Concerning What the Predators in "Zootopia" eat.

In the world of Zootopia Mammals have evolved into bipedal intelligent animals. They are categorized by “predator and prey” as we all know.

But if there are predators, which would likely eat meat as they still have their sharp teeth, what exactly ARE they eating if they cannot eat other people?

My thoughts are that they eat BIRDS, fish, repriles,and insects. As we all know mammals are just a small classification of all the animals on earth. So naturally if there is no mammals to be eaten they would move on to lesser beings. They may raise chicken and iguana as livestock. Remember the anteaters in zootopia? They have evolved that long snout for eating what? ANTS. What about shrews? They eat twice their weight in bugs in a day! Ants and other ‘bugs’ would be farmed!

We might think it gross, but it’s all in the way they evolved! Evolution controls their society and social norms. So eating bugs may be quite normal.