'Out in Japan' Raises LGBT Awareness With 10,000 Photos
Over the course of five years, a diverse group of photographers have sought to capture the true face of Japan's LGBT community by photographing 10,000 people. They have just released their second volume, Out in Japan #002.

“Photos from the collection can be seen at Tokyo’s Hibiya Theater Creation through Oct. 9. At the exhibit’s opening last month, Leslie Kee, who directed the photography project, said that “everyone who participated in Out in Japan has their own story to tell.”

Out in Japan is an attempt to highlight the presence of LGBT people in daily life – a community that is not especially high-profile in Japan. Some Out in Japan #002 participants offered suggestions about how to make the fairly invisible LGBT community more visible, while others spoke about the obstacles to doing so.”

“We spent three minutes photographing some people, and 10 minutes photographing others,” Kee said. “This project aims to make the audience recognize, with both their eyes and their hearts, the subjects’ various identities.”

See photos of participants and read their stories here

What a great project! #RepresentationIsImportant

Little Big Secret pt.5 (final)

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Genre: Fluff/Angst
Warnings: Angst, bashing SM (sorrynotsorry), probably wrong representation of photography industry don’t bash me. Insinuations of sex, but no actual smut.
Pairing: Reader x Yixing/Lay
Wordcount: 2648
A/N: This is my goodbye to this series, the first series I finished on this blog. I hope you guys enjoyed it and enjoy this part. Send me some feedback!

With Yixing you had definitely gotten so much more than you bargained for. So much more, and only in a good way. Especially when you found yourself panting in his arms, heart hammering in your chest as he chuckled against your ear. He was drawing soft shapes on you bare hip under the covers, propped up on one arm to look at you. The look of love and desire in his eyes made you shiver, and you pulled him down for a kiss. Capturing his lips with yours, and he growled softly as you bit his lip. He deepened the kiss, rolling over you. The delicious feeling of his skin on yours rose goosebumps on your arms, and still sent sparks down your spine. Where he was so sweet and gentle, his tongue was devilish, and he could make you moan by just kissing you. And right now that was just what he was doing as he massaged your tongue with his, hands finding the place on your hips where his fingers left bruises earlier.

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Little Big Secret pt. 4

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Genre: Fluff/Angst (more angst in this part omg)
Warnings: Angst, bashing SM (sorrynotsorry), probably wrong representation of photography industry don’t bash me. And there’s ONE dirty comment in here…like 1…..
Pairing: Reader x Yixing/Lay
Wordcount: 2648
A/N: Because I am a nice person, don’t want to leave you hanging ;)…well…i kinda left you hanging again. @oh-beyond but thats my thing. And i posted two parts in one day because…it was supposed to be one part….and it was 5k….and no.

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Your pov

There was, sitting in the chair to get his makeup done, eyes closed, leaning back. They were pushing his hair away from his face, setting it with hairspray. For makeup it wasn’t much more than your usual foundation and a bit of filling on his eyebrows. Those girls better not mess with his eyebrows, you though. They were good as they were.
But he was here, in front of you. After not speaking for over 2 months. And you felt the shaking in your leg. Had he seen you yet? Maybe he had, but he couldn’t come up to you. His manager was here, and he’d get into trouble if they figured out. Or maybe they already did…and that’s why he stopped calling you.
Anxiety settled in your stomach and you had to get out of the room for a second. “Nina?” you asked. “Would it be okay if I go to the toilet real quick before we start?”
“Sure, he’s not done yet anyway. Come back quickly.” She said, and you put your Camera down on the table to try and walk out as calmly as possible.

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The Borders of Russia 

A complicated Soviet past coupled with the vast geography of Russia has made border territories a problematic area politically, physically, & culturally. The Inherent disturbances of boundaries, whether due to the process of unification or disintegration, have always been connected with the issue of self loss. Border territories, as the most distant & disturbed areas of the countries, illustrate like no other, the state of present-day Russia; how it is shaping its identity & its relationship with the Soviet consciousness, which it seeks to both outlive & preserve.

The project has taken an approach of an ethnographical journey, an investigation of the political & cultural symbols we naturally or artificially embed in the surrounding landscapes to mark the territory with what relates or signifies our identity. It explores the connection between the disturbance of territorial boundaries and identities and serves as a study of cultural symbols associated with collective identity and landscape as its metaphorical representation.

-Maria Gruzdeva 


Went the the Royal Ontario Museum yesterday, and saw the new 3rd Gender exhibit (and to my surprise All Gender washrooms!!! Amazing) this exhibit made my heart soar. You could pick a little chip colour that represented ur gender/sexuality then put in in that frame!!! There were also dozens of old Japanese art with LGBT+ representation in it. It was amazing, I’m still not over how amazing it was. #3rdGender


“LGBT rights have undeniably improved in Cuba over the past 50-odd years. But while there have been some gains, many problems remain.” Justin Rohrlich of Foreign Policy wrote in 2014. “The social stigma attached to being gay in predominantly Catholic Cuba is present in the same ways it is everywhere else in the world.”

For three weeks last year Caracas-based photographer Alejandro Cegarra documented the life of a group of young gay men in Havana’s famous Malecón seawall, a popular hotspot with a vibrant nightlife. 

See more here. 

The exhibition in photographs of cruelties inflicted on those with darker complexions in exotic countries continues this offering, oblivious to the considerations that deter such displays of our own victims of violence; for the other, even when not an enemy, is regarded only as someone to be seen, not someone (like us) who also sees.
—  Susan Sontag, Regarding the Pain of Others, pg.72

I’m an experimental photographer from Chicago. My work deals primarily with concepts of abstraction, perception, and representation. My photography is often about photography itself, or in response to historical precedent. I also work directly with photographic data and glitch manifestation as a means of producing concept driven images.

Read less broad, confusing statements and see more of my work here.


Pages from a 1980′s urban design document with copy-pasted collages and xeroxed photos of Boston. Wow. What a laborious process it must have been to retro-reproduce such a source book that seen from this day and age, is aesthetically pretty much border-lining an artistic practice, just to be born out of pre-digital office duties and the technological and practical limitations.

From A Sourcebook and Workbook for Fort Point Channel Urban Design Studies (1982).