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Hayley Kiyoko’s new music!!! Absolutely awesome!! I love the tiny details of representing realism(shows stretch marks and such)

i’m realizing now that the correlation between all of the games i enjoy the most is a unique, dynamic art style that consistently brings new imagery to focus on. like games that are praised for their realism don’t ever date well at all and i only find myself picking them up once or losing interest fast. 

okami consistently holds up as one of the most fun and engaging and mentally stimulating games i’ve ever played. i had about 1,000 hours on this game as a kid.

dishonored (especially 1) makes everyone ugly. everyone looks tired, just a little bit cartoony, and while it’s obviously meant to represent some kind of realism it doesn’t focus on that and it doesn’t rely on that. it uses a lot of exaggerated features and the use of color in both 1 and 2 were really staggering to experience. 

borderlands (as a series) has some crazy good visuals that are able to be run on even the crappy PC i had years ago. it was one of the only games my computer could run, and i loved the very comics-come-to-life sort of vibe i always got from this series. the story helped sell it and i always liked the writing and the sheer amount of characters they were able to get me to feel stuff for… the way it introduces them is always great. i have an ungodly amount of hours across several platforms for those.

everyone looks ugly as hell in bioshock 1, and you all know how i feel about that game. there’s so much to discover there and i find new things every time i play it. the clunkiness of the game honestly adds to the experience for me and that’s why i like the old version much more than the retextured version because the humor in accidentally sending a wheelchair flying like a live projectile across the map is a great break from the stress of playing it.

(i still need to get someone to play multiplayer never alone with me rip it’s so hard to do by myself)


Anton Romako (1832–89, Austria)

Romako was an Austrian painter of landscapes and rural genre scenes. His style was influenced by the French Barbizon school, and came to represent both Biedermeier realism, but was also to influence later expressionist painters such as Oscar Kokoschka.


Look at the sky!…….water!……mountain! It’s a goat, it’s a fish, no it’s both!!……Literally, the Capricorn’s symbol is half goat half fish♑. Anyway, here’s ♑Capricorns♑
(I am really sorry that it took this long to finish the last member/nonmembers of EXO) 

This unique sign represents hard work, realism, and responsibilities among other things. Hanging out with a Capricorn, you will notice how careful and meticulous they are. They are also wise people to look up to and they set high but realistic standards for themselves. If you want to make a concise plan about ANYTHING, talk to a Capricorn. The bad part? Well to sum up when you see a Capricorn on a regular day, he/she can be as bubbly as the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz. See his/her bad side and it’s like being frozen in place by the Ice Queen from Narnia. (lol, you guys can be mean sometimes) Appearance Traits: narrow forehead with deep frown lines, swift movement since a Capricorn plans when and where his/her next step is. Male Appearance Traits: Sharp, penetrating eyes, rarely smiles, and strong white teeth (etc).

It’s easy to see that Kai and D.O works vigorously for their group, almost to the point of no sleep and food. Kai’s dance movements are like watching jelly, and D.O’s voice is angelic. (swoons). I’m not going to lie, D.O does look unapproachable and mean as hell (there are a plethora of pics with him frowning  XD) with a side of torture for his members (Why else would his nickname be Satansoo?) Kai mentioned in one interview that his first impression of him wasn’t so good. Later on, though, he found out that D.O has an eye problem ( Kai may seem like the sexy, confident, naughty type but off stage he is adorable, cute, awkward, and funny to watch (you can watch any video of Kai in an interview or off stage :3)  Now we all have seen some part of Kai’s body but D.O (to me) hasn’t really shown it off (Not saying it is a bad thing or that Kai is not much of a star. They are still loved for their many talents.) Both Kai and D.O set high expectations of themselves whether dancing, singing, acting, etc.

This is the last one of EXO and I hope everyone had fun reading my little research of them and the Western Astrology Signs. :D

The Signs and Elements
  • Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Elements show the basic energies that each of the signs behold.
  • If you're a Fire sign: You symbolize passion, energy, impulse, and motivation. Fire signs are courageous and have a hard head, but have big hearts.
  • If you're an Earth sign: Earth signs represent practicality, stability, and realism. Earth signs are known as the builders of the zodiac, as they are known for responsibility and thrive to succeed.
  • If you're an Air sign: Air symbolizes mentality, intellect, reason, and communication. They are analyzers and like to have a balanced approach of the world
  • If you're a Water sign: Water represents emotion, intuition, and mysticism. The Water signs are the more emotional and sensitive signs and are known as the nurturers.

DreamWorks Meme: [1/1] Medium:

“The concept of today’s level of 3D CGI animation is an evolution from basic cartoon animation into a simulated world that seeks to represent realism as accurately as possible. It does this by slicing up the world into the smallest segments possible, and then controlling how those tiny parts of real world objects move, react and change based on the other objects and conditions within that 3D world.”

anonymous asked:

Part 1: I think the reason why Rucas is so important to me is because we are constantly told in society today that "you meet a lot of temporary people when you're young," and while this is true, it's important to hold on to the important people. It's important to fight for these relationships no matter what life throws at you. This is true for both platonic and romantic relationships, and even though we hear things like "you won't be friends with people in high school when you're older,"

What we hear about romantic relationships is infinitely more pessimistic, “you’ll never end up with your first love, you won’t even be friends.” In this day and age, with all these sayings going around, it’s impossible not to give in, which Riley definitely did when she brother zoned Lucas. To me, Rucas represents optimism and realism, we’ll see that they believe in their relationship, but are aware there is a possibility they won’t end up together. I don’t know if they’ll be endgame, but it would be nice to see them together in the end because when you find someone young in life, you should fight for your relationship, not just give up because of fear or doubts. Rucas could be a great example of growth in a relationship. They already are given how much we’re shown Lucas grew because of Riley. Whether they end up as just friends or married, I hope they don’t stop being important to each other.

This was beautifully said Anon. I completely agree with you on all your points. And I genuinely believe that your reasons were exactly why MJ created Riley and Lucas for each other.