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Even though we are lead to believe there are only 3, the tria prima, we can see there may be 4 members in Priest. One of the members wears the symbol for Mercury around his neck, and we are shown on Priest’s Instagram that the other two must be Sulfur and Salt. I don’t have a lot of thoughts on who the 4th member could be. I do, however, have some ideas about the purpose of their symbols.
I think one reason Mercury has a priest collar may be because the god mercury was the guide for the souls to the underworld. We can hear the singer express in the lyric “come closer to me and be truly free” that he is here to guide the listener to the pit. With the lyric “the energy inside the void, the fire” Mercury could possibly be speaking of the fiery pits of Hell.
When the song begins Mercury is telling us of how he encounters upon “the pit” and how the darkness inside the pit has consumed him, like a cocoon and from this, he was reborn. Mercury seems to be inspired by the fire and how it has given him purpose. He feels that he must now share this spiritual experience with the listener, much like a priest would do.
Priest is using religious imagery and symbolism to speak to its audience. This is very similar to Ghost, so I for one am very excited for what’s to come of this band. Feel free to share your thoughts with me, I’d love to hear what you think. ⛪️🖤


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