it’s confirmed that mimh is still in fact a sasaeng n like i understand that she takes good photos but i don’t appreciate that kind of behaviour under any circumstance taking good pictures is not a good enough reason to excuse someone of such disgusting behaviour n even when it was ‘cleared’ that she wasn’t one idk why some thought it was okay to excuse her from being rude to jaehyun at a fan sign event n several other members on several other occasions
in an ideal world everyone would stop reposting her photos n stop supporting her bc that just encourages her behaviour

A You.

i need a You tonight

two strong arms

holding me

i need a You tonight

to fend of the fear

my mind tricks me into
i need a You tonight

let me relax

in two strong arms

around me

i need a You tonight

so secure

to hear another’s heart

and breath

and warmth
yeah i need a You tonight

but probably also tomorrow

so i can find peace

when sleeping
come to me baby

come to me

and stay

The first time Snape realized he was being manipulated, he was seven years old, and being goaded by his father. In his seven year old brain, albeit, a very very smart seven year old brain, he understood that what he was being told to do didn’t align with the negative consequences if he did it. It made him seethe with rage, knowing that he lost whichever move he made.

The first time Snape realized that being manipulated wasn’t a bad thing if you didn’t mind the outcome, some kids from Spinner’s End were sitting in a smallish circle on the dead grass, and Petunia, with a glint in her eye that didn’t fit with her pretty face, dared her sister to kiss the freak. He won, that day, at the age of eleven, even though she’d intended for him to lose.

The first time Snape ignored the fact that he was being manipulated, he was aware that Avery and Nott from the train were not being entirely truthful about the source of magic in a person, but they offered him a place at the long, scary Slytherin table and he was in no place not to take it.

The first time Snape lost control without thinking about the consequences of his actions, without thinking about the desired response from the boys manipulating him, he lost the thing he loved the most in the entire world. He vowed never to do it again. Vowed to examine every interaction for the source of desire, for a winner and a loser, for a long-term game.

The first time Snape needed to let himself be manipulated, was also the first time he ever manipulated someone else on purpose. He groveled, he lied, he cried, he fought, he gave up every scrap of dignity but nothing of his brain. Nothing of his love.

Even his death, even the most human moment of his life, even the moments he felt the most surrounded and doomed by the lifelong love of a woman he never got to gaze at the way he gazed up at her eyes  now - even that was not on his own terms. The last manipulation.

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Looking for new blogs to follow!

So I’m trying to get back in the groove of things after that hiatus and well to be entirely honestly my dash is less than appealing to me at the moment. I’m not asking for followbacks or anything but I’d like to follow blogs that regularly post about the following subjects. Feel free to suggest blogs other than your own if you know any.

🔮 Space Magic

🔮 Storm Magic

🔮 Death Magic

🔮 Astrology

🔮 Norse Mythology

🔮 Covens/Cults

🔮 Rune Divination

One minor note I’d like to add. In the Witchblr community in general there are many common views I heavily disagree with. Now I won’t give anyone shit for it obviously but if you post about them frequently I probably won’t follow you. No offense to you but seeing some of this stuff is just stressful and/or irritating to me and is the main reason I went on hiatus.