Okay, so there’s this Spanish show on Netflix called Las Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls) which is about feminist women in the 20’s.
I have seen many comments about the lesbian relashionship between two of the characters and I would like to express my opinion because I disagree with most of them.

First of all, they are in a polyamorous relashionship with a man, so I would say they are bisexual, not lesbians.
And also, in the last episode, they make it clear that one of them is transgender.
My point is that it is good to see queer reprentation onscreen, but not every woman who likes women is a lesbian.

Opinions, please?

P.S. I think you all should watch that show.

Here goes nothing

I don’t have a point but it feels connected.

Labrys’ shadow has a persona, Asterius but we know that a persona is a shadow before they become that. And Shadow Labrys is inside the depths of Labrys’ heart which means she had 2 personas although only Shadow Labrys is the only one who can use Asterius. Both Personas: Ariadne and Asterius are under the Fortune Arcana.

Like Goro’s personas. Loki ans Robin Hood, they are under the Justice Arcana. Both reprents reverse and upright Justice, it might be same for Labrys if you think of it.

As for Sho, early in P4AU, he doesn’t have a persona but Minazuki does have one. Sho’s arcana is Sun while Minazuki is Moon. Tsukiyomi is under the moon. Sho’s not compatible with Tsukiyomi. So let’s fast forward to the end. Sho was able to use Tsukiyomi after Minazuki disappears.Sho awaken to the wild card ability and Tsukiyomi change it’s arcana to Fool like Aigis’ Palladion.

List of "custom content" wants for The Sims 4

I was thinking about that and I decided to make a list of wants for future Sims 4 custom content. Maybe I could make a list of features that are needed to be add in future expansions, I mean, others than all the missing features from previous games obviously. I don’t know. But here it is :

  • Indoor Lighting Mod
    I know there is already 2 mods for that actually on MTS, but, I would like to have a mod who simply change the global lighting issues (like shadows in face, and other stuff), and not just the lights (=lamps).
    I am very disappointed with the actual indoor lighting because it is very dark and shadows are a mess. Don’t know what they were thinking when they make this game, but exterior lighting is beautifull and so colorfull, besides the indoor one.

  • HQ Mod and Bloom reducer Mod
    The Sims 3 was a very “bloomy” game. The Sims 4 isn’t so much like that but it also have some Bloom in it. And I HATE bloom effects. Also, in The Sims 3 we have a HQ mod to improve the High Quality settings of the game. In the Sims 4 I think we need that kind of mod because even in “Ultra” settings, my graphics still are a bit pixelated. Example : In TS2 and TS3, when I take some pictures, I actually can accentuate the picture. But if I do that with TS4 pictures, they turn a bit pixelated, so that means that the graphics are already pixelated by default. Fix this with a mod would be great !

  • “Slower Relationship Decay” Mod
    I already say that, but it is really difficult to make friends in TS4. I can’t even let my Sim stop talking to his friend for one day, or their relationship disappear for good. It would be great to have that kind of Mod with several flavors like : if my Sim does not have the Charisma skill, so it would be more difficult for him to make friends (but without a “super fast decay”), besides, if my Sim have Level 5 of the Charisma skill, it would be easier. The “Outgoing” trait could be another factor on the “Make Friends” process.

  • “Display UI when they are at work” Mod
    I mean, seriously, what is this shit ? Why did we cannot see the UI of OUR OWN SIMS when they are at work ? Like, there’s no reason (or maybe it is, but it could be a bad news, I don’t know…)

  • “Increase Life Durations” Mod
    I suppose that this is gonna be added in a future expansion, like it was in The Sims 3 Generations. But if it’s not, it would be cool to have the possibility of increase the life duration of our Sims and why not change the Child age duration ? Or baby one ?

  • “Display NPC’s life state” Mod
    Since adults, young adults, elders and teens have the same 3D skeleton and are VERY similiar, I think we need a mod that display the life state of NPC Sims maybe like the Witch Names in TS2 Apartment Life, or a small icon that represents the life state next to the name when we show up the name popup in Life mode.

