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Miscellaneous other stuff I painted from Rick and Morty Season 3, Episode 2 “Rickmancing the Stone”

…I really just wanted to post this because of the messed up little Lord Henderfinger design I photoshopped together. I also printed him out and put it around the office.

Color Supervisors: Jason Boesch, Phil Vose

Character Designers: Maximus Pauson, Elisa Phillips, Justin Noel, Kendra Melton

Prop Designers: Kyle Capps, Brent Noll, Allen Tam


> hi*
(namjoon sticker)
> Is everyone living well?
> We’re making our next album
> how u doin*
> Workin BTS* on our next album
> Are you?** (misspelled)
> Are you well?**
> We’re working on our new album**
> im sorry busy*
> I’m busy
> Anyways, everyone
> Eat well
> Let’s stay healthy
> This album will be good like the others
> We’re sharpening our souls
> eat well sleep well live well*
> and wait well for new BTS*
> will shock you again*
> Thx*
> Namu ~~~**

* English
** Japanese

trans: jhope-shi | do not repost without giving credit!

Your Desk is a Mess Part 6

Summary: In which Y/N gradually (and awkwardly) spends a lot more time with her office mate than she bargained for (Office AU).

Author’s Note: repost because the first version deleted itself.

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Part Six

Around two and a half months had passed, and you had taken the bus with Steve almost every morning. Sometimes you’d bump into him just outside your flat, as both of you were locking up. Other times, you’d meet him at the bus stop. Nonetheless, it became an unspoken agreement that you’d take the bus together to work. As your shifts usually ended at different times, you wouldn’t usually take the bus home, but it had happened once or twice.

You’d learned a few things about him, as one does when one engages in conversation with someone almost every day, but despite Natasha’s nagging, you tried to avoid communicating with him unless necessary. You were starting to feel slightly nervous around him, for some reason you couldn’t quite explain. Natasha and Wanda were constantly nagging you about your hypothetical crush on him, so much that you felt it awkward whenever you were around him. Of course, he had no clue you even felt it awkward at all.

“So,” Natasha said, rocking back on her wheely chair that she had rolled over beside your seat by your desk. “Pre-drinks at yours, right?”

A group of the younger employees were getting together for a night out next week, in celebration of some achievement from someone in one of the other departments. To be honest, you didn’t even know them, nor did you care, but such a large group of people were going that you decided to join. You had been invited, after all.

“Not likely,” you said, typing away on your laptop. 

Bucky and Steve were engaged in some form of conversation behind you.

“Why ever not? And don’t say it’s because of your air conditioner, because I swear-”

“Tasha, it is mid-June. You’ll melt before you even come in the door. The dehydration will give you the worst headache of your life. And that’s saying something. I’ve been living in fear I’ll wake up all shriveled to dust.”

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Waluigi Month 2017

The third annual Waluigi Month is coming in July! WAAAHHH!!!

While I do have a few things planned already I really do suck at coming up with original ideas so suggestions are appreciated. Please keep in mind I may not draw every suggestion but please feel free to send me some of your ideas anyway. If I do decide to draw them I will try my best!

  • Must involve Waluigi somehow (obviously lol!)
  • Must be Safe For Work!
  • No OCs sorry, but characters from other fandoms and pairings are okay.
  • Please accept that I am doing these draws under a day and they won’t be masterpieces.
  • I really don’t follow or understand memes so you probably won’t see many of those or any at all.
  • The more simple the suggestion, the more likely I am to try and do it! xD

To see previous Waluigi Month drawings I have done, please < click here >


anonymous asked:

I have a friend that copies and traces other people's art, but when she gets called out on it she says "At least I'm giving credit to the artist!" How do I get her to stop, because I would HATE to see someone hurt from her actions. Because tracing other people's art can really mess someone up.

you contact that artists and let them know this is happening, or report her to whatever platform shes using. tracing is just as bad as stealing and reposting, even if you credit the artist, that doesnt guarantee that other people are going to go to that artist’s page and commission them for more content. 


Imagine [Part three]

a/n: Repost! Because I messed the other thing up and uploaded something with my other channel. And apparently, you cannot delete. 

