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So I’m drafting a letter to mail to any and every politician I can think of about election reform.

To [Bill Flores, US Representative for the 17th district of Texas],

               Today I would like to talk to you about the importance of election reform.

               My name is [_____]. [Some information about me personally] I love this state and this country.

               I want to talk to you today about a serious concern I have with the way our presidential elections are held. The Electoral College and First-Past-The-Post voting inherently lead to flawed, unfair elections.

The Electoral College is a real concern. It is convoluted and archaic, and it gives more power to states with smaller populations, since they receive more electoral votes per citizen than larger states. It also allows for a president who loses the popular vote to still win the presidency (something that has happened 4 times), and it essentially silences political minorities within a state. A democratic vote in Texas counts the same as a Republican vote in California- exactly 0 in a presidential race.

First-Past-The-Post voting is also problematic. It makes voting for a 3rd party essentially a wasted vote. People have to choose between voting for the candidate they most agree with and voting for a candidate that might actually win. It stifles our democracy when people have to surrender their conscious in order to pick the lesser of two evils. 3rd parties don’t receive the full support in elections that they truly have in the electorate, because people know voting for them could end in their least favorite candidate winning.

Simple election reform can fix all of these problems. Firstly, we must abolish the Electoral College. All other elections in our country are decided by popular vote, and this should remain true for our presidential elections. It is the most democratic solution.

To address the problems with First-Past-The-Post voting, we should implement a ranked ballot. On a ranked ballot, voters rank candidates in the order they support them. Should their first choice fail to get a majority vote, their second choice would then receive their vote. This ensures that a majority of citizens are as satisfied as possible with the election, and it means that results accurately measure the amount of support for 3rd parties.

I hope that you will write and support legislation that advocates for election reform. For the health of our democracy, for the satisfaction of the citizens, and for the future of our country, I know you will make the right choice to make our elections as fair as possible.

                                                                               Thank you for your time,

                                                                                               I look forward to receiving your reply,

[   ] 

I would like some feedback. Areas that are confusing or need clarification, typos that might exist, etc. 

Enneagram Tumblr as a Country
  • Enneagram Country is divided into nine districts.
  • The wing most represented is the capital city.
  • The city you reside in is represented by your core type.
    • Alternatively, if you cannot find people of your type, your city is represented by the type you hang around the most.
  • Your fixes are where most of your products are from.
  • Your mistypes are cities that you visit for pleasure.
  • Integrations and disintegrations represent relations between the districts.
  • The Districts
    • The Nines are the governing district of all of Enneagram Country. They resolve disputes between districts and have a lot of nice parks.
    • The Eight district isn’t as bad as it seems. They got the wreckage from Eightgate cleared out.
    • The Seven district is the party district. They have a tourism-based economy and are fairly tolerant.
    • The Six district, due to internal unrest, has split their cities into phobic and counterphobic regions. Natural disasters occur on a regular basis here, so every house has an apocalypse-style bunker complete with everything imaginable.
    • The Five district is known for its impressive libraries and cutting edge technology. This is where research is done.
    • The Four district has a lot of cool things and a barter-based economy. They don’t believe in money for various reasons.
    • The Three district is where the rich and famous are. People judge its all the time, which causes unrest.
    • The Two district has given itself over to humanities and helping the other districts. They don’t have much for themselves because of this.
    • The One district is where things are inspected, packaged, and processed. People tend to be a bit uptight here, but it’s for a good cause.
  • Elections for governor are held once a year. It’s a one year term for both positions and a six term limit. Each district elects one governor and two senators, one from each city.
  • The governor of the Nines has power over the entire country.

Congratulation to Pramila Jayapal. The first Indian-American woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representative.

