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memedreams83  asked:

your posts are even being tagged as "sensitive content" which is beyond me cause ????

Ugh this again. Basically all of tumblr is a shitfest and whenever you upload an animal video there is for some reason a 50/50 chance it’ll be marked as explicit. Most of the time when it happens, it’s easier to just delete it and repost, because appealing takes forever. WHY it’s like this I have no idea.

Am I being flagged for swearing? Or talking about weed and medications? Or reblogging posts about periods? Who fucking knows, @staff clearly don’t know OR CARE AT ALL

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

Do not repost. Reblogs are appreciated.

Took me a while to figure out how to use color to make this look very splatoon-ish, I learned so many things! great color practice imo 

Stay fresh!!!


Hey, you didn’t have to walk me home. Uh, there’s a killer on the loose. Remember? Besides, isn’t this what … you know? …… what … people like … us who have gone through what we’ve gone through do? … What is it? I mean, besides everything. [She wouldn’t of run away if it wasn’t for me, Jug.]

flexible foxible

  • Sirius: Pick one, between me, James, Peter, and Lily. If you had to - if you had to - who would you punch?
  • Remus: No one, they’re my friends, I wouldn’t punch any of them.
  • Sirius: Peter?
  • Remus: Yeah, but I don’t know why.