The asks: “Can you please do part 3 with the hotel”  “Do part 3 with hotel”

Haha. I remember when I wrote it, and I mentioned the birthday-part of it, I was thinking on how far away my own was. But now, because I don’t upload as frequently anymore, and I went on holiday and all, my own birthday is tomorrow.. (the 3rd). Scary stuff. This website’s been around for five years now and I never wanted to write anything for my birthday, but every year, something happens and the website ends up getting something. It’s scary. I wonder when I’ll ever grow up enough to let this site go. Anyway, ramble you did not ask for. Here’s the imagine! xx

Imagine [Part three]

Part one | Part two

When you wake up for the second time this morning, it’s a lot lighter in the room. You’ve spread yourself all over the bed, squeezing your eyes to all the sunlight coming in. “Good morning, birthday girl”, [your celebrity crush] smiles. He’s sitting next to the bed, and rubs his thumb over your cheek. That’s what woke you up in the first place. You moan a little, making him laugh. “Now come on. It’s ten o’clock. You cannot sleep through the whole day. Besides, I ordered breakfast. You can only order breakfast ‘till ten. They were slightly upset I ordered this late, I believe. I’ve got cake too.” You give him a thumbs up, as you close your eyes again and try to cover yourself with the blanket. “Not happening, darling”, he jokes, grabbing the blanket from you. “Not nice”, you mumble, turning around. “I’m sorry. But you can’t miss your birthday.” “I’ll be fine. Besides, nothing went according to plan anyway. All the plans are ruined.” “So you make new plans. That’s life”. “Alright, Gandhi..” You say jokingly. “I made the plan to sleep”, you add. “That’s a bad idea.” “You cannot bash other peoples ideas. It’s rude.” “You’ll manage. But okay. If you decide to stay in bed, I’ll just eat on my own.” “You do that”. [Your celebrity crush] walks away from the bed, and something in you is slightly upset he’s shifted his attention away from you. “Hey, [your celebrity crush]?” “Yes?”, he asks, unable to hide his smirk. “What kind of cake?”

“The manager called by the way. When you were asleep.” He did not lie. But he forgot to mention it was yesterday night, and not this morning, as you’re assuming. “They found you a hotel”. “They did? Well, I only booked for a night, so I wonder what they’ve arranged” “You did?” “Yeah, I just wanted to wake up in some nice hotel room, feeling fancy for once. I guess I still did”, you laugh. “But not really the way I imagined.” You pull on the collar of the robe, the one [your celebrity crush] gave you a second ago to feel more comfortable. His name is now all across your back. Like your his. “What had you planned for today?” “Just some sightseeing. Oh and a massage, but that was part of the arrangement I apparently never booked. But did pay for”. You take a grape out of the bowl. “The massage problem can be easily fixed!”, [your celebrity crush] gets up from his chair and stands behind yours. “What are you doing?”, you ask. He places his hands on your shoulders and starts massaging your neck and shoulders. “Fixing it”. It might be odd that a man you’ve known for about 5 hours is currently massaging your neck, but it just feels so good, you don’t bother to worry about it, and instead close your eyes. “How are you so good at this..” “I do a lot of sports”, Yeah, you were able to tell from the torso he’s still not hiding. “So I get a lot of massages. And I just like to ask questions.” “Keep asking!” you smile, becoming butter in his hands. “Why don’t I show you around town?” “No no, I can’t ask that of you. You’re here for your own.. reasons. Why are you here?” “Work”. “Work! You need to work”. “I deserve a day off. And you deserve a good guide. And let’s be real here. I’m the best there is.” “In guiding or in general?” [Your celebrity crush] leans down to whisper in your ear, and you know it’s a joke. You know it is, but it still sends shivers down your spine. “In everything”.

“We could’ve stayed in the room.”

Their kisses were lit by starlight, silver washed and tantalizingly forbidden.

Baz’s finger tips ran down Simon’s face, dropping down to pluck at the silver chain hanging around his neck. He slowly unclasped it and threw it aside.

Simon wouldn’t need to ward off any vampires tonight.

“No we couldn’t have, Snow. Bunce’s impeccable timing would’ve ruined everything.”

Their lips met.

“How long have you wanted this?”

“Crowley, it feels like forever.”

Simon pressed his forehead against Baz’s and let out a soft chuckle between his ragged breaths.

They could tear down their façade because they didn’t have to hate each other here.

It was liberating.

“How long have you wanted this, Snow?”

