reposted because this is a really nice pic



Emma was about to walk past me on the red carpet because I couldn’t get her attention (I actually couldn’t even open my mouth I was so in shock!) these really nice people around me got her to come over to me because they knew how big of a fan I am and that I flew all the way to New York to see her!! When she heard that I flew to NY to see her, she turned around and walked over to me, and said “let’s get a picture” to ME!! I didn’t even have to ask! I was literally shaking so much and hyperventilating and I think Emma could tell that I was this crazy, enormous fan!  I could barely speak but I told her how big of a fan I am, and told her she is a huge huge huge role model and inspiration to me and I said I’ve seen like all of her movies and that she is the best person ever!  She then says to me “No, you’re kind of the best person ever for saying that!” and she said something else but I can’t remember.. it was all such a blur. So after we talked I managed to ask her if she could sign my magazine, and she was like “yeah of course!” So she then asks me what my name is and I tell her it is Mady, and she then asks me how to spell it. I tell her “M-a-d-y” and she says “Like Cady, from Mean Girls!!” After she signs my magazine, she hands me back my sharpie and I tell her thanks so much and she says “it was so nice meeting you!!" 

A gentle plea to my Tumblr followers......

I am grateful that you guys like to share my posts on other forms of social media - truly.  And I am particularly grateful to those of you who take the time to credit this page for the information you gain from it.  I really, truly appreciate it because I spend a lot of time - TOO much time - hunting down the stuff I hunt down.  A lot of what I post is public information anyway and I have no claim to the content beyond good online searching skills & I always try to credit the OP where I can.   For the rest - the pics that are MINE, please know that it is REAL legwork, real hours on the subway, and on foot and in the car that go into bringing you whatever I bring.  A LOT of time & a fair bit of local knowledge of NYC and its surroundings.  I’ve created a Twitter account (@AlyB1223) even though I don’t often tweet my own stuff or anyone else’s. I’ve drawn the line at creating fan Facebook - and I really try not to use my Instagram for Blacklist stuff - but I’m seeing an uptick in photos from my posts ending up on all these sites with no attribution (even to the OP in the case of pics that are not mine) & it is really frustrating.  But please know that if I’m going to hop in the car & devote 90 minutes of my weekend to confirming a filming locale, or devote an hour of my workday to trying to find an original behind the scenes pic, it would be REALLY nice if whoever reposts would link to my page.  I don’t want to have to do watermarks - they are annoying & detract from the photo.  But it’s frustrating because it is real time from my day that I spend, just to see someone else spend 5 minutes reading my page & make themselves look good on Facebook or Instagram or whatever.  I see it all in my searches (because how else would I find what I find, right?) but I can’t always comment because I won’t use my personal FB for Blacklist stuff & I really try not to use instagram either for that purpose.  It’s such a small fraction of the fandom that does it - but it is really annoying.  Anyway, mini-rant over.  And thanks to those of you who are always amazing about linking back and calling out those who don’t.