repost my own shit

anonymous asked:

all you do is pilfer peoples tweets and repost them. sad

Oh boi okay

1. Your ask motivated me to post a bunch of tweets so thank you for that.

2. Idk man if only there was a way to share with tumblr what I saw on twitter…I guess we’ll never know.

3. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t reposting usually means calming shit as my own? If I copied+pasted the tweet instead of posting a screenshot, that’d be a repost. I have never claimed anything as my own or made it look like it was my own post.

4. There are legit blogs like @onlytwitterpics so fuck off lmao.

Warning: We Have Reached The Part Of The Writing Process Where I Am Rereading Everything I Have Written And Ill Be Re-posting Some Of My Own Shit. It Will Be Tagged As “repost” So Block That If You Must (but pls dont my shit is great you should all be forced to look at it again with me and validate me thats why im even on the internet)

It really is discouraging to find out that after the whole escapade @toatupac keeps doing what he’s doing. It is even more discouraging that we, artists, get treated like shit and get hate for being reasonable angry, for trying to protect our intellectual property.

Do you think those cool images that pop out of nowhere? Guess what, we do not click a button and art happens. It takes our whole lives for this amazing art to happen. It’s work, as much as being a doctor is work. Being an artist involves a lot of learning, and even injuries (carpal tunnel, for example).

And in the end, you defend people who benefit from reposting our artwork because it’s convenient for you to view it on some other website. Well, guess what, we do not create art for YOUR benefit. Reposting art gives us nothing, especially for artists who struggle to provide for themselves. @toatupac reposting my things doesn’t generate profit for himself, yes, but neither it generates profit for me. He takes my thing that I spent time on, spent life on, and gets views on his page, and I get no views on my things, I get no people coming to me, having conversation with me. All I get is some absolute braindead people posting very gross comments under my art in a place where I have no presence, and it is heartbreaking.

Artists share art because we want to, it is our right to showcase our artwork. especially for whom it is a source of income. I demonstrate my work to attract potential commissioners, so I might pay my bills and won’t have to starve this month.

So right now, I am deciding to cease posting my art online. Some of you might think it’s defeatist of me, and yes, you might be right. But if I lost this battle, in the end, I win the war. You know why? If I won’t post anything, he won’t have anything to repost. And if more artists decide that, you know, we just won’t post art anymore, then where he is going to get this content? From his ass?

I don’t think so. Watch me pull down every artwork I posted on the internet and have absolutely no art for you to repost. What are you going to do next? Oh, maybe you should start drawing yourself? So I can repost your shit and claim it as my own so you can have a taste of how it feels.

Alright people, lets get something settled
  • If you request a set from me without knowing that I don’t take requests, I will not be mad.  Just because I don’t take requests doesn’t mean that your suggestion wont spark my interest and I wont try to do something with it.  Just don’t expect me to do every little thing that comes in my inbox, because that gets tiring really quickly
  • If you use my stuff as reactions for roleplaying or for general use, I will not get mad, and there’s no need to credit me for anything since that’s why I put my URL on everything.  It’s always really fun to see my gifs used as reactions for RPers, and I even make gifs specifically for RPers if people ask.
  • If you use my stuff for your blog for sidebars or something, I will not get mad.  You don’t have to tell me you’re using it, but it’s always nice to know because I like looking at that kind of stuff and like knowing how your blog looks.
  • If you get inspired by something I make and try to make something based off of it, whether it be an edit or a fanfiction, I will not be mad.  In fact if you don’t show me I’ll be really upset.
  • But if you repost any of my shit and try knocking it off as your own I swear you will have me so fucking livid that I will literally avoid making shit for like a week just so I don’t have to deal with reposters