From Wikipedia: Pramila Jayapal (born September 21, 1965) is a Democratic politician from the state of Washington. She has represented the 37th legislative district in the Washington State Senate since 2015, and beginning in January 2017, she will represent in Washington’s 7th congressional district in the 115th United States Congress where she will be the first Indian-American woman to serve in the House of Representatives.[1]

Before her election she was a Seattle-based civil rights activist, serving until 2012 as the executive director of OneAmerica, a pro-immigration advocacy group.[2]


Congressman Dan Donovan represents the 11th District covering Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, including my neighborhood of Bay Ridge, home to the largest population of Arab and Muslim Americans in New York City. Donovan has come out in support of Trump’s executive order restricting entry of refugees from seven Muslim countries, also known as the “Muslim ban.” This morning, he was part of an event called Brooklyn Newsmakers that invited several Congressional leaders to speak on a panel. Most of the auditorium had a lot of heated words against Donovan, including our group Bay Ridge for Social Justice. In response to questions about the Muslims ban, Donovan described it as merely a “pause” and “inconvenience” for the sake of national security. According to Donovan, people’s lives being ruined and families being torn apart is just an “inconvenience.” We staged a protest inside the auditorium and yelled “BAN DAN, NOT MUSLIMS!!” As I was being escorted out of the auditorium I screamed: “Bay Ridge is home to the largest number of Arab and Muslim Americans in New York City, how can you support this unconstitutional Muslim ban?? They are your constituents!! You do not represent Bay Ridge!! BAN DAN!! BAN DAN!!” We continued our protest outside of One Metrotech Center in downtown Brooklyn. 


This International Day of the Girl, here are seven modern Filipina women who have paved the way for Filipina girls to receive equality no matter what field they aspire to be in

Public Service/Politics

  • Elena Gallinero-Opinion - She is currently one of the most reputable Regional Trial Court judges in Iloilo City and was one of Iloilo’s Ten Outstanding Women in the year 2009. Apart from that, she was also one of the speakers in the UNIV-University Seminar Asia-Pacific in the year 2016.
  • Geraldine Roman - She is currently a congresswoman in Bataan and made history for being the first transgender to be elected into the House of Representatives. She is known for her hands-on approach when it comes to dealing with her constituency, an approach that district representatives in the Philippines rarely practice. She is also one of the forerunners of giving LGBT Filipinos more rights.
  • Judy Ann Miranda - She is the Secretary-General for Partido Manggagawa (Labor Party of the Philippines) and is one of her party’s key figures in pushing for equality for Filipinas in the workplace. In 2011, she made a famous speech during the International Women’s Day.


  • Gaby Panlilio - Touted as the “Future Ice Queen of the Philippines”, Gaby Panlilio is one of the many female figure skaters in the Philippines who are paving the way for more Filipinas to make a mark in the figure skating world. This is especially important since there isn’t enough representation of Filipina female figure skaters in the global arena. 
  • Hidalyn Diaz - She has broken many ceilings for Filipinas who engage in weightlifting after winning a silver medal for the Philippines during the Rio Olympics in 2016 despite the fact that weightlifting, especially in Philippine setting, is dominated by men.

Culture & Arts

  • Ataska Mercado - She is a recording artist, a former contestant of The Voice Kids Season 2 and is currently assuming the role of Pepper in Resorts World Manila’s staging of “Annie”. Apart from that, she is well known for being an intersectional feminist even at the young age of 14. At that age, it is rare for Filipina women to engage themselves in topics considered to be “mature”, feminism included - and here is Ataska showing Filipina girls that they are never too young to care about social issues.
  • Agot Isidro - The two-time UP graduate and award-winning actress did not let people who made fun of her infertility stop her from succeeding in life and standing up for oppressed people. That’s despite the Filipino society looking lowly at infertile people. She serves as a role model for all Filipina girls, and especially Filipina girls with health issues who are discouraged to succeed by the Filipino society’s perception of them.

PS If anyone who follows me also lives in North Texas, particularly those living on or near the Brazos, please pay careful attention to what’s going on in California . Look for similar signs in your own communities.

We’ve already had issues regarding the dam in Possum Kingdom not being run or maintained, and thus draining the water from the areas downstream.

