin with white smoke that glows blue when goblins are near by.

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The McLaren Sports Series 570S GT4 

The track-only 570S GT4 shares the carbon fiber MonoCell II chassis architecture with the other models in the Sports Series. This marks the first time the technology has been made available in the GT4 category, and the race-derived material is of clear benefit with inherent strength and light weight. Driver protection is further enhanced with the addition of an FIA-approved rollcage and fire system. Carbon fiber and aluminium are used for the reprofiled bodywork, which is formed over wider track both front and rear to accommodate lightweight cast magnesium alloy wheels shod with slick Pirelli racing tires. Two-way adjustable motorsport dampers with coil-over springs are fitted front and rear, and an on-board air jacking system is fitted as standard.

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reprofile posted a nice video of yuuki after the interview they had with him!