And obviously I can’t wait to see custom hair, clothes, recolors, furnitures, and those sort of stuff for The Sims 4. Mostly custom hair (conversions or new meshes, I don’t care) with Pooklet’s Textures, ‘cause I think they match so good with TS4 style. I’m just super impatient !

anonymous asked:

As a latinx, I feel like I have more merit to talk about Dania than a bunch of white people. I'm a little annoyed that they didn't create an original character or a latina, but and this is massive but, I can't complain because of the context of the show. It's a fairy tale show that already has created different versions of "traditional" characters. I'm madder that Regina/EQ isn't canon Latina. Regina not being canon is stripping more reprentation than Dania being Cinderella.

I really … don’t have a place to talk about this.  

Maybe some of my followers might want to?

Let Eleven develop feelings for Mike, but still think Nancy is really pretty and that she wouldn’t mind kissing her too. Let her realise it’s okay to be attracted to both boys and girls.

Let Eleven be uncomfortable kissing Mike, yet loving when he holds her hand. Let her be okay with romantic feelings even if they don’t come along with a sexual urge that she see developing in kids her age.

Let Eleven be okay with kissing Mike, but not understanding what is the difference between friends and more. Not understanding what is going on between Joyce and Hop, or why two guys are being idiots about Nancy.

Let Eleven be representation for the LGBT+ community without immediately invalidating her harmless puppy love with Mike simply because you can’t relate to it personally.

Dear Muslim Tumblr...

Pull up a chair, take a seat, have some chaa, and let’s do some chitchat.

I have seen several things online and they have been either in poor taste, or were just plainly offensive towards us non-Muslim folk. Kindly take note:

1. We are non-Muslims. Do not use the k-word to describe us like this guy did:

“Why are you so offended by the word kaafir? It basically means non-Muslim, which you are.“

That’s basically like saying, “Why are you offended by the word f*g? It means gay person, which you are.” It’s not just a word. It has weight to it. Do you have any idea the history Sikhs have lived through that word?

Mothers had their infant children torn limb for limb, strewn into necklaces with entrails, and they were forced to wear them in public humiliation. Men were sawn in half, impaled with spiked wheels, burned alive, or boiled in vats of water. Sikhs were tortured beyond human comprehension all because people like Aurangzeb, Ahmad Shah Abdali, and Mir Mannu felt that the lives of us kaafirs were worthless.

So do not expect me to sit by and not speak up against you using a word that resulted in the death of my ancestors.

Call me non-Muslim, but do not dare call me a kaafir. Plus, if being with a non-Muslim is difficult or cumbersome for you, here’s a hint: DON’T DATE A NON-MUSLIM. 

2. These “jokes” aren’t cute, nor are they funny…

Besides that I will never understand this whole “convert your partner” BS, which goes for any faith (like if they want to convert on their own, that’s great, but- look at it this way- if your partner told you that you had to leave what you see as your personal path to the Creator you most likely would not be ecstatic about that), this is offensive as eff.

Forceful conversions are a reality for many cultures who suffered under tyrannical rules of leaders like Aurangzeb (I understand that their oppression is not reprentative of Islam, and I am not attempting to make it look otherwise). This is extremely in poor taste. 

Look at it this way: You are going for a swim wih your friend, and she asks you to dive into the water first. You do so and when you pull your head out of the water you realize that you were actually thrown into a baptismal pool and your soul has now been pledged and saved by Jesus (extreme example I know, but I’m going to roll with it). You probably would not be happy. 

3. Stop using the k-word. Stop using the k-word. Stop using the k-word.

Refer to number 1.

If you have made or shared such posts, please stop, and if you know someone who made or shared such posts, please speak out. 

Have yourselves a good day!


Both Maya and Ulala deserve that great guys care for them. It just takes a little longer for Ulala to realize that there are great guys who in fact do care about her (see Baofu punching Makimura and also Katsuya chasing away Makimura).

