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Eve and Persephone met,
and it was the dynamic duo of the century.

Eve and the apple that cursed so much like
Snow White’s fairy tale, only there was no
prince on a white horse here. There was just
a bite mark in the shape of a heart. A loose
tooth breaking free, falling to the ground,
leaving Eve with a bloody mouth and a taste
that could only be mistaken for freedom.

Persephone and her pomegranate, the juice
down her chin, how easily it could have been
mistaken for the fresh blood of an animal.
Instead of breadcrumbs, she tossed the
pigeons seeds, bloated them full of sticky

The men were the saints,
and these women were our sinners.

God was all man.
The angels, the adoring fans,
they were our girls. If you did
wrong, your wings were robbed in
your sleep. This was what we were
told to worship.

Eve said, “He gave me a mind of my own
but never meant for me to think for myself.
My appetite could not even be my own.”

Persephone said, “I was just a little girl.
He grabbed me from behind and they all
said I should love him because he’s a God.”

Eve and Persephone said,
“They told me I was just a girl,
nothing Godly about that.
I wanted to know why I couldn’t be both.”

Eve and Persephone met,
and nobody was ready for what happened next.
—  Eve and Persephone: The Birth of Witchcraft, angelea l.

I think may have found the most beautiful Overwatch edit


I was given permission to repost these from @poisonjabs @poisonjabz himself. As a repost, none of the art here belongs to me, only the character. The art was all done by @poisonjabs @poisonjabz

I commissioned @poisonjabs to draw my babu Hunter and…AAAA!?! He just made my bab so well!! So damn cute and sassy! He just made Hunter so accurately! I urge you all to check out his pages and commission him if you can! His commission information is riiiiiiiight…here!


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We are united in that we are all human beings and we are all together on this horrible painful, joyous exciting and mysterious ride that is being alive.