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Chem!Tom, you're already pretty kinky. But is there a fantasy of yours that has yet to be indulged?

There is one, yes.  I’ve never presented it to Anja, not because I’m worried about how she would take it, but because of what she might think of me when I tell her.

It could go one of two ways - she’ll look at me and her eyes will go huge and she’ll back away slowly, or she’ll go Google it for ten minutes and come back with even huger eyes and ask me what kind of fucking reprobate I am - and then we’ll do it.

I guess we’ll find out after the baby is born which way it’s going to go.


“Reprobate Mind” at Tiny Telephone Studios


whitewidoW - Reprobate Romance

a;ldkgahj;glkgjha. YES.


Reprobate Romance ft. Nicholas Matthews | Blacklisted Me

Just heard this song on YouTube and it is incredible and I am in love <3

Funding Update: Waiting For Kickstarter

After many heated arguments and a dash of reasonable discourse, the Reprobate Crew has put together our proposal and submitted it to We now join the ranks of many of the writers and artists who have submitted their work to us, as now we are waiting to be evaluated. 

If the project is successful it will clear the way for everything to go full steam ahead, launching the literary careers of some and damning others to a life of artistic obscurity. 

We are all accustomed to climbing the ranks of adversity, and would not qualify as reprobates if we accepted “no” for an answer. So, if for some reason Kickstarter does not accept our proposal, we will press on and make this happen anyway. 

- The Reprobate Crew


Okay, I’m bringing up a sort of touchy for some subject that actually gets to me, so rant time bc this shit really annoys me. See if you EVER ask someone for a nude and they’re uncomfortable with it, you’re a terrible person. One of my pals is starting to feel v v bad now because she can’t get a minutes peace without creeps popping up asking to see her body when they’ve not even bothered to put effort into getting to know her at all. It’s manipulation and it’s disgusting. I don’t understand it. I feel really bad for her bc she’s an amazing person n deserves the best, she’s doing stuff with her life and it’s gotten that bad it’s literally every day that these reprobates are doing this.

If you’re one of those people, get the fuck away from me, my blog, cause I want nothing to do with you. I suppose fair enough, if you’ve known said person for so long and they’re alright with it then whatever, that’s their own business, but, if you’re just asking for nudes for the hell of it or even to have a wank over them, think about the hell you’re actually putting that person through first. It saddens me that this is the world I’ve been brought into. It’s not for happening, no fucking way.

P.S, to the people that are out there doing this to anyone at all, I hope karma turns you all into human tents you fucking terrible people. Much love, pricks. 🙂

Rant over.

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Father, what is meant by predestination? And what does the Church teach about this?

Hello anon:

Predestination refers to God knowing beforehand whether people will wind up in heaven or hell. God knows and even before we were born, He assigned us to our eternal destiny, to be with Him in heaven, or separated with the devil and the demons in hell.

One theory of predestination is that God just arbitrarily decided to give some people the destiny of being in heaven someday, and at the same time, assigned some people the destiny of condemnation, for no other reason than “just because”. The theory goes that those who are destined for heaven are given special graces by God to be able to make it there, and those who are destined for hell have been deprived of those graces, and that is why they end up in hell, because God helps them less during their life (so they don’t make it, and fall away).

Accordingly, some people say, “Your free will, your decisions, do not matter, because even before you were born God assigned you your destiny and that’s where you are going, no matter what.”

The Catholic Church does not agree with that theory. The Catholic Church teaches “conditional predestination” which means that God assigned some people to heaven or hell based on the conditions of their free response to His invitation. 

So, the Catholic doctrine of predestination works like this. God has sent everyone into the world with the invitation to be saved. God also desires that everyone be saved, so even though each person has a mind and a will to carry out their choices, God aides each and every person with the sufficient grace needed to do what is right and to respond “yes” to Him.

God has seen ahead of time whether you took advantage of His grace and made the best of your situation. At every step of your life, God sees where you will need help and He has predestined to always come to your help until you make it to heaven, where He wants you to be.

What about those who are condemned? Well, God has seen into the future, and He has already seen that some people reject the calling to be human, to be good, to follow the truth, to make the best of their situation. God has still predestined to send them the inspirations and graces they need at special moments in their life. In spite of this help from God, these people have made a firm and free decision to say NO to what is good, beautiful, and true. Based on their free decision to turn away God’s help, God has permitted and tolerated that at the moment of their death, they will die outside of His grace, and likewise, after their soul is judged, they will be assigned a place with the devil and the demons.

It is not the destiny that God wanted for them, but it is the destiny that they chose, and God does not force people to change their choices because He wants each person to decide freely and without coercion. In each case, God saw ahead of time the “condition” or attitudes and freely willed decisions of His children, and He in His mysterious will and decisions, God has taken that condition of their desires and free will into account. This is why we call it “conditional predestination” because God didn’t just save or condemn without taking into account the condition of each person’s response.

In other words, the Catholic Church believes that all of us, according to the mysterious mind of God, has already been assigned a place in heaven or hell, even before we were born. However, unlike other theories that say that God doesn’t even give sinners a chance, the Catholic belief is that everyone has sufficient chances to have the destiny of being with God in heaven. They just say “no” and God respects their free choices and responds accordingly.

Since none of us knows where we have been destined, we have, each day, the capacity to change and to make things different for ourselves and others. We have choice. We have free will. We don’t know how the end plays out, so we should try to make it a good ending for everyone. At no time, does God every give up on us. 

God bless and take care! Fr. Angel


Wrong Answer - Reprobate


Here in Seattle snowpocalypse 2012 brought the reading of submissions to a screeching halt. Instead, a few of the Reprobate crew made you this video.