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Could I have an imagine where Jack G cheats on Madison with you

It wasn’t the right time.

You always hear stories about destined lovers not being able to be together because of something. Lack of time, lack of money, distance. It all sounds like a clichéd romance novel. At least that’s what I thought before I experienced it all myself.

Jack and I were high school buddies. Even more cliché, right? We weren’t exactly best friends, but we knew enough about each other to end up dating by the summer before junior year. That lasted a while; longer than I expected, I’ll tell you that. Then came his breakthrough on Vine. We never thought anything of it at first. It was just a fun way that he and Johnson could be themselves and have people enjoy their stupid humor with them. It was their hobby.

Over time, that hobby become something more. A lot more. There was singing and rapping and amateur acting. Next thing I knew, they were away from town, and gradually, away from me. Jack and I decided to break it off during one of their first major gigs. It was a mutual agreement that we’d be better off like this, but I never quite got over that ‘kid from the Vines.’

Now, two years later, I’m visiting LA to rekindle this friendship that I adored so dearly. Johnson was surprisingly the one to invite me out to this wondrous city. There wasn’t much of an explanation for the sudden request, but who was I to deny a chance to visit the west coast? 

My flight had arrived just after sunset, and although I was exhausted, I was heading straight for some party that the boys were throwing tonight. Admittedly, there were some nerves coursing through my mind. What would Gilinsky say? Did he even know I would be coming? I mean, I was closer with him than Johnson, yet Johnson was the one to ask me over. Question after question raced through my thoughts, and before I realized, I was plopped right in front of their so-called luxurious LA house. Looking up at the place, I could see lights on inside and a couple of cars parked in a line down the driveway, although it didn’t seem like the party had started yet. Well, here goes nothing. I lugged my suitcase up to the door and pressed the doorbell. Not even a minute later, Johnson appeared right before me. We stared at each other for a moment, and I worried that he didn’t recognize me, but before I could voice any form of greeting, his arms reached out to embrace me.

“Y/N!” He sang out. I laughed awkwardly whilst reciprocating the hug and giving a small pat to his back.

“Me!” I joked, stepping back once he released me. “Hello, young Johnson. I’m not late, am I?” He shook his head, moving aside to let me in.

“Nah, we just started setting up. A couple of the boys are over to help, but yeah, come in! G’s been waiting for you.” I thought my heart stopped for a moment as I walked inside. He’s been waiting for me. I’m sure it meant nothing more than awaiting my arrival, but a girl can dream. As Johnson led me into the living room, I glanced around at the interior of the house. The boys did a pretty good job of keeping up the place. Finally, we stopped in the doorway of the living room, and my eyes scanned over the various boys inside until they fell upon the one and only.

“Y/L/N.” He spoke up before I could utter a single word. My lips pulled into a tight smile as I raised a greeting hand.

“Gilinsky.” The room seemed to fall into silence whilst we exchanged a rather intense stare. After all, what would one say to an old love? 

“Well now that that introduction has been made,” Johnson cut in, thank God. “These are the boys. Nash, Jake aka Foosh, Matt, Carter, Sammy, and Nate.” He went down the line. I smiled and greeted all of them, but I could see Gilinsky approaching me from the corner of my eye, and all I could focus on was that. “And this is Y/N. She’s chilling with us for a while.”

“Nice to meet you, boys.” I smiled again, and as I turned to gather my stuff out of the way, Gilinsky stepped in front of me.

“Let me help you with that.” He smiled, and suddenly everything was okay. I realized that we didn’t need to be awkward. There were no harsh feelings between us. Just unsaid ones. He took both of my suitcases and led me up the stairs to what I’m assuming to be his bedroom. “We can figure out where you’re bunking later, but we can leave these here for now.” He explained as he pushed my stuff against the wall. I nodded in understanding. “Now come here.” Seeing as I had been staring at the ground for the past who knows how long, I was a little caught off guard by his outstretched arms. Still, I accepted his hug with much gratitude and gave him a little squeeze to go along with it.

“I missed you.” I spoke up first, knowing the words weren’t far from leaving his mouth as well. I felt a bit of nostalgia being in his arms. His same old scent, his strong yet gentle hold, even the sound of his heartbeat. It was all comforting and saddening at the same time. I missed him.

“I missed you.” He retorted, giving me another squeeze before letting go. “We haven’t talked in like, what, a couple months?” 

“Yeah, something like that.” Actually it was close to a year, but who’s counting? I laughed like it was an absurd idea, but in reality, I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

“That’s crazy! Come on, we have to catch up. I’ll let the boys finish setting up.” He said, and without waiting for any protest, he took my hand and pulled me along. He started talking about how he and Johnson have been raving about my visit, but all I could focus on was our hands. God, I missed him. I can’t say it enough. It killed me that we were avoiding the big question of what happened between us, yet at the same time, I didn’t want to bring back such an old subject.

Jack ended up taking me out to their backyard, and he looked back to smile at me as I saw a garden swing up ahead.

“You guys actually got one?” I asked in awe. I pegged the Jacks to be more interested in a hammock than a garden swing. Although, I’m sure there’s bound to be a hammock somewhere around here.

“Of course, just in case you ever decided to visit.” He joked, chuckling as he held the swing steady so I could sit down. It surprised me that he remembered my desire to have one of these when I got my own place. We’d always talked about getting one if we ever moved in together. What a difference that came out to be.

He sat down next to me, and for a few minutes, we swung in silence. I took in the scenery, whereas Jack seemed much more interested in looking at me. I looked at him and smiled a bit, tucking my hair behind my ear out of habit.

“I see you’ve still got that staring problem..” I laughed a bit, scrunching my nose. He gave a shameless shrug whilst hanging his arm behind me on the back of the swing.

