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BTS Reaction to You Not Being in the Mood to Cuddle

Request: nemogirl02 ⇒ Can you do a “BTS reacting to you not being in the mood to cuddle” like you’ve just had a really bad day and you’re not really in the mood to be touched type thing?

Note: Exams have been eating at my soul, all I can do is repost things lol..but one more week of school and I’m free for like 4 months; meaning more gaming (& *whispers* possibly writing) for me! *credit to gif owners*

Jin All you wanted to do was sleep comfortably while being wrapped in a bundle of fluffy blankets alone but the one beside you kept throwing his arm over your torso. No matter how many times you threw it off, the arm kept coming back until you finally had enough. You growled obnoxiously loud, throwing the arm away harshly and Jin immediately gulped. “Keep this up and you’re gonna have to sleep on the couch.”

He began to pout, turning in his spot to face away from you. “All I wanted to do was show you some affection..”

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Suga ➳ He realized how quiet you were being once you got home, and kept pestering you to watch a movie with him until you finally gave in. You were becoming annoyed when not even thirty minutes into the movie, Yoongi started to bother you; trying to pull you into his chest to cuddle no matter how many times you told him no. You roughly pushed him aside, surprising him while he stared towards your annoyed state impassively. “All I wanted was to get away from humans from work but I just had to run into the most annoying one of all.” You hissed, walking towards your bedroom and slamming the door.

Yoongi sighed, yawning and looking back to the TV. “Your loss.”

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J-Hope ➳ You didn’t know what it was and why you blew off on him when you knew all he wanted was to cuddle. You felt a rush of regret run through your veins and as you saw him laying down innocently on the bed with his laptop on his lap you wished you hadn’t been so rude to him. You sulked while walking over to him on the bed, plopping yourself onto it and slowly creeping closer to him before throwing an arm over his chest.

He narrowed his eyes at you, wondering what the sudden change of attitude was. “Oh,” he started, closing his laptop, “so now you want to cuddle?”

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RapMonster ➳ He was having a horrible day and all he could think about was getting into bed and having you in his arms. Little did he know was that you were also having a horrible day and just wanted to be alone. So when he tried to be loving to you and you snapped at him while glaring at the man—he began to get worried at never seeing you behave in that sort of way. He gulped while blinking erratically, giving you a nervous smile to try and calm you. “So,” he said, stepping back just in case you decided to give him an unexpected explosion once again, “are you sure you don’t want to cuddle?”

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Jimin You two went out with some friends to the amusement park, and you felt absolutely exhausted from being forced to ride terrifying rollercoasters that drained all the energy from you. It didn’t help that it was almost midnight, and Jimin forced you and his friends to get into a long line to get on the scariest ride of all. He kept his arm around you to let everyone know you were his, and as he teased you while pushing you around; you growled and threw his arm off you. “Leave me alone.” You spat, being nervous enough as you stared at the high drop of the ride. Jungkook began to laugh at seeing Jimin flustered, slowly inching away from you as you tried to calm your nerves.

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V ➳ You saw the way his shoulders slumped and the was he was slowly dragging himself towards you. You knew you cared about him deeply but at that time you were just tired of Taehyung always wanting affection from you and glueing himself onto you like some kind of child the moment he saw you. “No!” You yelled in defense, going into a karate stance and he groaned, stomping away in defeat to the room. He was locked in there for the rest of the night and when you finally decided to call it a night from the long day, you walked into the room just to find the man sprawled out sexily while he smirked.

“Now are you ready for some Tae cuddles?”

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JungkookHe had never felt so offended in his life. He never gave anyone or offered anyone his cuddles, so when he got home from an exhausted day of work and hugged you whereas you tried to push him away as if he was some type of germ—his hold tightened and he didn’t want to let you go. Eventually you licked his cheek and he pushed you away in disgust, making you snarl under you breath. “Forcing me to do something when I don’t want to is called abuse, get away from me.”

Jungkook clenched his fists and he was fuming. He looked at your small form and wondered who gave you the audacity to deny him. “Do you really want to play this game, love?”

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Hello sweeties! Can you believe I got first place in speech during 5th grade and was chosen to be the one to deliver the graduation speech? I’m nowhere near a professional speaker, but as an anxious jelly bean to another student, here are the things that have worked the best for me ♥

Know your subject well:
If you’re already a nervous person, you need to know your presentation very well so you don’t add more stress to that day. Make sure you know what’s in your slides and anything they might ask. 

Plan your speech:
If you have all the information, the next step is to organize the parts and divide it into understandable sections that you can remember and manage. You can plan an intro, body and ending (at least) so you don’t get lost in your words. 

When we had speech contests, the school gave us time limits, so I had to rehearse and time myself. This helps you avoid talking too little or too much, and most importantly, to practice your words and examples beforehand. 

Your body:
Dress as comfortably as you can without breaking the formal code. Use hand gestures to avoid looking nervous or stiff, just like moving around if you can so you can release some tension. 

