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➺ Couches (m)


Pairing: Kim Taehyung x female Reader

Genre: fluff / smut; couchsourfing!au, hints of a blogger!au

Warnings: mentions of alcohol and weed, graphic depictions of sex, some swearing

Word count: 7,536 words

Note: We did it, this is the last repost from my old blog! This is for @sydist and @kittae and all you other Taehyung stans out there. This was inspired by my own trip to Amsterdam. I hope you enjoy and feedback is appreciated as always!


You huffed as you stepped into the dimly lit bar, the smell of alcohol and weed filling your nose and you looked around to see a little booth with no one in. Walking towards it, you slowly slipped your backpack off your shoulders, gently throwing it into the booth as you sighed in content while you slumped down on the red leather bench.

You had been wandering around Amsterdam the whole day, your shoulders cramping and feet burning. Your host had canceled you for an ‘urgent matter’ right when you arrived, right when you were stepping out of the train. Your mind raced in confusion and anger but you shrugged and carried on with your plan for the weekend. Opening the Couchsurfing app and asking for help, you knew you’d find another couch to sleep on.

So there you were, your head in your hands as you closed your eyes and took deep breaths to calm your racing heart. A friendly waiter walked up to you and took your order, which consisted of a Screwdriver and a glass of water. You desperately needed something to get your mind off the tiring walk through the city, the pain in your back and feet and the pounding in your head. Your lips were attached to the straw as soon as the drinks arrived and you closed your eyes at the heavenly taste that seemed to ease your mind, relaxing your tense body, leaving it in a pleasant tingling state.

The peace was interrupted by your buzzing phone. You pulled it out of your pocket and let your fingers ghost over the Couchsurfing app, the notification being a message from a guy called Taehyung Kim. Furrowing your brows and opening the message, you felt your heart pounding at its content.

Taehyung Kim: I saw your host canceled, you can come to my place. It’s just a few blocks from the bar you’re sitting in.

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d e s i r e s

genre: possessive!jimin, angst, horror

summary: he desires only one thing in the world, you and only you and in order to make you his, everything has to go his way.

word count: 906

warning: graphic content, mentions of death

a/n: a repost and touchup of this drabble from my old blog vsnow.

You were everything to him.

From your smile to your personality and to your beauty, every single thing about you was perfect to him. It was like you had a spell on him. He became enraptured by you in a matter of seconds. You were the dream girl he never thought he’d ever see in his whole lifetime. He didn’t think a girl in his fantasies would ever appear in front of him just like that. But fortunately for him it happened anyway.

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