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17.05.25 fancafe - bts_Jhope

after a long time
I’m writing~~~
guys is this the place where the lovely fans of billboard are?????? hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaah
I came to say thank you. even after four days?? have gone by, I still cant believe it.  thanks to your (ARMYs) great love we received a great award !!!!!
you know that right !!!????? this award is your award!!!!
lets give love and praise to everyone as much as this moment !!!!!!!!!
today we arrived in australia. we went to a nice place and at delicious food
I’m sure we will perform well tomorrow!!!!!!
I will do well as always ~

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Never Again

One Shot!
Characters: Dean and Sam, vamps, and Reader (Deans Girlfriend) so a Dean x reader
Summary: On a hunt that goes wrong, Deans Girlfriend, Reader, gets kidnapped.
Prompt: From the Impossible Prompt Challenge, number 13, “Stop touching my face, or I might bite.” I had so much fun writing this! Thanks for making this challenge!
Warnings: Abuse, blood/injury, language

Readers POV

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“Dean! Dear lord turn the music down! They are going to hear you!” I laugh while turning the music down, ‘We are supposed to be trying to a sneak attack, and you blaring that while we are close to the hideout of the vamps, is going to blow our cover!” You playfully swatted at his arm and he smiled. Your heart skipped a beat as you watched him. How did you, of all people get stuck with him? You are the luckiest girl alive to be able to call Dean Winchester your boyfriend.

“Sorry sweetheart, just thought the vamps would want to listen to my music!” He said sarcastically and smiling at me, he then parked the car outside of the forest entry. Dean, Sam, and I got out of the car and Dean walked over to me and kissed me, and I of course kissed him back.

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#1 (our official first!)

sent by Anon (inspired by Margaery’s seduction of Tommen)

“You’re my King now and I want to make sure I can trust you in handing over the running of my castle so I’ll sneak into your chambers and seduce you with my charms so you’ll love me and only listen to me and.. oh my, you’re so gorgeous and so gentle and nice to me and dear gods, I just cannot get enough of you kissing me down there, nobody has ever done that before.. All I want is for you to make me scream your name all through the night and all I can think of is you and all I want is you and it wasn’t meant to be this way” AU


anonymous asked:

I'm feeling a bit sad and i really love your art ;-; it makes me feel a bit better now <3 if you have the time could you draw Yamaguchi? I really love your style and Yama is my favorite character ;_; <3