If you live near water do your research, even if there’s not a dam in your area. Check what’s upstream.

The jackweasel responsible for the above incident recently ran to represent District 56 in the House of Representatives. Local elections are fucking important.

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i drive to a 24 hr joint, i order a coke, i tell the person at the window that they’re the only thing tethering me to earth in this moment, i ask how softness or authentic personhood could ever flourish when planted in such dry adverse soil, they can’t answer me. their manger can’t answer me. its not in the handbook. the district representative can’t answer me. they have to close down n go home early, the cashier catches an extra 5 hrs of sleep before their next job. in my search & bother i’ve helped someone. i never get my coke.

“him” or “her”, of course. 

18 U.S. Code § 594 - Intimidation of voters

Whoever intimidates, threatens, coerces, or attempts to intimidate, threaten, or coerce, any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote or to vote as he may choose, or of causing such other person to vote for, or not to vote for, any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner, at any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing such candidate, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

Republican lawmakers were more likely to criticize Trump's immigration order in places Clinton won
How Trump’s election results influenced congressional reactions to his immigration order. House Republicans who come from congressional districts that voted in favor of Hillary Clinton were more likely to criticize President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, while Republicans representing districts that supported Trump were more likely to back the order or remain silent on it, a Vox analysis shows. Read more

I live in District 12 of Pennsylvania, a very conservative district represented by a guy who’s a special kind of stupid, Keith Rothfus. Every day, I call him with a list of my concerns. Here they are:

  1. Don’t defund Planned Parenthood: Republicans have very strong feelings about Planned Parenthood. Strong, stupid feelings. They don’t seem to understand that services vary from location to location. The Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania is the only HIV/STD testing clinic in my home county of 140,000 people, with a 15% poverty rate and heroin epidemic without any needle exchange program. Following Pence’s precedent in Cook County and adjusting for population and slight poverty rate difference, 1,056 people in Cambria County alone will contract HIV. There’s obviously the other issues of women’s choice, but abortion is what this stupid motion is trying to prevent.
  2. Explain why you voted to poison our water: I’ve made a big fuss about this, but in detail: HR 70 is going to let coal corporations dump their shit in waterways. This bill was voted along party lines. It’s too late to stop the vote, but demand accountability.
  3. HR 586: This bill slipped under the radar because the Orange Noise was being too horrifying to pay attention to the Congress. This bill is going to give full human rights beginning at fertilization. So, obviously this bill is going to pass then allow states to outlaw abortion, so when a person brings it to SCOTUS, well great now the 14th Amendment applies to zygotes and abortion is now illegal nationwide. And, obviously, a bunch of lawyers who couldn’t pass a college biology class are now taking the jobs of biologists and bioethicists. It’s an ethical issue, not a legal one (and before conservatives jump on about marriage: marriage was a legal issue because gay couples didn’t get the same protections as straight ones).
  4. HR 7: Redundant. It’s called the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2017″ but we already have that. It’s called the Hyde Amendment. 
  5. HR 2802: Guess what. Remember the “First Amendment Defense Act”? The one that would legalize discrimination against LGBT people? It’s back, potentially, because the Cheeto With Even More Artificial Coloring said he’d support it. 
  6. HR 781: Hey, you know how Weasel Hair said he’d get rid of the Johnson Amendment? Well Congress is right with him! The text hasn’t been released yet, but HR 781 has the delightful title of “To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow charitable organizations to make statements relating to political campaigns if such statements are made in the ordinary course of carrying out its tax exempt purpose.” AKA, if this passes, churches will be able to officially sponsor a candidate without losing their tax exempt status.

tbh I’ll probably be adding to this as the year goes on.


