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Regarding men who force their girlfriends/spouses to get pregnant, wouldn't it have been better if the doctor just called the police to get the women out of the relationship? I know it's be hard to convince them but that's better for them mentally than just giving the contraceptives

TW/// Abusive relationships, reproductive coercion 

Not everyone has the ability to be open about their abusive situation and ask for help - especially from someone (the doctor) who could be a stranger to them. A person who is pregnant by an abuser and is seeking an abortion or birth control isn’t required to tell the truth to their doctor about why they need to prevent pregnancy, why they are pregnant, or why they are having their abortion. 

If someone does confide in their doctor about their abusive relationship, I’m sure the doctor in question has been trained on how to help in the best way possible, which definitely might not be immediately just calling the police. Intervening in such a way can potentially make their situation more dangerous, since it is very likely that their abuser will be released if they are even arrested in the first place. [x] Escaping an abuser is extremely difficult and intervening without the consent of the person you are trying to help could be detrimental to them, even if your heart is in the right place.

We need to trust the pregnant person and their decisions. We should do everything possible to help people in abusive situations, but denying them something that could help them and is exactly what they are asking for (whether it is an abortion or birth control) isn’t a very good way to help.

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My teacher just compared abortion to holocaust. And most people in my class agreed that abortion is a definite no. And I just...I'm so angry, I don't understand how people can think like that

Hi there - I hear ya! As the saying goes, “DON’T GET ME STARTED”


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Why is it against the law for a child to have sex, and yet anti-choicers want to force children to carry pregnancies? 

If children are not ready for sex (which they sure as hell are not) then they are most definitely not ready to carry a pregnancy. 

When it really comes to it, forced-birthers view not only grown pwu (people with uteruses) as incubators, but minor children as well. It’s dangerous and disgusting. 

It really bothers me when people say that abortion is “always a difficult choice”. 

What if it isn’t? What if the pregnant person always knew they would get an abortion if they got pregnant? What if they were relieved after the abortion? What if they were excited to sign the paperwork and get this over with? 

Normalize abortion. It’s a medical procedure. You don’t have to feel badly or tormented for getting one.
Oklahoma lawmaker: pregnant women’s bodies aren't their own, because they are "hosts"
It’s the logic behind a bill that would require men to approve their partners’ abortions.
By Emily Crockett

“But pro-lifers respect women! We’re pro woman, pro child!” 

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