reprobates and renegades

“Everybody has something to conceal.”

Sam Spade, the San Francisco private eye, is the best known protagonist of author Dashiel Hammett’s hardboiled detective stories of the early 1930s. Cold, cynical, and morally ambiguous, Spade investigates cases of murder and treachery out of his office on 111 Sutter Street, most famously in the novel The Maltese Falcon and its subsequent film adaptations. His tough and shifty demeanor has influenced the perception of the private detective as a hard and outwardly emotionless loner, able to get the best of anybody in pursuit of his own justice.

My contribution to the upcoming antihero-themed art zine, Reprobates and Renegades.

Hey guys! Just a quick reminder that this zine is going to be up for sale soon! Submissions close on July 6th, so you have a few days left to submit your art to me, if you’re interested in contributing.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the zine, please email me at or message me on Tumblr. I plan on organising a Kickstarter campaign or creating a pre-order form very soon, but I’m in the middle of my criminology exams so it’s all a bit of a blur!

Thanks very much to all the people who have sent me their contributions already or expressed interest in buying the zine, and a MASSIVE thank you to my curatorial team - you’re making my job so much easier!

Reblogs are much appreciated!

I’ve had a few people email or message me saying they’re worried about getting their antihero submission in by July 1st… I’m not going to be home much at all this coming week (more exams, so it’s library time again, boo) so I probably won’t start organising and going through the submissions with my team of cool people until next week. 

So. If you get your submission sent to me by Saturday 6th of June at the latest, that will be fine! Thanks so much for your participation guys, I’ve already gotten some really great submissions! I can’t wait to get the zine all organised, I think it’s going to be amazing!

I’m also going to make a sign-up sheet for people interested in buying the zine, so I will let you know when you can put your name down for pre-orders if you’re interested!

Thank you!