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Česká měna | Czech currency 

All coins have on their rear side the Czech lion1 Czech crown (Czech: 1 Koruna česká) = 1 CZK (Czech: Kč)

1 Kč depicts Saint Wenceslas crown. Very fitting because crown is actually what koruna means in English.
2 Kč features jewellery from the times of Great Moravia, followed by 5 Kč with the Charles Bridge. On 10 Kč is the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Brno. Saint Wenceslas statue can be found on 20 Kč coin. And finally, 50 Kč coin with the capital - Prague.

Czech banknotes show significant Czech personalities (in order): the Emperor Charles IV, “the teacher of nations” Jan Ámos Komenský, the writer Božena Němcová, the historian František Palacký, the opera singer Ema Destinová and the first Czechoslovak president T. G. Masaryk.