“Since I had to force myself to hate you.”

guinness1985  asked:

Hi, I can't seem to respond your comments on the baymax/toothless picture. So I thought I'd message you on here. I'm just confused as to why such a big deal has been made when someone has made an innocent mistake, apologised directly to the artist & removed the post. The OP stated many times they found the image on Facebook and not tumblr therefore would not be able to repost. So have a go at the FB group, this issue of art being reposted without permission is bigger than the OP so stop the hate

This is the one and only warning I’m giving you and everyone else reading this that this post is going to get long. Because I’m seeing more and more of a resurgence of art thefts lately all across tumblr in all my fandoms, so people obviously need to hear it. Because I’ve been a victim of theft myself a number of times and I’m getting frustrated with people who don’t understand ‘why it’s a big deal.’ But most importantly, because friends and artists who I respect are getting hurt by this issue, and yet it never seems to stop cropping up. I will NOT be hiding this under a read more for you to ignore. This is an issue that’s affecting everyone, and I’m going to sit down and take time out of MY day to tell everyone why.

Fandoms are a Community.

Before we go anywhere else here, I want you to understand that that is 100% true, even if you’ve probably never thought of it that way before. We are people from all corners of the globe who have banned together to celebrate something we’re passionate about. We write stories, make music videos and, yes, we draw and post artwork. We talk about the reasons that we love something, or places we think it can improve. We share our thoughts and feelings about them, and become close with other people who share our interests and passions because it’s no fun to be excited about something all by yourself.

And, like ALL communities, a really big part of being in a fandom is having respect for your fellow fans. You don’t have to always agree with them (Honestly, some of the most interesting conversations I’ve had in fandoms were arguments about pairings, characterization, ext…), but you should always respect their opinions regardless of whether of not it aligns with your own. And people within a fandom who aren’t respectful of their fellow fans will quickly find themselves ostracized and ignored by others because- surprisingly- nobody wants to talk to someone if they’re just going to be a jerk. 

And art theft, ultimately, is an act of great disrespect to the artist.

Artists spend hours or days of their lives working on their pieces sometimes. We look at them until we go cross-eyed to make sure they look alright, because we want others to like our work. Because the subject matter is something they love and they want to express that love with other fans. Someone else does NOT get to take that hard work and post it somewhere else without permission from the artist. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior, whatever you might believe.

“It was just an innocent mistake. The artwork was posted on another site, and they didn’t know it was already here on tumblr.”

That’s not the point. The fact that the piece is on tumblr isn’t the point.

It wouldn’t have mattered if it WASN’T posted on tumblr already. The way the reposter went about it was still disrespectful. And it definitely wasn’t an ‘innocent mistake.’ It is simply NOT possible to accidentally post somebody else’s artwork on your blog, on tumblr or any other website. The fact that it was already stolen in the facebook post the reposter stole it from is NOT an excuse for posting it on tumblr the way they did. Because it would have been painfully SIMPLE to avoid the whole thing if they had cared enough to just do one little thing.


I’m not even close to kidding right here. Asking is all anyone needs to do to stop from ending up in a mess like this themselves. If they had honestly thought that the facebook group where they first saw the piece was responsible for creating it (which I sort of doubt, given that most fanartists I know avoid posting their work on facebook and stick to sites like tumblr and DA) then they should have asked them if they minded if they posted the work to their blog.

I can almost guarantee that the response the facebook poster would have given probably would have been along the lines of ‘Sure, whatever. I didn’t make this/I found this on ____ so it’s not mine.’

And if you EVER ask someone for permission to post something elsewhere and get a response like that, then you’ll know that it’s stolen and you should NOT repost it. If you want to find the ACTUAL artist (And if you’re a decent human being who’s capable of respecting the simple fact that another fan deserves to be acknowledged for their hard work, then you DO) then you should perform a reverse image search or appeal to the fandom to see if any of them know who the artist is. REPOSTING ARTWORK YOU KNOW IS STOLEN MAKES YOU AN ART THIEF AS WELL. Don’t do it. Don’t.

And you know what the really sad part of all this is? A lot of artists are EXTREMELY accommodating when it comes to others wanting to include their artwork in others aspects of the fandom, so long as they get proper credit for the work that they did. And by that, I mean that I have gotten countless questions over the years that run along the lines of the following;

I love your artwork! Is it okay if I use some of your pieces in an AMV I’m doing on Youtube?

Hi! I’m writing a fanfiction on, and was wondering if it would be okay with you if I use this picture as the cover art? Is that okay with you?

Excuse me, I’m an RP Blogger, and I really like the way you draw this character. Is it okay if I use your art on my blog?

I really enjoy your comics! Would you be okay with me translating them into (Spanish/French/Ext) so other people can read them, too?

Almost EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve gotten a question like this, my answer has been pretty much the same.

