Confession: I’m a black-mixed girl in the process of being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and I’m struggling. I want to find community and support, but looking at the ADHD resource blogs on tumblr, they’re all run by white people. There’s nothing out there for ADHD black girls/woc in general. It feels really isolating. I’m having a hard time because my white dad is the only person I know with ADHD and he’s pretty shitty so I don’t want to share this with him. I wish I could find girls like me

DESTINY, NY pushes on toward its goal!


Okay, so, I am pretty excited right now about the turn the Kickstarter for Destiny, NY took. Check it out here:

Thanks to great friends/ collaborators/ readers/ comics enthusiasts sharing the campaign, the past 24 hours have been by far the most successful of the campaign so far since DAY ONE! That is incredible, and all I can do is say thank you, so very much.

We are currently at $12,372. We are much closer to the goal, but we still have five days to raise a little over $7,000. It sounds like a great deal of money… it is a great deal of money. But if last night and today have shown me anything, they showed me that what is GREATER than that number is the amount of support that people have given Destiny, NY.

I believe that readers want comics that reflect the world around us as it is, rather than a world that is only populated by one kind of characters.

I believe that readers want stories about a version of New York City they recognize. That, even with the added magic, it feels real.

I believe that readers want comics with queer women as lead characters.

I believe that readers want comics that don’t bury their gays, that don’t create forced drama by brutalizing beloved characters, that don’t queer-bait readers only to fall back on tired old tropes.

I believe that we are going to complete this campaign, and that Destiny, NY will be published.

Something I would like to do, in this volume and future volumes, should we be so lucky, is to include guest artists and guest co-writers on short stories in the back matter. These stories will be short comics or even prose pieces expanding on the world and cast of Destiny, NY. I have one in mind for Joe Rollins, the popular kid. Another, perhaps, for a character that wasn’t introduced in the opening chapter.

I’d like to run a promotion here. We have until the evening of November 2nd to fund this project. If we can reach our goal before then (11:59 on 11/1 EST) then I will provide the attached print, otherwise unavailable, to every backer who is already getting a physical shipment. This is at no extra cost, shipping or otherwise.

This print, titled The Start of Something New, is a colored version of the final page of the first chapter.

I look forward to your feedback, ideas, and shares. Thank you again, so very much, for pledging to Destiny, NY. It means the world to me, Manuel, Jim, and our team of present- and future-collaborators on this book that you believe in us and our story.

anonymous asked:

why do we only racebend white characters? if there's such an issue with representation of poc, then why don't we just make them their own movies? plenty of the white princesses don't even have their culture accurately portrayed in the movie so their culture isnt being represented, just their race and only for beauty/sexualization purposes. european culture isnt all the same. frozen couldve had more norwegian references. and brave too! she had the accent and everything, but no scottish culture?

You answered your own question- the reason racebending exists is to give more representation to poc BECAUSE they don’t have their own movies. Of course we would love to make more movies with poc in them if we could, but racebending is done by fans who, while they don’t have the power to change Disney’s ways, want to see a certain race represented.

While it’s not true that white characters are the only ones being racebended— sometimes characters of color are racebended into a different race of color— the reason we mainly racebend white characters is because there are so many of them & so little characters of color.

You’re not wrong about some of the white princesses’ cultures not being represented accurately, but that’s a completely different issue, and not the one racebending aims to address. And when there are 9 white princesses and only 4-5 princesses of any other race (Pocahontas and Jasmine’s cultures being grotesquely misrepresented in a way that none of the white princesses are,) it’s not really a pressing issue— I’d rather they make more movies with poc than yet another white princess whose culture is represented with 100% accuracy.


Projeto Identidade is a Brazilian project idealized by Noemia Oliveira and Orlando Caldeira. The project raises the question of the black representation in pop culture. (Part 2 here)

More about the Project on facebook and instagram

  • Harry Potter:male lead
  • Lord of the Rings:male lead
  • The Hobbit:male lead
  • Star Trek:male lead
  • Every single Marvel movie ever made:male lead
  • 95% of DC movies:male lead
  • 60% of Disney movies:male lead
  • Star Wars original movies:male lead
  • Star Wars prequels:male lead
  • Star Wars new movies:female lead
  • Pathetic men on youtube comment section:why all this movies with female lead characters this is so unfair

The Sims 4 Patch Adds Gender Customisation

“The update gives players more ways to reflect the world around them, or in their imaginations, creating the sims and the stories they want,” says lead producer Lyndsay Pearson. “Our players are constantly engaged in a conversation with us about The Sims, and they’re always requesting more of everything,” says Pearson. “We always have an incredibly long list of things we want to add to the game, and so much of that list comes directly from player feedback. In this case, players have been asking why certain hairstyles, clothing, and other options were limited to one gender or the other… We also saw it as an awesome chance to continue to nurture what’s always been an inclusive environment for all our players.”