I also like that Ulala manages to get away from the scumbag type of man which makes her reject men like this in the future (from the starter Persona Callisto who was seduced by Zeus to the Ultimate Persona Asteria who rejected Zeus).

Her development actually concludes nicely with Baofu’s which is why they start a business and why she is shown at Miki’s grave. (Odysseus reprents his restlessness, his alter ego Baofu (Odysseus was disguised as a beggar when he returned home by Athena) and him being focused on a woman (Miki/Penelope), Prometheus represents Baofu breaking free from the chains of his past since Prometheus was rescued by Heracles)


Ok, I have this opinion on Sterek, a big one, actually. 

I personally don’t think it will be fan service, if it happens, because, of season 1 -2. Jeff said he didn’t know about the phenomenon until he finished to write season 2, and we know that we had golden moment on that season…

The best one is probably, after the pool scene, the one with Matt saying: “Oh, I think you two make a pretty good pair...” He said that, Jeff wrote that without knowing the “Sterek fever” going around the fandom. For what we know, maybe they planned them to be together since the beginning.

Stiles bisexuality that was bringing back during the make out scene with Catilin isn’t fan service, because Stiles questioned his sexuality lots of times during season 1 -2. He said he COULD be gay, talking with his father (during season 2), and he was thinking about having sex with Danny.

So the road for Stiles is built.

The main “problem”, if you can say so, it’s Derek.

Derek was never addressed as straight, that’s a fact, but he had 3 gf, and he never seemed to be interested in men.

Ok, but what if he starts concerning about Stiles, during this season? Like Stiles is Scott’s “brother” and Derek is Scott’s “wolf-bro” so if he see Scott scared for Stiles, maybe he can start to be worried about him too.

Plus, Hoechlin said that he wants a “fairytale relationship” for Derek, or more like a “slap in the face” (he said something like this…well guess who slapped twice Derek in the face….) And I read somewhere that he is scared to be stuck on a specific character. So making Derek actually falling for Stiles (with an obvious long process) is going to change the character, making him less predictable…. and funnier to play.

Plus double….Jeff said Derek spent time with his sister in Nyc in the Splash bar (that’s a gay bar……….if u know what I mean…..)

Jeff loves parallels, and Stiles helped Derek loads of times during all the seasons, so Derek can, just for once, help him back, and then, who knows what is going to happen….

Plus we remember the parallels between Jennifer and Stiles, and how she seemed a resemble of him at the beginning of 3a.

Guess what? Derek fell in love with her.

Stiles and Cora (the female reprentation of Derek, imho) on the other hand, were going to be canon, maybe because of the kiss in 3x10, or  their growing relationship and Stiles taking care of her in 3x09, 3x10,

Not to mention the kind of “holding hand” scene in 3x07.

If Stiles or Derek were female, probably they were already canon…… booo ya, heteronormative..

Plus, Stydia is too much of a clichè, we saw that kind of relationship lots of times…

And not to mention the Hobrien relationship and friendship. They love acting together, there’s so much fun watching their scenes, and lots of feels too.

And I don’t think a bi Derek or a gay Stiles will affect the plot: I mean, teen wolf is about horror, adventures, friendship and solving cases….has nothing to do with sexuality…so they can be together and solve cases… it’ll add some spicy things to the plot, and it can be a big change for television.

We have a gay pair (Dethan) that i like, but compared to Sterek, they have half of developement.

I repeat, this is not fan service, because of all the developement we had on the previuos seasons, that MEANS something, I bet it does.

By now, we have to wait and see some actual sterek scenes on 3b..we had some vague references made by Stiles about alphas and blue (that i bet are both about Derek…an guess what? Derek’s shirt is blue the next episode of the “blue is just pretty” thing….coincidence, maybe..or maybe not, guessing that dress are important during this season….“remember Stiles’s t - shirt theory?" 

Ok guys, take it and do what you want with this blabbing…. I just wanted to share my opinion with ya all…