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Atsushi abt to get played so hard (Todomatsu is abt to get played too, actually, but that’s later(((

I’m sorry it looks like crap but I hope the point got across??? It’s a bit hard not to use words but uh

They are in a Starbucks waiting in line.yeah Atsushi asked him/her out on a date. Totty is going to rob him blind. Atsushi is a fool (in love(

also this fic!!!

Kabby Being Human AU:


Marcus- Vampire

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Mama I’m a Big Girl Now from Hairspray feat. Ruby Roo, Ragamuffin, and Thorgy Thor

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“2013 has been quite a difficult year for FC Barcelona and their fans. The devastating losses to Real Madrid and Bayern Munchen, Tito Vilanova’s cancer relapse, Eric Abidal’s and David Villa’s departures were really tough for the team and the fans. But despite all this pain and these hurdles of life, the players and the fans have managed to stay united like never before. The thing about Barca that people really need to know is that this team never gives up. No matter what happens, they somehow just stick together. They continue fighting and that is something that will carry this team for the many years to come." -Anonymous