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Rift Movement, Lecture One

On the first day of class, Jack stood at the front of his classroom, watching his students file in. Once the last of them had filed in, he waved his hand toward the door and it shut.

“Alright class,” he began, “Rifts in space and time can be found in many places across the world. Most of the time, the Rifts are fairly inactive, only spewing out objects on occasion. Generally, the objects are harmless and are safe to Muggles and magical beings alike. Every so often, a retrieval team of Time Manipulators will have to go out into the field to obtain the object before anyone can get hurt.” Jack paused to take a breath and point out some objects that he had projected.

“However, that’s for a later class. Today’s lecture is over a Rift itself.” He swapped out the pictures for new ones.

“The Rift in Cardiff, Wales is perhaps the most well known of all of the Rifts. It’s important enough to have a team of Time Manipulators constantly guarding over it. This Rift is important, mostly because of how long it has stayed in once place. Where most will pop up and disappear over the course of several days, this particular Rift has been in place for a little more than a century. No one is actually certain why this is, only that it has stayed.” Jack threw up some pictures of the Rift monitoring station placed in Cardiff.

“There are a large number of artifacts from the Rift in the Ministry. Most of them are harmless, as said before, but there are some that are quite dangerous.

"Do any of you have any questions?”