                                   Boys&MenToKnow!  MCM

Ladies and Gents meet Jewell Jones, the youngest person to ever sit on the City Council of Inkster. Jones  represents District 4 and is 20 years old, as well as a student at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

“My parents would drag me around to different things in the community. I was very involved in my church,” Jones told The Huffington Post. “Serving the people in this capacity has always been pretty natural for me.”  In the past few years Jones has been helping out on political campaign  for Michigan state Sen. David Knezek (D) and Inkster’s Mayor Hilliard Hampton.

“The goal is to show our young people that something like this is very much attainable. The goal is greater than City Council, but always with Inkster in mind…I would like to do great things for our City. That’s why I’m running. That’s why winning is the only option.” 

Jones is a double major student political science and finance and plan to graduate in 2017.


A Theory: Flaw isn’t trying to misrepresent Katniss, he’s trying to over-represent District 13

We all know about the red suit.

We all know that Katniss is being poorly marketed for MJP2. The recent stills, posters, and spots are portraying her as a leader, as if she’s about to take over Panem and rule it. We all know that this is nowhere accurate to the book; Katniss acts to protect the people she loves and to kill Snow, not to manage a country. She would never want this. So, why the hell is she marketed in a red mockingjay outfit, sitting in Snow’s chair, standing on metal hands doing the three-finger-salute, walking through crowds of soldiers with a cape, or standing on a fallen statue?

In reality, the answer is easy. Flaw isn’t misrepresenting Katniss. He knows that this is never what she would do, and that this red suit blatantly betrays the book. 

I actually think that he’s purposely doing exactly what District 13 would do. 

Let me explain:

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Born this day 99 years ago.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Lieutenant of the United States Navy, member of US House of representatives from Massachusetts 11th district, United States Senator from Massachusetts, 35th president of the United States of America

Icon of style, a man who wanted to bring peace earth, wanted to make the world a better place, discover the world and space


“Bella Madame” by 6887

Recruited by Justice High for her artistic prowess, Bella quickly became the object of envy amongst her peers, which was much to her liking. Within weeks of attendance, she became the president of the Art Club and head of the Freshman Class Student Council – both of which she earned through combat. It has been said Bella’s “cute” exterior is a simply a “mask” she uses to hide her true demeanor.

Bella’s quick rise to glory caught the attention of outside schools, especially the higher-ups of the school district. She was soon approached by a school district representative with an offer to expand her reign amongst students throughout the area. “Defeat and bring to us the best students, and you shall earn the title as the Ultimate Student Warrior!” Never one to back down from a challenge, Bella and her trusted bō staff Tenbatsu, have begun looking for challengers.

My submission for Skratch Jams. I wanted to create a kawaii style character whose personality would be a contrast of her appearance. Bella is a sadistic individual who enjoys being at the top of the food chain. Tenbatsu, her bō staffed paintbrush, is said to have “magical” properties.

Incomplete PJO HOO/Hunger Games crossover where Leo is the Boy On Fire

The seven (plus Nico) are randomly and magically transported to the Hunger Games universe on the day of the reaping. They each arrive in the district representing their power at the exact time of the reaping.

Piper goes to the Capitol

Hazel goes to district 1

Annabeth goes to district 3

Percy goes to district 4

Jason goes to district 5

Frank goes to district 8

Leo goes to district 12

And Nico goes to district 13

This is all completely unexpected and of course they’re all a bit disoriented. But of course Leo is the one who, ending up in a crowd of boys between the ages of 12 and 18, puts up his hand and says “Excuse me, could anyone tell me what’s going on here?”

No one hears what he says, but a loud voice with a funny accent comes from the stage: “How wonderful! Two volunteers at the same reaping! Come up here, now, don’t be shy!”

Everyone looks to the boy with his hand in the air, and Leo is ushered onto the platform. The blonde boy who passes him on the way back down looks very confused.

He still has no idea what’s going on, but being Leo he soaks up the attention naturally and improvises nicely. Everyone already thinks he’s slightly crazy so they all assume that he's rather air-headed too. It’s the only explanation.