“I see you’re still as beautiful as I remember.” Oh Jack and his so-called smooth words. I never was one to blush at cheesy compliments, but coming from Jack, a girl might warm up to it.

“You certainly haven’t changed a bit. Good, fame hasn’t taken a hold on you.” I nodded in approval, giving a pat of congratulations to his knee. Instead of accepting my praise, he took my hand again. He was just full of surprises, wasn’t he?

“I missed you. Tell me how your life’s been.” He said in a simple command, bringing my hand up to press a kiss to it. Despite my astoundment, I went on to tell him about my current life, giving him every little detail I could. Except for the fact that I was still hopelessly hung up on him. I mean, of course I dated other guys, but it would always end up in wanting him.

“But enough about me,” I finished, feeling rather big-headed after having all his attention on me. “What about you, superstar? How’s Hollywood treating you?” He started with a smile, and right then, I knew I’d be in for one hell of a story. I was so into listening to all his adventures and opportunities, and then he dropped the bomb.

“… And I.. have a girlfriend.” He wasn’t hesitant at all, assuming because he thought things were long over between us. He couldn’t be any more wrong, but I smiled anyway because I was supposed to be happy for him.

“Really? Who would have thought a loser like you would score a Cali girl?” I joked it off. “What’s her name?”

“Madison. She’s coming over tonight, actually. I think you two would get along great. I’ll even introduce you guys!” I fought the urge to cringe.

“That’d be greeeat.”

Fast forward to the party. Jack and I spent a whole extra hour outside just talking and catching up, and I really thought things were rekindling between us, but I knew I was overanalyzing the little moments. Now that people were here, I had succumbed to being a wallflower for the time being. Not that I minded; it amused me to watch the various visitors gradually become drunk right before my eyes. Watching Jack and Madison, however, was a whole different story. He had introduced us like he said he would, and we talked for maybe five minutes before they lost themselves back in the crowd. Now I was stuck having to watch them laugh and dance and suck face.

Sometime in the height of the night, I had finally brought myself to socialize, talking and dancing in the midst of the crowd. I wouldn’t classify myself as drunk, but sober wasn’t in my vocabulary either. It was a sort of in between state, ‘tipsy’ if you will. The main thing is, I was happy and carefree. It occurred to me that a few others were drawn to my presence as I felt a sudden pair of hands on my hips. Looking back at the source, I was surprised to find Jack. That for sure was a sobering moment. 

“And to what do I owe this sudden appearance, Mr. Gilinsky?” I smiled, and by the looks of it, he was far too under the influence to realize what he was doing.

“Come with me.” He uttered into my ear. Now he didn’t seem so drunk after all. What was he up to now? Seeing no harm in doing so, I obliged and let him lead me out to the backyard. In a second we were right back on the garden swing, this time with the darkness engulfing us, if anyone decided to walk outside.

“What did you want me out here for? Are you drunk?” I asked, laughing slightly because his abruptness kind of scared me.

“I’ve had like two drinks, it’s nothing.” He explained. Okay, well, that wasn’t the question I was hoping to be answered. I caught his gaze in the light of the windows, and for a second, I swear he looked nervous.

“Hey, are you okay? You look a little worried.” I looked back towards the house and saw Madison through the window. She seemed to be looking for something, which I’m assuming would be Jack. Jutting my thumb towards her, I turned back towards Jack. “I could get Madison for you if–” I felt his lips push against mine before I could even think to finish that sentence. There was a gasp restricted in my throat, but the longer he kept his lips on mine, the more I eased into him. It was relieving, exciting, and confusing all at once.

He pulled back after what seemed like hours, though kept the close proximity between us.

“Tell me you missed me.” He muttered, finding my gaze in the darkness. I gulped, still unable to process everything that had happened in the short span of five minutes.

“I missed you.” I breathed out. And just like that, his lips were back on mine. It was more brief this time, but I didn’t feel any less breathless. “J-Jack, what are you doing?” As much as I was enjoying this, I couldn’t help my curiosity. He was doing this and more with Madison just an hour ago. What happened since then for him to do this?

“I want you, and I can’t stand that we’re not together anymore.” Talk about a plot twist.

“Not to ruin the moment any further but… Literally what the hell, Jack? We’ve been talking all day, and you choose now to tell me this? Your girlfriend’s right in that house, for God’s sake!” I wasn’t as angry as I was appearing to be, although I stood by my argument. He had to be crazy to think this was okay. Instead of the shameful look that I expected from him, he grinned and edged closer to me.

“I know.” With those simple words, he leaned forward and kissed me again. I wanted so badly to fight against him in fear that we’d get caught, but he just kept kissing me, and I fell weak to those familiar soft lips. This was all I wanted when I decided to fly my ass out to LA, and it felt so wrong, yet so right. Once again another cliche between us. Jack’s hands began to wander around my body, only tempting me more with each contact of skin. 

“But M-Madison,” I stuttered out in between kisses. If I didn’t at least try to stop this, the guilt would eat me up. Maybe not now, but for sure later.

“Who?” I felt him smirk against my lips, and I had to admit, his carelessness turned me on. I ended up crawling onto his lap, straddling him between my legs. He hummed in pleasure, his hands finding their way to my ass before he gave it a small slap. I groaned instinctively whilst he nibbled down on my lower lip and tugged on it. “You won’t tell anyone about this, will you, baby girl?” He asked me as he moved his lips down to my neck, nipping at my skin. I breathed in sharply as I tilted my head back without another thought. 

I was lost in the moment, and although I knew there were a bunch of warnings in the back of my head, I didn’t think twice before uttering, “I won’t, I promise.”

Leave it to me to end the imagine at the good part lmao I really don’t know why I always end up doing that, but I mean!! I hope you liked it anyway. Maybe I’ll make a part two, if it comes down to it

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