Record yourself:
This helps you check your posture, hand gestures, if your voice sounds tired, unmotivated, if you’re talking too fast, or maybe it’s hard to understand your words. If you can, giving your speech to family or friends can help greatly because they’ll be honest and give you feedback you might not have considered.

Before a presentation: 
Sleep well, eat lightly but enough, and use natural foods to relax like green tea, chocolate, chamomile. Use relaxation techniques like breathing, counting backwards, etc. 

*I wrote each one of these personally, so please don’t repost. I hope this helps you, and remember to stay calm and enjoy it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate on messaging me ^_^ © freepic icon

Love, Yumi 💙

White String of Fate || Peter Parker x Reader

I swear I get the inspiration to write for Peter at the most random moments. Why do I love this dude so much w h y

warnings: none; although lets be real Peter would do something like this bc he’s such a nerd (/ω\)

**i apologize for any errors, since I wrote this all on my phone. I’ll fix any mistakes later once I post this**

**dont plagiarize/repost this story lmao it’s not all that great anyways


It was late at night, and you had just completed your evening classes when you began your trek back to your dorm. Feeling too tired to eat anything, you figured you could just treat yourself to a hearty breakfast in the morning.

All you wanted to do was sleep now.

While you were walking, you didn’t think your left ring finger would get caught in a spider’s web, momentarily catching you off guard. You groan and try to free your finger, only to fail miserably. You couldn’t deny the resistance you felt when you tried to pull your finger out of the white material, “What on earth, how??”

Looking down at your left hand, you watch as the durable webbing remained stuck against the back of your finger, already knowing who it was that caught you. With a sigh, you follow the long trail of synthetic webbing and look up to see Peter Parker, your boyfriend of 5 years, settled on top of a tree.

He whistles, tugging at the webbing that connected your ring finger to the webshooter on his wrist, “Would you look at that, the white string of fate has brought us together. We’re soulmates, [Name].”

You smile at your boyfriend’s antics, lovingly caressing at the makeshift string before responding, “You goof, it’s called the red string of fate, not white.”

Peter rolls his eyes and shrugs, “Eh, same difference.” Peter drops down in front of you, jostling the web that still remained on your ring finger. “Regardless, the fact that we’re connected by this string of fate means that we belong together.”

“Peter, you’re so silly.” You ruffle his messy locks of hair with a look of complete adoration in your eyes, “I don’t need a silly string of fate to know that I’m yours. I’m yours because I love you.”

Peter sighs, and you notice the blush that paints his cheeks when he tears his thin web off of your finger, “Then I guess I’ll just need to put something else on your finger that shows that you belong to me.”

You open your mouth, about to question him when you saw Peter get down on one knee. All of the words you wanted to say dies against your throat as a gasp escaped from your lips when Peter tells you, “[Full Name], you are the kindest and most beautiful woman I had ever met. My life with you in it has been made so much better, and I feel like I can do anything as long as you are here beside me.”

You watch with happy tears welling within your eyes when Peter pulls out a black velvet box, showing you the simple yet elegant diamond ring settled within it, “I want to love and protect you for the rest of my life, so [Name], will you marry me?”

“Oh, God- Peter! Yes! Of course I’ll marry you, you lovable nerd!” Your boyfriend (now fiancé) stands up, taking the ring out of the confines of its box before sliding it on your ring finger.

It was the perfect fit.

“Thank you so much, [Name]. You’ve made me the happiest man in the world.” Peter places a gentle kiss against the finger that wore his ring, making your heart swell with even more love for the man standing in front of you.

You laugh as the tears streamed from your eyes, hanging on to Peter when he suddenly picked you up to twirl you around. After a few cycles, Peter stops spinning you around and keeps holding you in his arms bridal style. You felt the droplet of your tears land against his sweater before resting your head against his forehead, absolutely adoring the gentle shade of his brown eyes, “And you have made me the happiest girl in the world.”

Peter kisses the tip of your nose before murmuring the words that made you tremble with immense joy. “Let’s get you home, Mrs. Parker.”


Berries & Blackbirds

If this day reveals itself to me in a poem…

Will I rise (or fall) to meet it?
Will it speak to me in riddles?
Will it whisper in my ear?
Will the words cascade from my tongue, my pen, my heart?
Or will they meander sluggishly through the labyrinth of my mind?

My body, my breath, my soul…

Will I find sunshine or rain today?
Darkness or light?
Silence or music?
Will it be the way you smile a little smile in your sleep?

Or how I suddenly remember you telling me about the red-winged blackbirds yesterday, eating berries from our neighbor’s tree

(There’s a poem there for sure)

If this day reveals itself to me in a poem…

Should I rise to its occasion?

I think, today, I’ll fall
Let it speak to me of love

Azuki Lynn


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parts; (two)

summary: you’re a struggling musician who dropped out of college. when your parents stop paying for your apartment, you end up getting evicted. luckily, you find someone who’s looking for a roommate through a mutual friend: calum.

word count: 1,249

warnings: swearing, mention of cheating

author’s note: track the tag pillows ft calum for updates!! 

