I have anti-choicers contacting me, apologizing for their more violent supporters that I meet while clinic escorting. They’re promising that most anti-choicers are peaceful. But the violence I face isn’t just physical. It can be verbal and emotional. It can also be institutional through the legislation they support and manipulate.

Anti-choicers try to guilt and shame people who have had or will get abortions.  They want to strip away our bodily autonomy. They want to force people to stay pregnant and give labor against their will (this is considered a form of torture). This is all abuse. The entire movement to end reproductive rights is violent. 

trump is literally showing dictator-like behavior and people’s heads are still in their asses?????????? he wants to ban to be over 100,000,000 PEOPLE????? he wants to censor the scientists??????????? he wants to call the feds on black communities????????? he wants to strip people of their healthcare and reproductive rights?????????? he’s hiring literal ass white supremacists to work with him???????? Is there……. something…….. y'all aren’t seeing correctly??????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

You don’t have to love abortion. You can dislike it. Maybe it even makes you sad. The way you view abortion is up to you. If you don’t like abortion, you can advocate for proper sex education, access to birth control and other things that have been shown to lower unplanned pregnancies. You don’t have to like abortion.

But what you can’t do is disrespect somebody for having an abortion. You can’t take away that choice from women because you don’t like it. Your emotions are not somebody else’s responsibility. Your emotions aren’t more important than anyone else’s bodily autonomy. You don’t have to like abortion, but you have to respect other people’s rights and that includes the right to safe, accessible, abortion.

Act. No Matter What.

We are just going to keep coming back stronger…




The Senate is on the verge of voting to demolish health care for millions and cut off Planned Parenthood patients from care. Let’s keep their phones ringing off the hook. Call your senators now and tell them to stop this bill.

Call 202-804-8210 or use the form on this page to call your U.S. Senator.

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Ireland is the only country in Europe without legal accessible abortion. Now a woman has been sentenced to jail for self-induced abortion

Two years ago a 21-year-old woman used drugs she bought on the internet to self-induce an abortion when she couldn’t get one legally. Her roommates turned her in. Here’s what happened (are you listening, Donald Trump fans?)

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I don’t remember where I saw the post, but someone once made a very good point about how reproductive autonomy is not tied to one’s genetic relationship to the fetus.

If I, a woman, donate eggs for another woman, who then has them fertilized by her partner’s sperm, I have no say in whether or not she chooses to terminate that pregnancy later on after implantation. Yes, I would be that child’s biological mother, but it isn’t my body that will go through the process of pregnancy, and therefore my input would be irrelevant.

So far no dude I told this to has been able to justify why they thought they, as the father, should have a say in what their hypothetically-pregnant partner chooses to do.

Nature did not distribute the reproductive burden equally between men and women and our legislation on reproductive issues needs to take this into account.


If your argument for abortion is

-I can’t afford a baby

-I shouldn’t be forced to have it

-it will ruin my life/body

-I don’t want to be a parent

-putting up for adoption isn’t free

-I made/have no money

-my body my choice

-I really don’t want to have a baby

-I don’t want to be pregnant

-stop taking my rights

Then that’s okay and we completely support you because those are all 100% very valid.