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As promised here are pictures of most of the Ghibli stuff that i bought in Japan a couple of weeks ago :D (there was one very special item that i received in the post yesterday but I’m not sure if il post a picture of that :P i did yesterday but then felt weird about sharing it then decided to delete the pic)

Ghibli Museum cookies, black totter plush (from Mei and the Kittenbus and Porco Rosso drinks collection tumbler.

Ghibli Museum short film original soundtrack cds (just 2 more to get)

Ghibli Museum cloth totebag

Ghibli Museum Kiki’s Delivery Service hand painted framed cel reproductions

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind answering, about how much did the trip in total cost? I've been trying to plan my own trip, not for as long as yours of course, probably just about 10 days, but I'll be planning for 2 people. I'm so glas you were able to have this experience and I hope to have my own someday! Safe travels 💙

Hi thanks for the question! ahh thats really tough! it depends where you’re staying, how much you’re planning on travelling, how often you like to eat and how much you want to spend on food too! 

I guess all i can tell you is how much individual expenses cost and what i booked! my flights from the Uk and accommodation for 3 weeks i could have gotten for about £1000 with me staying in a decent hostel in Akihabara but i paid extra for direct flights as the journey can really zap you. Theres also discount vouchers depending on which site you book through (i wish id looked those up i think i could have saved about £100). i think the biggest expense was the flight and the hostel was really affordable. i picked a hostel because the only time i really spend in the accommodation was sleeping time and the rest of the time id be out about and seeing and doing things. also a hostel is a great place to meet people from all over the world and people are usually really friendly and interesting! Also i stayed at the Simple stay peace museum hostel in Hiroshima which was under £20 a night and was in an amazing location right in the centre of Hiroshima. 

When you get there if you’re travelling about the Japan rail pass is an amazing investment which gets you unlimited free travel anywhere around Japan on JR trains. see here for info: the pass costs are- 

7-day 38,880 YEN 29,110 YEN
14-day 62,950 YEN 46,390 YEN
21-day 81,870 YEN 59,350 YEN 

I went to Hiroshima and from Tokyo a one way ticket to get there was over 19,000 yen so getting the 7 day pass at only 29k was totally worth it to be able to travel to Hiroshima and back plus travel anywhere for the rest of the week. 

If you’re staying in Tokyo you’ll be using the Jr train lines and the subway system too as both systems sometimes only go to locations the others don’t. the stations all have big track maps on the walls and ticket machines which show all the stops and how much it costs to get to each location, costs can add up fast but a lot of the time i ended up buying a day pass for the JR lines which was 750 yen and gets you unlimited travel for the day within the metropolitan area, theres also one that does metro and  JR train lines thats about 1500 yen. Some days you know how many journeys you’ll need to do or where you’ll be visiting so you can calculate using maps weather you’re better getting two singles say at 200 yen each for the journey both way or the day pass if you’re making more or further journeys. Journeys can cost from about 160 yen to 480 yen depending on the distance you’re travelling. 

To be honest i was buying the day pass most of the time and making a day trip to somewhere then going back out at night again so i was spending about 750 yen or more on travel almost every day. 

Food is a tricky one! if you’re staying in a hostel they usually have cooking facilities so you can buy and cook you’re own food but it can be pricey too depending where you shop but trying things in shops and convince stores is amazing because its a whole new world of food. if you’re eating out depending where you’re eating the cost can vary a lot! some days id go to a ramen shop and you can get a good bowl of ramen from 600 yen but usually id go for the deluxe ramen with loads extra pork for 900 yen! restaurants are usually a bit more expensive and i was usually spending like 1200-2000 yen most times when eating out.

An example would be a big mac meal would cost 690 yen which was similar prices to Japanese fast food places too! personally as it was my holiday which comes only once every year or two i like to eat at nice restaurants and sometimes i found myself spending 4000-5000 yen on a meal with like nice steaks and other things and if you saw some of my posts Japan has some of the best beef in the world and the most i spent on a meal was just under 12,000 yen but thats because it was Wagyu beef. 

As always it all depends on your original currency and 1000 yen was costing me  about £7 this trip but when i went to japan in 2014 1000 yen was about £5.50 which is a huge difference. But if you’re from say America I’m sure the exchange is much healthier but unfortunately for me the way Uk press, tv networks and politicians have been handling brexit in the last year has weakened the strength of the £ significantly.  

Another thing to look out for is sales tax which a lot of the time is not shown on the original price of items and i think is about 8%. 

Hmmm in Tokyo every street is lined with drinks vending machines and it was really warm and sunny so i was drinking a few bottles of water when out and about every day which cost about 110 each which can add up over the duration of you’re trip. 

Other expenses will of course if you’re following my blog and are like me will be copious amounts of Studio Ghibli merchandise :P on the last day in the Ghibli museum i spent just under £500 which included my meal at the museums Straw Hat cafe, a framed hand painted cel reproduction and a load of other things hahahah :D 

Travel from the airport can be about 2000 yen depending which airport you fly into, Narita is further away from Tokyo and a shuttle bus into major hotels in the city centre will cost about 2000 and i think the express train is cheaper and maybe half that if you get the all stops train instead. Haneda airport is much closer to the city centre and is pretty inexpensive to travel to on the train then monorail which i think is a few hundred yen. 

When there i liked to be doing something every day which most of the time costs money :( like going up the Tokyo tower, Mori tower or Tokyo Sky Tree can be from 1800 yen (52nd floor observation deck of the Mori tower) to about 3000 yen depending what level of the Sky Tree you can’t to travel up to :) The peace museum in Hiroshima cost 200 yen to get into and Disney land was 7500 yen for a day ticket bought on the day! oh and the Metropolitan building in Shinkuku has two towers which are high and ou can see the whole city and is freeeeee!!!!!!!!

I can’t think of any other expenses off the top of my head but the key thing to remember is it all adds up and its best being prepared, but i think you can do the trip on a budget if you’re smart and have a lot of will power! but TRUST ME there will be a lot of things there that you will want to buy and see. 

i hope this helps you prepare for your trip in some way! 



“I went to the ghibli museum this summer and the starting price for a cel was around 400$”

The cels sold at the Ghibli Museum are hand-painted reproduction cels, some of which are editions of up to 300. My response to that ask was regarding the one-of-a-kind production cels used in the making of the films. ^____^