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Multi-request drawing post.

Fukuzawa [on the birthday one]: “This was better than last year when Ranpo eat the whole cake at the very least.”

Dazai [on the birthday one]: “Kunikida is Rapunzel, ‘cause he has long hair… but his hair is alive, I swear it’s true! I saw it move! I saw it!”

Chuuya [on the drunk one]: “Is this because I slammed you head first into a brick wall…?”

@forensicsfanatic7 [the other two names wouldn’t pop up with the blog titles for some reason. *shrug*]

Just a preview of my colored Snowball drawing in the making! (The full, uncolored version:ツ-but ) I’m still making many adjustments– mainly to El’s dress and because finals and my migraines are eating me alive it may take some to finish. 

But well, there you guys have it!

PS: If any of you see other online accounts reposting my art without giving proper credit to “ashy-le-mashy”, call them out on it and let me know. If this keeps up I may have to reconsider sharing my art online which would be a shame for you and I alike. Thank you for the support, guys!!