He opens up (slightly) to Haymitch on the train. Katniss is extremely wary of him, especially after he tries to flirt with her. Haymitch explains stuff, but Leo doesn’t take the “killing other kids” part very well. By the time they get to the Capitol, he’s pretty much made up his mind to undermine the system somehow.

When everyone cheers for the flaming district 12 tributes in their carriage, Leo decides to make it a little more spectacular. Luckily the costumes are fire-proof, and everyone assumes it’s all part of the act. Only Cinna knows different. Katniss only gets slightly singed.

Leo is advised to keep his powers secret for as long as possible and only use them in emergencies in the arena. Effie isn’t even told about it.

During training, Leo can’t stop watching the girl who looks so like Hazel. Eventually he confronts her, and tells her outright to stay by him in the arena, and that he will protect her at all costs. He even hints that the games might go a little differently this time. (He has no idea what he’s going to do, but he knows he has to do something)

Later he’s surprised to find Thresh glaring down at him, asking about his conversation with Rue. He doesn’t lie, but Thresh doesn’t believe that he can help or that he’s worth anything, so he makes sure no one is looking then lets Thresh see a flame run across the palm of his hand. “Want to fight me now?” Leo’s still not confident in himself and thinks Thresh could still beat him up but has to act as if he knows what he’s doing. The next day Thresh is like “right I have come to a decision we are going to fight the Hunger Games we will create our own career pack but not kill each other” (His ultimate plan now is to take out everybody else and let Rue win but he doesn’t say that) so Katniss joins up and Leo also ends up making friends with the district 3 tributes (they bond over gadgets) so they join the gang and maybe a few others idk this is where I leave off because there’s so much more to this crossover like what are all the rest of the 7 (plus Nico) doing? Someone please continue this and add your ideas!

Happy Birthday, Harry Houdini!

In 1926 the great illusionist conjured up one of the most entertaining congressional hearings in history. Testifying on a bill making it a crime to be a fraudulent fortune teller in the nation’s capital, Houdini castigated the mediums and vociferously defended their victims. Calling witnesses (including his wife!), producing a “sucker list” and other evidence, accusing audience members of fraud, Houdini enthralled some of members of the House Committee on the District of Columbia, such as Rep. Frank R. Reid of Illinois who kept asking the chairman for more time for Houdini to speak. Others he seemed to have angered or confused. Nevertheless, the bill did not pass.

Hearing Testimony from From Harry Houdini on HR 8989, a Bill to Impose a Fine on Fraudulent Fortune Tellers in the District of Columbia (HR 69A-D7), 3/20/1926, Records of the U.S. House of Representatives 

Girl Meets Senator

Hi GMW Tumblr Fandom! So, I’m not sure if you guys know this or not, but Girl Meets the New Teacher has always been my favorite episode because it was the start of GMW discussing current events in politics and such by bringing up hitting children in schools with a ruler. The line from Turner regarding the law caught my attention, and I researched it farther, finding out that (unfortunately), my state was one of the 19 that allows corporal punishment in schools. This angered me greatly and I wanted to change it. This was back in summer of 2015, when New Teacher aired.

From summer to about December, I collected articles, first-hand accounts, and any other information regarding this state statute. I talked to my teachers, and prepared to contact the state.

In January, I emailed my district representative in regards to the state statute allowing corporal punishment in schools. I waited about two months, and just when the hope of even getting a response was about to disappear, I received a call from my SENATOR’S office. They scheduled a meeting for me and the senator, and everything was in place. Need I remind you, that I originally emailed a representative, NOT the senator, to I have no idea how the senator got involved. Nonetheless, it’s all REALLY cool.

Tomorrow is March 29th, 2016, a few months short of a year since I was inspired to start researching. Tomorrow, I will go down to the capitol of my state, and meet with my state senator in regards to this state statute. I am EXTREMELY excited, but nervous as well.

I wanted to bring this to my Tumblr blog to spread the word. I am extremely excited, and I’m gonna post an update on this post after my meeting tomorrow.

Wish me luck!!