Pearson says that in addition to taking feedback from fans, the development team also consulted with GLAAD on the update to ensure the changes were respectful. Pearson says that there’s likely more on the way as well. “We’re always looking for new ways to push creative boundaries for our players,” she says, “and these tools grow over time, just like the game itself.”

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It’s actually pretty simple...

If a character in a movie or TV show is written as a woman, a woman is automatically going to be cast for the role. Men won’t show up to audition for the role because the character is a woman. Directors aren’t considering a man to play the role because the character is a woman.

Trans women are women, not men in dresses. Stop putting male actors in dresses just because the character is a trans woman. It’s not about “the best actor for the role”, it’s about routinely portraying trans women as something that they aren’t: men in dresses. 


So I’ve been overwhelmed by the black panther comicon appearance and I’ve been dwelling on how revolutionary the black panther movie is going to be, what it’s going to mean to countless people when this movie comes out and how long we still have to go, So I decided to put this short photoset together to illustrate exactly how big of a deal it is and how it is bigger than one person.

it’s so bittersweet because when I was younger (especially growing up where I did, a black kid in Finland) I really wished I had more access to imagery and media that reflected who I was because it would have made my life radically different for the better and I wouldn’t be at 26 (STILL) doing damage control but on the flipside, I’m so in awe of all of the beautiful talent in 2016 that younger black kids are able to see and be inspired by.

I think I was like 4 years old when I conciously picked up race and color via watching Disney’s “Aladdin” and I noticed how Jafar, the evil royal guards etc the villains were more ethnic looking or a shade darker than the “good” characters.

it’s insidious because you’re seeing something but at age 4, you don’t have the comprehension skill or knowledge to break it down and see it for what it is (Colorism, Societal bias against black people which is rooted in centuries of white supremacist doctrine, society associates things that are dark/darker colors with evil, danger, ugliness, dirt etc) and reject it.

so you pick it up and see it on a surface level and you think to yourself “well darker must mean ugly, criminal and less human”…then what happens when you look at yourself in the mirror and find out that you are black?

  how is that going to impact how you see yourself?

and guess what? if a 4 year old black kid can pick that up and internalize that about him/her/themselves….then a white kid can sponge up the same language and imagery that dehumanizes black people too (subconciously/conciously)…what happens when when these people grow up? become teachers, doctors, law enforcement etc? what kind of impact is that going to have?

I’m going off on a tangent and that’s just one personal example but society does that on a global grand scale and it is largely unchecked.

but honestly though,look at the photoset and think about how many talented people out there that we love and respect….who would NOT have achieved the things they did if it wasn’t for another person before them inspiring them to reach their goals and acting as trail blazers when it seemed as though it was impossible….then think about the flipside and how many people, with all the potential in the world, never lived to become great because they were met with more images dehumanizing them than ones uplifting them…this is why the fight for HONEST representation is important and it continues.

argh, I didn’t plan on typing anything but I got in my feelings after watching this again

…anyway, here are some pictures to make you smile, the next gen gives me hope

and if none of that gets you going, here is a video of Michael Jackson surprising James Brown on stage and then thanking him for being his biggest influence (BET awards, 2003)

Do you know what movie was a really great movie when it came to representation? Well, I’ll tell you.

The Emperor’s New Groove.

Yeah, I’m serious.

Every single character was POC:

One of the main characters was a supportive, gentle, and loving husband/father at a time when the absentee/jerk dad was popular:

Plus there’s the awesome body-types! And speaking of bodies, all of the female characters have different designs:

And Chicha (Pacha’s wife) destroys the trope of the typical nagging housewife and is both extremely supportive and extremely hilarious:

And the main female villain is hilarious:

There’s no romance at all. Instead, the “love” that’s formed is a platonic, familial, one. Can you say ‘found families’? Because I can’t say it nearly enough. Found family morals are the best!

Also this scene:

In conclusion, this movie was great, its sequel was great, its series was great, and it’s a shame that tumblr only remembers it as the movie where the POC main character (bitch which one?) turns into an animal.