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“Fleur Delacour, whose whole narrative is wrapped up in her physical beauty until the point where she stands up and says hey, it’s not. Fleur Delacour, the Beauxbaxton’s champion, Fleur Delacour who stands with the Order, Fleur Delacour who loves and fights with fierce devotion […] How is this someone to hate?” (x

hey uh, if you want to see a certain kind of content in a fandom, you need to make it yourself. complaining about it will not get you anywhere.

can’t draw? yes you can. just do it. pls don’t guilt people because they don’t draw what you like. your intentions are good but guilting people is a little less good.

MARVEL what’s your deal with the Scarlet Witch Erasure?

I love Sharon Carter and think she was a great addition to the movies…but lets get real here, it is totally not okay to erase a Scarlet Witch from ALL group merch in favour of a character who wasn’t actually part of the main battle arc.

This is the big ‘versus’ team shot and you benched one of your starting line-up and brought in a cheerleader by mistake because you thought the ‘dress code’ was darks and darks…

…and no I’m not belittling Sharon and her involvement in Civil War. She’s a strong, capable woman who knows how to kick ass and when to lay down some sass, but in this analogy she’s not one of the players on the team, she’s the one on the sidelines cheering on her chosen team.

And it’s not just one or two items. Every ‘Team Cap’ piece of merch I find has Scarlet Witch completely gone with Sharon Carter flying into action instead.

…like this Civil War Activity/Sticker book…

Yep, that’s right…the team consists of Steve, Clint, Sam, Bucky…and Sharon

More Agent 13 Stickers…and still no Scarlet Witch…

Even an Agent 13 activity page!

I love Sharon…but how about you give Wanda some love instead of removing her from existence completely? 

This is why Marvel fans have so little faith in you…because you remember the male heroes yet still believe the female characters are interchangeable and that no one will care as long as we have A girl there to represent.


Hiya friends!

I know many people are confused and irritated about all of the stuff on Tumblr today regarding “internet slowlanes” and net neutrality. What is it? Why do I have to look at that spinning circle of death?  

Above is probably the best breakdown of the issue I’ve seen. 

Take a second and watch. Take another second and contact your representatives. This shit is very real and very scary. 

Knowledge is power.

The internet is power.

Don’t let them take your power away.

This flag does not represent your sacred 'ideals'

The 50-star flag wasn’t even adopted until 1960, after the acceptance of Hawaii into the Union. If anything, this flag is the banner under which every single color revolution and regime change which has taken place since in the name of ‘stemming the tide of communism,’ spreading 'freedom’ or democracy,’ or “liberating” people.

The only flag that could possibly represent the 'ideals’ upon which this nation was founded are those flown at the manifestation of those ideals: