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I HAVE A QUESTION. Do you have an image of just the 'It's the anxiety' frame of one of your comics? I'm not sure what it is, but I swear, I need it to just send to people when they don't get that concept. ._.

here you go!


welp, there it is

At everyone reblogging stuff from reposters- Please stop. It doesn’t support the artists themselves. Find the sources, if there aren’t any then please report the reposter. I follow many, mainly non-English-speaking, artists on twitter and it hurts me to see how many of their stuff is reposted on tumblr with caption “credits to the artist :)”.

For the kagehina fandom- @animeteenwolflover reposts stuff from twitter/google (there also were some posts with yoi, but I think those are official art?) and I already contacted the artist about it. This is the art they reposted without permission and with no source 

and this is the original art from twitter 

Please go support the artist, not reposter.

I already reported many reposters on the kagehina tag only