Italian Institute con write-up, part 5

Between ourselves, @rebelqueenss and I covered all things Dom & Matt on Saturday, July 15. I’ll try not to read into things but only post what I saw and heard to the best of my recollection.

Full disclosure: I’m focusing on Sherdario / Jalec, since that’s what I pay attention to .*g*

Saturday: Sherdario Meet & Greet

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prodigious-poser  asked:

How will you handle people misgendering other users?

It depends! If it’s something accidental (ie, they hadn’t checked the blog of the person they misgendered, or they made a genuine slip-up because of a recent pronoun change), we would ask for patience. It took some of my irl acquaintances several months to get used to new pronouns!

If, however, they’re being malicious (ie, “I’m not calling you a girl because you’ll never be one” or “you’re a fucking snowflake and I’m going to call you a chick” or “pick real pronouns”), you can report them!

littleacecutie  asked:

will you be allowing ace exclusionists to post their "discourse" on your site? also how would you guys deal with people posting hate in positivity tags?

If they post something that breaches our TOS, report it! If someone posts hate in a positivity tag, report it!

We’re relying on users reporting problems so that we can handle them.

Riot Report #2

Seriously, I love this idea if you haven’t noticed. Like. So much. So here is Riot Report #2!! :D

Issue #1

“You were right in the fray, is that right?”

Your editor stood behind your chair, his reflection evident in the screen of your computer, making it impossible to ignore him. He crossed his arms and watched as your facial expression fell. “Yes,” you answered.

“And yet?”

You turned your chair around to face him. “I had a picture. I did. But I also used my camera to make sure I didn’t die, you know,” you said. Your editor leaned into your space, the tuna from his lunch clinging to his breath. You pressed your back into your chair.

“Do you think the reporters over in America give those kinds of excuses? They’re in the shit all the time!!” You repressed a sigh as he leaned away, huffing. “Get that Red Riot piece on my desk by Friday or I’m reassigning you!”

You whirled around in your seat and focused on your word document, squeezing your eyes shut. The rest of the day passed in a frustrated blur as you struggled to type up something that resembled an article about Red Riot. When the clock struck seven, you decided to call it a night. Gathering up your work, you shoved it all into your bag and proceeded out the door, nose buried in the notes you had taken about your experience with the hero.

And ran right into a ginger delivery boy.

You swore as you dropped to the ground, gathering up the materials you had knocked out of his hand. “I am so sorry,” you exclaimed, “I wasn’t even paying attention!”

“No no, it’s okay!” You glanced up. He had a hat tugged low over his face, bright red bangs hanging in his eyes. His mouth was tilted up in a sheepish grin to show off fantastically pointed teeth. He tilted his head in such a way that you couldn’t completely see his face. He held out your notebook. “You doin’ a Red Riot piece?” he asked.

You took the notebook gingerly, looking down at the big block letters across the front of the notebook in silver sharpie: Red Riot Notes, with your name in very clear letters underneath it. You looked back up at the man as he stood and climbed to your feet. “Uh, yeah,” you answered. You puffed your cheeks at your own dumb response. You shoved your other hand out at him, holding the envelopes he had dropped. “Little late for a delivery, huh?” you asked.

He shrugged, large shoulders straining against the thin material of a wind breaker. “Few hero offices wanted me to swing some stuff by, give me a little extra pay. No big deal, ya know?”

You nodded and a smile crawled across your face. “Well…” Adjusting your bag on your shoulder, you gave him a small wave, “Good luck with that then. Have a good night.”

As you started to walk away, you heard him turn. “Hey, you were at that fight, weren’t you?” he asked. You looked back at him, pausing at the curb. “Red Riot and that villain. Uh…”

“Some small timer, I don’t even remember his name either,” you interjected. You nodded, though, and he tilted his head up a little more, lips twisting in a frown.

“Are you okay? I was uh…I was watching the fight from the crowd and you were taken to an ambulance weren’t you?” he asked. You nodded. “So are you doin’ okay?”

Your chest tightened as you remembered the feel of the villain’s arm around your waist, his fingers over your throat. Swallowing a lump, you attempted to smile. “I’m in one piece. And I got to see Red Riot up close.” You flopped your hand against your thigh, letting the notebook flap against you. “So…good notes. Anything for good material, am I right?” The boy was silent. You turned away and started to cross the street. “Anyway. Have a good night.”

“You too…” he called after you. He took another step away from the door and cupped a hand around his mouth. “And be careful!” You lifted your hand to acknowledge his statement and disappeared into the evening crowd. As he watched you go, he rubbed the scar above his eye. “Be careful,” he repeated to himself. He backed up and pushed open the door of the building.

anonymous asked:

Let's say we are getting anon hate... But, being desensitized, I treat it just like below average anons and I don't even think of reporting them (unless they got extreme with various threats). Would someone else be able to report the anons on my account to be investigated? And, would my not reporting them, cause me to face some sort of punishment?

If you publish them, anyone can report them! Your inaction won’t be an issue, but if you use it to vague (ie “I know who this is and you’re still an ugly scumbag”) or to try and apply vigilante justice (ie “your ip address is ____”), you could be reported!

If you don’t want to deal with hate at all, blocking works!

07.06.2017 Gara (MERRY) 第二回 自作自演 @ Tokyo Kinema Club [Part Two]

The second part of Gara’s birthday event! This show was mostly covers of Merry songs in a harder, metal style, with a couple covers. We’ve already had Asada Hell so the theme this time was Asada Heaven.

Setlist and a bullet pointed list of happenings below!

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Apparently someone on twitter (using the handle puradiosa) is claiming to be me and is saying hurtful things. That isn’t me. I do not have a twitter and don’t know the person behind the account. If anyone has information on this (the account is private so I can’t see what’s being said) or knows of a way I can have the account reviewed, I’d really appreciate it!

anonymous asked:

If someone does report stolen artwork as a third party rather than the artist, will the original artist be informed on the situation?

Yep! We’ll try our best to reach out (especially if they’re offsite) so that they’re aware of the situation, especially since it might be something that they approved of or a secret secondary account!