repost to fix a gif :)

Just talking to some peeps ;3

(Thank you all those who wished me to get better, the requests will be out soon)

my poor sad boy, infelix

@yellow-lens‘s recent gifs inspired me to do a gif as well, haven’t done one in a while

and this took way too long for just 10 frames

there are some mistakes but i’m too done with this shit to fix them


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rey skywalker, cautious but adventurous mystery-seeker. rey had to take care of herself since she can remember, living in a foster care way station, never picked out. every day until she was eleven, she washed and dressed and fed herself, then walked the miles to school. her paperwork said her parents had dropped her off at the age of four, and despite derision from the facility staff, rey held out hope for their return. one fateful day, soon after her eleventh birthday, she met a runaway foster kid named finn. after the…events that followed, she and finn were placed with a family together. they quickly bonded with their new parents, the skywalkers, and were fully adopted within the year.

rey has a big heart like her brother, but she is not as quick to trust others with it. years of solitude gave her a sturdy shell, and though summer in the mystery shack has been fun, she still has her doubts sharing her affections with anyone other than finn. she feels safer listening to the journal: trust no one…

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