Thank you very much! I don’t mind if you want to include my art in your project, but please make sure to credit me as the artist and provide a link back to the original, okay? Can you send me a link once you’re done?

And that is LITERALLY all it takes to avoid pissing off fanartists while still getting to include their art in other aspects of the fandom. And honestly? If done right, fanartists LOVE this, because it helps their work reach audiences they might not get to otherwise, which in turn means they get more of a following. But only when it’s done RIGHT and the fanartists get CREDITED for their work, because otherwise the artist just gets cheated out of hours of effort making something look good. 

This is actually one of the two reasons I ask for the person who requests to use my art to send me a link, since I like to double check that I was credited properly. Though honestly, if people ask first then they usually respect the artist enough that they do so even without being told, but it never hurts to be careful (And plus, there’s the second reason, too. Which is that it makes me super, INDESCRIBABLY happy to see my art inspire other parts of the fandom, like fanfic writers, RP Bloggers, and AMV artists, and I always love to see how the final product turns out).

And it’s because it’s such a simple thing to avoid that artists and even fans who don’t draw but still RESPECT artists and their work get so angry about people who do things like reposting uncredited (stolen) art to tumblr, and then trying to blame the artists for the fact that their work was stolen at all. Because we make ourselves VERY accommodating to those who go through the right channels and ask properly, so if someone doesn’t even have the decency to do that much then you know what? We are well within our rights to get pissed at them. 

And it’s not ‘hate,’ by the way. This isn’t some petty disagreement about a pairing or a character or anything else where two sides might not see eye-to-eye. This is JUSTIFIED anger, because we aren’t stupid and we know that, ultimately, the reposters just don’t care at all about us or our hard work. They don’t think we matter enough to be acknowledged for our work, and that is exactly why we’re pissed, and why we’re going to be pissed every time this issue comes up again.

I know you love seeing all the amazing artwork other fans in the fandom do. I love it, too. And BECAUSE I love it, and because I want them to feel encouraged to keep on making new art, I always make sure to acknowledge them and their talent. I make sure they know that their hard work is APPRECIATED, and that others know they are the ones who created their works.

Because at the end of the day, that’s all they’re asking for. And it’s really not all that much.

I don’t know if you heard but a popular youtuber is doing a playthrough of Dandelion. Cryaotic. I watched the first episode of it, but ughhh jfc. I’m worried. I know the whole premise is kinda weird initially but him and the girl he’s playing with just seem to majorly be making fun of it at this point. And I’m just watching like :| I’m worried it’ll all just be one big huge laugh and end up shitting on the game and just ughhhh.

Here is my biggest issue with this Lets Play. Dandelion does present quite the unbelievable premise, but from an objective standpoint, how is a girl with a bunch of animals that can turn into humans any more or less fictional than the many fantasy games that target a male audience?

Yet unlike those games that seem to garner some basic level of respect from the community, the disparaging remarks against the plot and the characters throughout the course of that Lets Play is ridiculous.

There is one point during the Lets Play where Heejung is laughing at something the animals have done, and self-reflectively thinks, “Ah, when was the last time I laughed like this?”

Dodger’s response?

“God, this girl is so emo!”

Seriously? This is a story about a character that has been emotionally abused from childhood. She was pressured into being the perfect child by her mother, and when she finally decided later in life that she couldn’t fulfill that role, she moved out on her own to pursue art. That is courageous as hell, it’s inspiring, and yet Heejung still has so many emotional problems stemming from her childhood.

Yet the moment we go into flashback mode, it’s all laughs and making fun of it, because there’s no one out there that could possibly relate, right? Offensive is scarcely the appropriate word to convey how disgusted I am that these people thought this appropriate. They did not approach this game with good humor, they started it to make disparaging remarks and further the stigma against female gamers, and games that target a female audience. I don’t care if that was their intention or not, that’s the result of what they are doing.

You give the message that depressed people don’t deserve to be treated with respect, especially when you shit on their pasts. However silly you think it is doesn’t change the fact that it is a serious point of trauma for Heejung, and that she is representative of thousands of people who have experienced emotional abuse in childhood.

Some people might find humor in this video but I think it is absolutely ridiculous. There is nothing funny about abuse, there is nothing funny about poking and prodding a character that is severely mentally scarred and yet moving on DESPITE those mental scars.

I have no problem with humor or humorous lets plays; I’m making some with my partner, but we have never once debased the main character or what she’s been through. Comedy should never be at the expense of other people, even fictional characters when their trauma is based off of REAL people.