Amsterdam anti-PEGIDA protest report back. Reportback in Dutch from Laat ze niet lopen [here]. Photo by Romy Fernandez.

Another successful anti-PEGIDA protest in the Netherlands today. The day started with the friendly anti-demonstration at an earlier time and a different spot than the PEGIDA demonstration, with about a thousand attendees listening to music and speeches by several organizations and politicians. 

Afterwards many of those present there went to the location of the PEGIDA demo, where they were joined by other antifascists who weren’t that interested in the politicians’ speeches. Turns out the original place PEGIDA had been appointed to use had been closed off because of a suspicious package (which turned out to contain some fireworks), so they had to make do with a small spot on the other side of the building. In this new spot the antifascists could get quite close to them and after a large group of antifascists almost broke through police lines the racists were forced away from the small backup square and onto a bridge. There the around 200 racists, including a large number of imported nazis from Germany, Poland and Belgium stood around for about an hour and a half, before being herded into buses by the cops because they couldn’t guarantee their safety.

There were a number of arrests (around 20) of antifascists and many people hit by the cops, who charged into the counter protest on horseback.

So in the end the antifascists held a nice rally and outnumbered the fascists by a large number, while the fascists had to move their rally to a different place, had to be moved from there for their safety as well, couldn’t hold their speeches because they had to leave their PA system behind, and were bused off more than an hour earlier than they had planned to end their demonstration.

The New Yorker Festival 2011 - 10.1.11

The New Yorker Festival (10.1.11) - SVA Theatre 2 - New York City

Chris appeared at the 2011 New Yorker Festival in NYC and was interviewed by Susan Morrison.  The appearance was the morning after the 3.05 “Scandals” filming.  

The interview included quotes and comments about acting, writing, Glee, his book series, his upcoming film Struck By Lightning, bullying, and Darren.

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Real Madrid 6-0 Espanyol (January 31, 2016) | La Liga, MD22
- previously (La Liga, MD21)

- Benzema 7′ (assist: James)
- Ronaldo 12′ p | 45′ | 82′ (assist: Jesé)
- Duarte 86′ og

Match report
- Highlights: {1} {2} {3}
- Cuatro: {1} {2} {3} {4}
- El Día Después: {}
- Photos: AS | Zimbio
- Disciplinary: Casemiro (yellow)

- Zidane {}
- Jesé, Varane {}
- Ronaldo {1} {2}
- Ramos {}, Carvajal {1} {2}

- 29 La Liga hat-tricks for Ronaldo; 5th perfect in his career {}
- Benzema level with Amancio at #10 in RM’s all-time top scorers (155 goals); his best {}
- Both Zidane and Benítez had 3W 1D records in their 1st 4 games
- Benzema only 3 goals away from his best Liga tally from 11/12 (21 goals)
- Ronaldo is joint top scorer in the league with 19 goals
- Jesé is Zizou’s 12th man (played in all 4 games under this coach)
- James plays 1st full match since Dec 13
- Isco is player who runs most under Zidane
- 5 last home games: 5W, 5.4 goals/game
- Benzema has opened the score in more games than any other Liga player this season (7)
- Ronaldo has scored more penalties (7) than any other player in the league this season
- James has been involved in more Liga games than any other midfielder this season (4G, 6A)
- Ronaldo only player this century to score 8 on the same league opponent in the same season
- Zidane’s RM on track to beating Mourinho’s 121-goal record
- Modrić with 89% pass completion in the opposite half, more than any other La Liga player
- Roberto Carlos was present in the president’s box

Next trainings: Feb 3 | Feb 4 | Feb 5 | Feb 6
Next match: La Liga vs Granada 🛩 - Sun, Feb 7 at 8:30pm CET (MD23)


12/6/2016 Daily Report

Overall, today went really well:

  • I got the light fixtures in my kitchen switched over to LED with minimal difficulty.
  • I got my pretty xmas LED lights put up inside that plastic covering also, which looks super cool!
  • I made some progress on my year-end book work
  • I went to the mall and walked around so I could get my 10k steps
  • I walked around my house while I was on the phone also, so fitbit gave me credit for 2 walks today. Yes – I walk pretty fast when I’m on the phone actually, just round and round the living room, dining room, and family room.
  • I didn’t count either of those toward Walking to Mordor though.
  • It’s been rainy and cold and horrible outside today, thus the mall walk.
  • It’s supposed to be cold and windy tomorrow, but hoping for some sun so I can get a walk outside.
  • I watched 2 episodes of Supernatural tonight; that brings me to Episode #3. haha! Long way to go, but that’s fine. Don’t want to really get caught up and have to wait for new seasons or anything! I think they are still making new ones … right?
  • When I was at the store today, one cashier said to another, “I just found out that sports thing is tomorrow.”  YES! THAT ‘SPORTS THING’ IS TOMORROW!  Go Broncos!

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hallo everyone!! good  morning!! ive actually been up for quiet a while tho lmao my computer is broken and its rly annoying but i should get it sorted this morning and then i might do     productive things “”” see u all later !!