It’d been a year since you put up that ‘roommate wanted’ ad on Craigslist and only three people wanted in. A pedophile (He was 63 and wanted to room with a 19-year-old. What the fuck were you supposed to think?), a tooth collector you immediately thought was creepy, and an asshole. You would’ve chosen the asshole, but he irritated you to no end. You couldn’t even stand in the same room without him sending some snarky comment about your posture and about you in general. If he came with stitches in his mouth, you’d be glad to room with him. But he didn’t.

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I couldn’t sleep due to worries after I got hold of the news our beloved fans were waiting in front of the police station in the sweltering heat since a few days ago. I was worried if it was taxing your health? Or did you guys eat? Also, a lot of people came from overseas so I was really touched and happy consecutively. I will not let you guys be lonely from now on so let’s make lost of good time together. Thank you for waiting 1 year and 9 months. See you at the fanmeeting next week ^^ And I will greet you with Super Junior’s album! I’m now extremely happy and sorry! Sleep a lot today since you guys waited overnight^^ Have a good dream I love you. -Police Lee Donghae-

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Je ne pouvais pas dormir à cause des inquiétudes après avoir reçu la nouvelle que nos bien-aimés fans étaient en train d’attendre devant la station de police dans la chaleur étouffante depuis quelques jours. J’étais inquiet si cela taxait vote santé? Ou si vous aviez mangé les gars? Aussi, beaucoup de gens sont venus de l’étranger donc j’étais vraiment touché et heureux consécutivement. Je ne vous laisserai être seuls les gars à partir de maintenant donc créons beaucoup de bon moments ensemble. Merci pour avoir attendu 1 an et 9 mois. On se voit à la rencontre des fans la semaine prochaine ^^ Et je vous saluerai avec l’album de Super Junior! Je maintenant extrêmement heureux et désolé! Dormez beaucoup aujourd’hui puisque vous les gars avez attendu pendant la nuit^^ Ayez un beau rêve je vous aime. -Policier Lee Donghae-


PRONOUNS:        he/him/his/binch.
SEXUALITY:        i literally have no fucking clue what i am???  
TAKEN OR SINGLE:        i wish i was taken,     liam neeson is the shit.

        i put salt on like,    everything i eat?    which is supposedly bad for you but i don’t get that since i’m a living salt mine???    i’m just resupplying myself smfh.
TWO:        i’m always tired.    like always???    like all i wanna do is sleep so you can expect if we’re friends that i’ll complain about wanting to get some shut eye.    sleep is my fuckin’ kink.
THREE:        sometimes when people are talking to me i stop replying.    don’t take it the wrong way,    i love you all it’s just the fact i literally have no idea what the fuck to say or i get to excited that my mind shuts down and i’m so sorry you have to deal with me if you actually manage to befriend me.

HOW LONG (MONTHS/YEARS?):       role-playing for eight years.    yeah man,    i’m legit,    i guess.
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:        started on twitter,    moved up to facebook,    then to shamchat and chatzy,    skype to discord,    cherubplay to tumblr.    started from the bottom now i’m here.
BEST EXPERIENCE:        i’ve only had two bad experiences role-playing so anything that’s happened that isn’t either of those is lit,    fam.

FEMALE OR MALE:        the majority of my muses are male muses but i actually prefer female muses a lot more?    i just have a hard time finding canon female muses i can write for,    if that makes sense?    cause i’m damn sure y’all don’t wanna meet my fuckin’ ocs.
MULTI OR SINGLE:        i cant understand either of these like,    how can you manage more than one muse on a blog?    how can you maintain more than one blog?    what the fuc k ???

FLUFF, ANGST, OR SMUT:         smut???    ew,    that’s gross and i’m ten.    (  i’m not really ten pls chill.  )    fluff and angst are the only things i want in life.    mostly angst,    tho.
PLOTS OR MEMES:        i legit suck at plotting unless it’s just constant yelling so memes are your best bet with me.
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES:        both?    both.    both is good.
BEST TIME TO WRITE:        since i mostly draw icons during the AM,    the majority of my replies come then.    even if i’m not drawing my own icons for blogs then it’s still the AM where i get shit done.    any other time depends if i’m in a good mood or not.
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S):        honey,    if you haven’t known me long enough like some of the people here then you have a shitstorm of fuckery coming your way.    brace yourself.

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Yours [Suga]

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“Yoongi!” I shouted at the sight of the dirty dishes in the sink. They were overflowing and he hadn’t washed them like he promised two days ago.

“What?” He groaned as he stirred in his sleep. 

“Why are the dishes like that?” I walked in his room unimpressed at the man I was dating.

“You aren’t going to do it, why are you complaining? Why are you here anyways?”

“Because you don’t like waking up!” I held up a bag full of food, “I also made your favorite so… make sure you eat it,” my voice transitioned to a softer tone. I set down the bag on his table before walking back into the kitchen.

“I will. You know that,” he opened his eyes and sat up. His black bed hair was wild, but I liked the look.

“Where are you going?” He looked at my outfit. I was just dressed in jeans and a sweater with my brown bag.

“School, where else?” I scoffed as I rolled my eyes, “And I have to take the train.”

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