WHERE ALL MY BLINDSIDERS AT?!!! Amador “BlindSider” Mendez will have his first match at home in Austin Tx .This Saturday at South Austin Gym. Doors open at 1pm. He’s hungry and determined to win. His opponent is from out of town so let’s help or #BlindSider feel at home. We want everyone to be there giving our support and energy! Win or lose he’s still our champ! #austin #tx at #southaustingym #represting for @stepinthering #stepintheringboxing #blindsiderboxing doors open at 1pm the first bout starts at 2pm


Finally I’ll do a post about magic because I’m feeling better right know u v u

I think since my childhood I was facinated by it. Games, Movies, books, comics etc. were the key to my heart for it. 

I love everything anout it from the little magic on the street were the artist are doing smth really obvious (but still wonderfull to me) to the tricks where you just can’t understand what exactly just happened…

Seeing a show live is my biggest dream! My mother saw David Copperfield and was fascinated… maybe her passion for it was contaigious? 

But my true desire is the white magic. 

It’s pure and just for helping everything (mostly the nature). I have a Pentagramm which represtence the five elements for it (sadly a lot of idiots see it in a different way..) and I love it. I feel save and connected with everything around me.

Maybe you feel like that too?

Have you been Baptized into Christ?  Colossians 2 verse 12

Colossians 2:12 12 Having been buried with him in baptism, you also have been raised with him through your faith in the power of God who raised him from the dead. ———- Key words and phrases: Having been buried with him in baptism – meaning we are in Christ by a spiritual baptism which our water baptism symbolizes, and Christ was our represtative to die and be buried for our sin.  In Him we died.…

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