reposted it because something was wrong with the previous one

NOTE: Fun story! I accidentally set something up wrong on this challenge (on the flinthamilton/flinthamiltons one as well) where you could only make one prompt, and it just so happens to be a setting ao3 won’t let you change after sign ups have started. ^_^;; I am super embarrassed, but I need to ask everyone if they can please signal boost this once again because I had to make a whole new one (new links are below)

If you signed up on the previous one you’ll have to sign up and repost your prompt (I believe it was @punkdentist so far) Apologies for the inconvenience D:

In an effort to keep fandom activity going and to have some fun, I decided to create a wlw prompt meme on ao3!

Information & Rules || Sign Up/Submit a Prompt || Prompts

  • Sign ups and submissions are ongoing, there are no deadlines
  • More than one person will be able to claim a prompt
  • Only prompts about wlw pairings or characters. Pairings can be canon or non-canon. Characters do not have to be canonically confirmed to be wlw.
  • Fanfics, fanart, graphics, and vids are accepted

* If anything isn’t working properly, please let me know asap. This is one of my first ao3 collections, so I may have missed something or messed something up or not set things up correctly.