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“When we say ‘I love you’… Ooouh!” - Laurent.

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The og artist for the reposted nsfw chocobros is actually Maorenc and he's got a insta- kudos to my friend for finding him cause we were all trying to find the artist in our chat cause I can't with people that repost without crediting

Like… artists really need the cash to continue gifting us with their talent. And if you want the good stuff, ya gotta pay for it just like anyone else. I know the fandom can be thirsty asf (and boy those were some nice pictures ITELLYAWHUT), but it doesn’t justify stealing the art to sate it. I wish more people thought of that before uploading someone’s exclusive art.

In some ways I know to a certain extent that artists expect this kind of thing to happen, but I don’t wanna inadvertently perpetuate that with a reblog. It doesn’t erase the fact that someone still has it uploaded but I can do my part to not be that kind of problematic.

I’ll just be other kinds of problematic instead. Like writing trash fics and openly thirsting over a variety of fictional characters, LOL

Becky wins MiTB, Naomi loses the Women’s Title

Since they are redoing both matches next week, it’d be pretty wasteful if we had the same endings.

—–> Reposting myself cause Smackdown is on & cause I can <——

  • Rusev costs Naomi the Title - I’d have Naomi lose to Lana because Rusev’s entrance pops and Lana rolls up Naomi.
  • Secret Service Rusev - Rusev’s new gimmick is being Lana’s secret service bodyguard protecting against the against the MiTB winner. He has the whole suit, earpiece, sunglasses, it will be adorable.
  • Becky Lynch wins Money in The Bank - She wins it straight up, good moment, big pop
  • Carmella’s Vendetta - Carmella focuses all her hate and resentment toward the new Money in the Bank winner Becky Lynch. She tries to ruin any cash in or title opportunity Becky has.
  • Naomi gets her Rematch - Naomi’s rematch is ultimately a failure maybe because of either Rusev interference or a heel tactic.
  • Naomi vs. Natalya - Natalya throws it in her face that Naomi kept giving Lana title opportunities and it blew up in her face due to her overconfidence. (Doesn’t need to be Natalya but I don’t see Tamina fitting this role and Charlotte a face I think)

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multiple triggers ///

bold any fears that apply to your muse!! italicize what makes them uncomfortable!! (and add your own if they aren’t listed)

the dark | fire | open water (sea/ocean) |  deep water | being alone | crowded/enclosed spaces(agoraphobia) | confined spaces (claustrophobia) | change | failure | war | being controlled/lack of free will | imprisonment | blood | drowning | suffocation | public speaking | natural animals (any kind) | supernatural monster/animals (any kind) | heights | death/dying | intimacy | rejection | abandonment | the unknown | the future | not being good enough | scary stories | talking to new people | poverty | loud noises | being touched | powerlessness


fangirl challenge: [2/?] actresses → sophie turner

Getting Game of Thrones was amazing. I was 13, on holiday in France, and my mum woke me up saying, “Morning Sansa!” I burst out crying and jumped in the pool.


“I’m made of glass, Jongin. I get broken even with the smallest rock that hits me.”

Kai looks at the ground, nodding faintly. He knows that Krystal is broken and that he has no chance to get her back. He needs to accept the fact that she’ll never call him koala ever again. So he just sighs,

“I can’t ask you to stay after all the things I’ve put you through.”

Just This Once || OPEN

It was a long day, a long life really. Gwen was finally in New York after being away for eight years, really was it eight years? First wonderful then down the hill eight years. She had a difficult day and she had enough, someone at work welcomed her with a bottle of whiskey and it was time to drink it. It was too difficult of a night, already breaking the vow to herself to never drink as an outlet. Isn’t that what wrecked her marriage? Why she and her daughter had such miserable lives? Her ex husband was an abusive alcoholic, both Gwen and her daughter had scars, physical and mental. Gwen vowed to herself she’d never go down the path her exhusband did, the path that ruined her and her daughter’s life. But there she was, quietly singing along to the song on the radio dancing bottle of whiskey on her hand.

The slow song matching her drunken movements, slow and quiet. Mostly as to not awaken her seven-year-old fast asleep. The last thing Gwen would want to do would be to wake her and find her mother under the influence. The little girl was afraid of a simple beer bottle thinking it could turn anyone into a monster. Still, Gwen slowly and quietly sang along to the quiet radio sipping on her bottle of whiskey, just this once to drink away the stress of her past life, and her new. There was a knock on the door, Gwen paused confused. She went to the door opening it. “What do you want?” She asked sounding irritated, bottle of whiskey still in hand the radio playing quietly in the back.