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So.. Bong Psycho 420 is a thing, and I’ve laughed for 5 years about it now.

This is @watermelonstar‘s au I believe.

These are the ask’s I used X X X X


Ageswap Terumob is important to me

This is a scene from this beautiful fic *u* (I dont know if the author is here on tumblr or not, if someone knows, hmu!)

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Found out the author is right here on tumblr! They are @amaranthinecanicular and heres the tumblr post for the story


“A few months ago, my doctor told me that I don’t have much time to live. I was perplexed, but everyone dies. What worries me the most… is that the people I love might think I was unhappy. I was really, truly happy. I had a great life and couldn’t have asked for more. I think that… knowing my time is limited… helped me show my true feelings. It gave me courage. I consider it as my final blessing.”


The Homunculi and their meanings (as it pertains to the anime)

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かヂロ brought up on their Undertale twitter that Masaya Onosaka would be a good choice to voice Burgerpants and that kills me because it’d be perfect casting, honestly.

But considering that Onosaka is also Alessi’s VA… it would be fitting that Midler and Mariah would be Bratty and Catty, no?