Weekend Hashtag Project: #‎WHPthisislove

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, celebrated around the world on February 14, the goal this weekend is to show what love means to you through photos and videos. Here’s how to get started:

  • Love comes in many forms. Look for examples between partners and family members — as well as untraditional examples, like an odd animal couple.
  • Focus on capturing candid moments that display affection, both at home and out in the world.
  • Make your images and videos feel more personal by getting close to your subjects.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPthisislove hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.


Parallel Worlds of City Rain Reflections in Toronto

Each picture can tell its own story, if you have the right angle and approach. Through his Instagram,Guido Gutiérrez Ruiz wants to show that we can make good pictures without needing a professional camera. During a trip in Toronto, he shared city views that he calls Parallel Worlds : he captures the reflection of buildings and passer-by through water puddles that we can see after the rain.