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Happy Birthday, Mark!

I’m gonna keep this short cause I always get way cheesy when it comes to stuff like this. But thank you. Thank you for being there for us when things get bad. For motivating us to do what we love. And for putting 110% into everything that you do.

So again, happy birthday! I hope you have a great day full of nothing but love and Chica pets.


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Hey y'all! ❤️ Happy Thursday! Ahem, so I just wanna say…..banding is still LIFE. Aye ain’t God good?! I was team pineapple for YEARS, simply bc banding didn’t work for me. But, sleeping in a pineapple caused me to manipulate my hair way more in the mornings. I’m talking blow drying roots flat, picking my hair and more. 🙄 It’s just not for me anymore. Banding has made a way out of no way, come on somebody! Lol. No, but it’s how I preserve my wash n go’s. Plus my bonnet is bute (no typo). If you watch Insecure, then you get it lol. OF COURSE, I have videos up on my channel. 🤗 Hope you’re subscribed! .
What’s your night time Routine?
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ok so this is going to be a mood post i guess? i need to say some stuff,,,,

i’m tired of seeing all my gifs being reposted, i said that i don’t mind if you guys use my gifs, but please don’t repost the whole gifset or claim my gifs as your own,, i’ve seen a lot of my gifs being reposted without credit.. i don’t know if you guys understand the time gifs takes me, hd gifs aren’t made in two minutes.. i seriously saw some people using my gifs just to get rts or people screen shooting my whole gifsets and posting that screenshot without credit, i really wish you guys would understand the time i put in those gifs and even those graphics cause i also saw lots of people using it,, the only thing i’m asking for is credit, it’s not difficult.. i seriously don’t want to put watermarks on my gifs or graphics cause we all know that thing is ugly,, but i might be obliged to. i’m doing that post but i’m not the only one in this situation, i’ve seen a lot of @brianskangs‘s gifs being reposted too..
we’re seriously sad??? about this, please credit our work..