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“You think zim is not real, you think zim is fake!” - Zim.

I’m probably the last person to read this fic but I’m gonna suggest it anyways!
I’m only on chapter 9 & im blown away with how amazing it is!!!


DΞΔN ft. Yerin Baek - Limbo [Official MV]


God, this was a pain in the ass. RIP my hand lol. (Imma do Teru tomorrow when I don’t have class to go to :p)

(Do not repost/remove caption.)

So let me tell you a thing about this drawing. It’s been months since I’ve drawn anything. I picked up my tablet pen, it was on its last legs and my backup didn’t work at all.  It died entirely just before I started on the bubbled rose quartzes. I had to do those and finish up what I could just using my mouse. It’s not as polished as I’d like it to be, but man am I done attempting to art with a mouse.

Also, “That Will Be All”… what an ep.

Hey, Borderlands fandom, especially the Rhack crowd!  This user seems to think it’s okay to repost other artists’ work without permission because, “The art was already reposted when [they] got ahold of it.”  As you can see, I politely asked them to not repost, and they decided that was “harrassment”.  So I’m trying to track down all the original artists as I recognize them.  I know many of you don’t like having your work reposted, so just sending out a PSA.

Idk why it’s so hard to just reblog something directly, rather than finding it and reposting it from another site, but oh well!  Some people apparently just need to be that way.

Please signal boost this so other Bl/Rhack artists can make sure their work isn’t being reposted.  

Read right to left~.  Based on the hint in Gaiden that Sakura was with Sasuke while she was pregnant.  Sakura couldn’t cut her hair often while was traveling, so.

Sometimes, Sasuke is a bit overprotective and can overreact…sometimes…(which was shown the bit when Naruto was yelling in front of the kids in Gaiden, and Sasuke was like “IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN?” LOL).  Sasuke’s reply to everything she says is “Yada”, which translates here to “I don’t want to.”

I got a bit lazy drawing Susanoo, but it was hard drawing him at that angle.  Oh wells.  Thanks for the support.  ^^  Please don’t repost my work, thank you~