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Holy crap, I read those Steven Universe articles and I'm in total shock. I had noticed a few small issues here and there, but those really put it into perspective. Now I feel kind of guilty, do you think it's still an issue to watch the show? Honestly, as a queer women it's really refreshing to find a show that doesn't fetishize same-sex relationships. If you have any suggestions for good shows/books that that are similar in that aspect but not in the racist aspect, please do tell.

For me I’m still gonna watch it but it’s going to be more of a pick and choose what episode type thing going on.

And as for shows Star Vs. The Forces of Evil is pretty good, I don’t think there’s anything racist in it but I can’t really speak on that. (One of the mains is hispanic or latino and they do focus on him and his family a great deal but since I’m not hispanic or latino I can’t really say what’s racist or not)

And if anyone has any other shows that all around have good rep for both lgbt and poc just add them in! I’d love to have a look.


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Fictional bi/pan people who never date anyone of the same gender are terrible rep tbh? And why? Because they're not there to be rep, they're there to cater to straight people, aka straight girls who fetishize mlm and straight guys who fetishize wlw, but still want to know that the people they're fetishizing are technically sexually available to them. So - you're right. (I hope this makes sense English is not my first language)

idk where this came from but i agree so noice… like there’s a difference between a real bi/pan person dating who they choose and a fictional character whose actions are determined by writers… and if they don’t date multiple genders then that’s someone’s conscious choice to label them as lgbt but not fulfill what they’ve promised. it’s like when video game developers say their female character CHOOSES to wear the revealing outfit lmao

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This is also why its complete BS for people to say we should still appreciate having Clarke as Bi rep. No. She died last season too. She isn't good rep. Only cares about her people, no matter how terrible they are. I mean, not to mention the fact that she is always the punching bag. If she loved Lexa, why the hell is she still willing to sacrifice Lexa's people for her shitty people? I can't believe how gross this show became. And how gross its remaining viewers can be.

I’m bi. I don’t claim her as rep. They both died in 3x07

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I was kind of looking forward to ACO/WAR (it's a guilty pleasure), I wasn't really involved with the fandom because I just really don't like SJM, but today going through M/ors tag just makes me hate the fandom with a seething passion. The fact that a character being a lesbian could cause such an uproar really truly shows their true colours and paints them as brats chucking a tantrum because their ship sunk lmao

That post I reblogged about M/or being a lesbian and the fandom reacting to that shows their true colors and also most antis true colors. I got a ton of messages saying they don’t see M/or as a lesbian and A/mren was a more obvious choice. Newsflash homophobes anyone can’t be gay, your opinion doesn’t matter!
And it’s not like they don’t have like a thousand ships in AC0TAR? Every main character is paired with someone so shut up. Let wlw fans have this one. 

EDIT: I would be happy if they actually wanted bi rep because same, but they only want Mor to be bi so she can be with A/zriel so fuck them honestly.

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So I guess Bryan is never coming back since Miller is going to be with Jackson now. I don't see the writers caring enough to bother with a triangle. I wonder if they will even say if Bryan lives or dies :/

Really? Is this how gay relationships are rep . A gay character just simply disappear never to return again. And a long standing relationship is simply erased like those boys didn’t withstand one getting thrown in jail and being separated for months and being on different side of a conflict but now one disagreement and Bryan is out. But it’s nice of the show to objectify Bryan in episode 2 before pretending he never existed (that’s sarcasm). If that’s the case I am done I’m too queer to watch this shit show that continues to screw over its gay characters. And btw what happened to friendship? Just bc you are gay doesn’t mean there is underlying romantic interest in every dudes you interact with but if that is a thing that will happen then I’m out.


I can’t believe I’m alive to witness showrunners and media outlets actually call bi characters bi. I can’t believe they used the word “bisexual” to describe Dizzee instead of “not liking labels” or “an experimental phase” or any of the usual bullshit people pull to not have to call their characters bisexual. I truly can’t believe we’re so blessed!!

you: disney made one of their white male villians gay 

me, an intellectual: power rangers has four poc, one is a lesbian and one is autistic, all of them are heroes