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“these riots are going to turn off apolitical people!”

gonna be real here bub, that argument didn’t fly a couple years ago when you trotted it out about BLM and it’s certainly not legit now.  Who is this “apolitical person” here who is somehow the only legitimate target of any political campaign?  Because these criticisms present their own view of reality, wherein everything basically works like American elections.  A social movement needs to target the ‘median voter’, the ‘public eye’, or else it is legitimate.

Because of this violent is illegitimate, because it turns people off (never specified). But here’s the thing

for decades conservatives attacked abortion clinics, they made it dangerous and annoying to be a reproductive doctor, they bombed clinics.  And a ton of liberals shook their heads and talked about how this is turning people off

and ya know what? it’s nearly impossible to get an abortion in a large part of the country now.  Because this program of violence combined with a group of other tactics made talking about it impossible, alienated women and other people who needed to go to planned parenthood clinics, and then destroyed those clinics.

We can’t rely on these outside ‘apolitical people’, with their omnipotent judgement, to help us.  People aren’t rioting to get people to vote for the Democrats, they’re rioting to protect themselves, to cast out fascists.  The movement that’s building isn’t AND SHOULD NOT BE a movement of ‘reasonable people who just have some issues with Trump’.  These ‘reasonable people’ have been willing to replicate this violent, to throw us under the bus if need be, in order to get back into the halls of power.  The movement needs to be based on the interests and rights of those who are currently targeted by Trump’s policies.  That’s a stronger coalition, that’s a better coalition.

Bad Experiences at the Abortion Clinic

Doctors have bad days.  So do nurses.  Doctors can be rude, unfeeling, and distant.  So can nurses.  Doctors and nurses screw up.  Maybe not in the procedure, but they sure can be cold, unfeeling, passive, not meet your emotional needs, etc. 

So can doctors and nurses that provide abortions. 

Abortion doctors and nurses, front desk and office staff, are HUMAN. 

Abortion care is, like all things, a job that they do.  A job that is stressful, not only because of the patients health, but because of outside influences (protesters, death threats, laws to shut down clinics, laws to make the practice of abortion illegal, community pressures, the list goes on forever) 

A job that can be stressful and a job that they do everyday.  A job that gets to be pretty routine.  Sometimes, you forget that what may be routine for you isn’t routine for others, and that it may be scary or stressful. 

I have to keep that in mind when I escort. 

I do this all the time.  I’m used to the anti’s.  The patients are not.  I can say “eh, its no big deal”, but IT COULD BE a big deal to them.  It is scary.  It is stressful. 

I screw up sometimes. 

We all screw up sometimes. 


I love and appreciate all providers and staff.

Abortion on demand is good for our society.

When people tell me they had a bad experience at a PP or an independent clinic, I will ALWAYS say to report it and talk to someone at that clinic.  

We aren’t perfect.  We all screw up.  

It is important that we are told when we screw up so we can get better and be mindful of our actions. 

If your vagina is unhappy...

Please seek medical attention.

Do not attempt to power through sex.

Do not wait it out.

Seek a doctor, go to an urgent care, go to Planned Parenthood or another reproductive health clinic, get yourself checked out.

UTIs and Yeast Infections are no less serious just because they are common.

Take care of yourself.

A Public Service Announcement from your very good friends @ Real Talk Sex Advice.

“Is the baby ok?”

They ask, hope in their eyes, dreams in their hearts. They can see the ultrasound screen, but it just looks like TV static. You know though. If there was a baby in there, they would have seen it by now- a giant alien head with tiny arm and leg nubbins, and a little fluttering fuzzy spot in the middle with a reassuring whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh heartbeat.

The lines on the pregnancy test, once so solid and strong, fade away as the patient’s beta-hCG levels fall. The hope drains out of their eyes, and their dreams are flushed down the toilet or suctioned in the OR, a mixture of blood and coagulated tissue. Products of conception is what tests call it. My baby is what they called it.

The worst were the REI (reproductive endocrinology and infertility) clinic miscarriages. These patients had notations in their chart like “G8P0″ (gravida/pregnant 8 times, para/gave birth 0 times) and they were supposed to be 12 weeks- almost to the safety of the second trimester- but they woke up that morning covered in blood and knew it had happened again. These patients wailed.

To be fair, some days on REI were good days: we got to tell patients who had been trying for 10 years that they were having twins, all the babies were growing like they should, the lines on all the pregnancy tests were solid and strong, dreams blossomed and happy tears wet cheeks. Some days were ok- twin A is alive and growing but twin B is gone and is slowly being reabsorbed, we can fix your hormone imbalance and that should enable you to ovulate, your cervix is just shaped different but we can help the sperm get in the uterus.

