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Lance wanted to be useful. 

While the team tried to come up with a plan, the Blue Paladin sneaked away. The Princess was far too important to give up, but Lance?

He was the seventh wheel.

Lotor was not pleased.

Ya’ll I don’t know where this came from i just had his idea of lance disguising himself as allura because hey “i could pass as her long enough for the others to get to safety, so no brainer” and then lotor finds out and is LIVID and eh maybe ill draw more??? And lets assume that lance can mimic allura well enough, i mean seriously the boy is VA’d by Jeremy Shada he has the vocal range.


Hiraeth (n) Homesickness, or an intense longing for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

Or the one where Jason angsts a lot over Bruce’s father skills and ends up volunteering himself to carry a sleeping Damian to bed.

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It’s a private moment, so intimate that Bruce’s not even willing to share it with the sleeping child he’s holding in his arms, not really. Because Damian won’t know about any of this. Won’t know about the kisses and the caresses, and the gentle nuzzles, and the careful way his father holds him against his chest, the protectiveness in his eyes, the little smile on his lips while he watches him sleep.

It’s a private moment, and definitely not something meant for Jason to see, but being in the wrong place at the wrong time is kinda the story of Jason’s life, and so here he is, standing in the dark hallway of a house where he doesn’t belong anymore, watching a father that he lost a lifetime ago holding a brother that he can’t really claim as his own.

And it hurts.

It hurts even if it’s unfair on his part, because Damian deserves this, deserves a father that holds and cuddles and cherishes him, and yeah, it would do a lot more good to both of them if said father did all of that while Damian was awake, but Jason thinks they’re getting there. It only took four fucked up sons and the death of two of them, but they’re getting there. And just because it’s too late for him (and for Dick, and for Tim) it doesn’t mean that Damian shouldn’t have it.

As a matter of fact, Jason’s all for giving the brat all of it: a caring father, an adoring older brother, a dysfunctional family ready to go to hell and back in order to bring him home. Because Jason may not be good at this family thing – like, at all – but he wants to watch Damian grow up too, possibly a little less fucked up than the rest of them – although that may be asking for too much, given the kid’s family, himself included.

So yeah, he doesn’t resent Damian one bit for this, yet it still hurts.

It hurts even if it shouldn’t, because Bruce is almost nothing to him now. Gone are the days when he thought of him as a father, gone is the burning anger, and even the betrayal. Jason doesn’t know what’s left of them nowadays, but whatever it is, it shouldn’t be enough to make something inside his stomach turn into stone. It shouldn’t be enough to make him feel like this.

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