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BTS x Hogwarts [1/]

「based on Namjoon’s sorting

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@ddagent created this incredible edit and this fell out of my brain…


“Bill, no!” Kate grabbed the young companion by the shoulders, dragging her away from the Doctor’s crumpled form. Scanning the room for additional threats as Bill struggled in her arms. Only one Dalek, thank god, but one had been more than enough.

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El still wasn’t the best at expressing herself even after having been back in Hawkins for a few years. She found the concept of expressing her emotions, her thoughts, to be difficult. 

 Everyone around her knew so much about feelings, about talking, she felt completely at a loss. Until Will told her about flower language. He explained that flowers have meanings, that they symbolize different things.


 "If I gave you a yellow rose, it stands for friendship. Things like that.“ Will had said to her as he drew one. 

 "So if I wanted to show someone what I thought of them, how I feel, I could use flowers?” She had asked timidly.

 "You could, yes.“

 She couldn’t draw and certainly couldn’t afford so many flowers, so she’d make a list and go from there. 

 "Thanks Will!" 

 She heard him chuckle after her as she raced to her room. 


 She was sat next to Mike on the basement’s couch. Her fingers messing with the folded paper she’d wrote down all of the flowers on. She’d have to leave soon to go back home so she was trying to get up the nerve to give it to him.

 "Are you okay, El?” He asked, his tone as gentle as always. 

 "Yes, I-“

 "El, honey! Joyce is here to pick you up.” Karen hollered from upstairs. 

 "I, um, here.“ 

 She shoved the paper into Mike’s hands and darted up the stairs. Leaving him utterly confused as he unfolded it and began to read. 

 Flowers for Mike; 

 • lisianthus for calming 

 • gladiolus for strength of character 

 • delphinium for boldness 

 • sweet pea for shyness

 • freesia for spirited 

 • yellow rose for friendship

 • pink rose for appreciation 

 • pansy for loving thoughts 

 • peony for healing

 • sunflower for adoration 

 • lilac for first love 

 Flowers are a better way of talking - El 

 Mike grinned and blushed as he read over the list, again and again.


 The next day, El was fidgeting as Mike sat down and handed her a piece of paper. Nervously scratching the back of his neck as she took it from him. 

 She opened it up and was confused to see it was the flower sheet she’d given him, only just yesterday. El glanced down to the bottom to see that he had added something. A soft smile settling on her face. 

 In his own messy handwriting, he’d wrote: 

 apple blossom for promise


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I saw this pink LED shower and got inspired so I drew John taking a pink lit shower in the dark because I thought it’d look nice :p

i’m actually really happy with how this came out and learned a lot of things about anatomy, water, and stuff… so hey it was an experience! hope you guys like this~

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I will no longer be posting fanart.

This was a difficult decision for me to make. Miraculous is the first fandom I was really active in. I’ve met lots of people and made lots of friends and I’m really grateful for all of it. I had lots of fun drawing these kids and coming up with stories for them.

So I apologize to everyone who has supported me until now and to those who have recently started to follow me only for me to quit. I’m not quite sure how active I’ll be on this blog since I’ll no longer be posting fanart so feel free to unfollow me.

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If you’ll look to the left here, you can witness me forcing myself to use different medium. (I dessspise colored pencils ahdifjfgn). Practice makes perfect tho!

I reached the last page of this sketchbook, and went through to color some of my fave linearts that never got colored.

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