Did you know that there is statistically only a 25-30% chance of conceiving every time a person with female reproductive organs ovulates? People get pregnant all the time. People miscarry all the time. It’s just part of it, the cycle of life and death, all in one person.

The Supreme Court has voted to keep Texas abortion clinics open

Pro-choice activists are celebrating today: The Supreme Court announced that it will allow nine Texas abortion clinics to remain open until the justices can hear an appeal ordering them to close. Unfortunately, this is only a partial victory and maintains a troubling situation for Texas women. 

Last night, a shooter entered a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, killing at least 3 and injuring several others. Acts of violence at reproductive health clinics must stop. Clinic violence is domestic terrorism. Sign the petition and tell the Department of Justice to investigate clinic violence:


Meet the woman behind the Supreme Court case that could change the game for abortion

Amy Hagstrom Miller began working in the reproductive health field at 21 years old. Fourteen years later, she founded Whole Women’s Health, a group of reproductive health care clinics, many of which are in Texas, that serve over 30,000 women every year. Now, the healthcare provider is poised to make history as the plaintiff in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the Supreme Court case, which will be argued on March 2.

The case is being called  “the most important” and “highest-stakes” abortion case in a generation.

Access to abortion has grown dire in Louisiana

The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay on legislation this week that’s been pending since June 201. The law obligates abortion providers to secure admitting privileges with local hospitals. But that’s not what the law really does, opponents say — and it’s created a dangerous situation in Louisiana.


Today, together with CREDO Mobile, UltraViolet, and Courage Campaign, NARAL Pro-Choice America delivered 300,000+ petition signatures to the Department of Justice. 

Hundreds of thousands of Americans want to see actions of violence towards abortion providers investigated as domestic terrorism. Are you with us?
Apple Has Been Directing People Searching For Abortion Clinics To Adoption Centers Since 2011
Apple is working on changing an algorithm in Siri and Apple Maps that has been directing people to adoption centers when they asked for an abortion clinic...
By Sarah Buhr

“We came into this because it creates a stigma. To have that [search result] in your face is inexcusable.” Himiak told TechCrunch. “We have women all over the country being bullied and shamed and to be redirected to an adoption center instead disregards women’s choices.”

According to the article, Apple is just now starting to update its search results. Before that, many searches for abortion clinics have been miscategorized.


The clinic is pitifully understaffed, and thusly, did not have a very successful grand opening. Autumn was busy restocking the rapidly depleting pregnancy tests all night (apparently my townies are fertile myrtles!), so she didn’t have a chance to keep an eye on the register trainee. He left before his shift was over which pissed off a customer so badly that she flung her tampons and her pregnancy tests on the floor.

BREAKING: Grand Jury Criminally Charges Videographers Who Shot Secret Planned Parenthood Video
The Texas grand jury originally convened to investigate whether Planned Parenthood had broken the law.
By Nicolás Medina Mora

A grand jury in Texas on Monday brought criminal charges against two undercover videographers who shot tapes purporting to show illegal sales of fetal tissues by Planned Parenthood.

The grand jury, based in Houston, originally convened to investigate allegations of wrongdoing against the reproductive health clinic — but found no evidence that Planned Parenthood or its staff members had broken the law.

Instead, the jury decided to charge David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt — both affiliated with the anti-abortion Center for Medical Progress — with tampering with a government record. Daleiden has also been charged with purchase and sale of human organs.

“We were called upon to investigate allegations of criminal conduct by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast,” Devon Anderson, the Harris County district attorney, said in a statement. “As I stated at the outset of this investigation, we must go where the evidence leads us.”

“These anti-abortion extremists spent three years creating a fake company, creating fake identities, lying, and breaking the law,” Eric Ferrero, Planned Parenthood’s vice president of communications, said in a statement.” When they couldn’t find any improper or illegal activity, they made it up.

“These people broke the law to spread malicious lies about Planned Parenthood in order to advance their extreme anti-abortion political agenda. As the dust settles and the truth comes out, it’s become totally clear that the only people who engaged in wrongdoing are the criminals behind this fraud, and we’re glad they’re being held accountable.”

The Center for Medical Progress did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Daleiden and Merritt also did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Daleiden and Merritt came to national prominence last July, when the Center for Medical Progress released a heavily-edited video that purported to show a Planned Parenthood doctor talking about the sale of fetal body parts.

Planned Parenthood immediately claimed the videos were misleading and eventually filed a lawsuit against the Center for Medical Progress. But the videos unleashed a wave of outrage. In November, there was a shooting at an abortion clinic in Colorado Springs.

If convicted of the top charge, Daleiden and Merritt could face up to 20 years behind bars. It was not immediately clear if either of them had retained an attorney.