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Meet Raheem, a Facebook Messenger chat bot who wants your help to keep tabs on police

At any time of day, no matter what happens between you and a police officer, Raheem wants to know about it. Raheem never sleeps. Raheem is a Facebook Messenger chat bot that will gather and map out interactions with police across the country; it just entered beta testing and is looking for a few thousand helping hands. Raheem’s creator, Brandon Anderson, eventually wants to use reports from thousands of users to build a people’s map of police behavior. Using Raheem is super easy.

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Herbs for Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon in which the body rests but the mind does not. In other words, you dream, but you are aware of that fact. Through this, dreams can be manipulated, and with practise, even controlled. Lucid dreaming can be achieved through several different methods, but I find that the best way it is done is with the use of herbs.

Herbs for lucid dreaming:

Calea Zacatechichi: Likely the most well known herb for dreaming, the Mexican Dream Herb brings about clearer, more wild dreams. A feeling of well-being accompanies after drinking tea, infusion, tincture, or smoking, as well as a clearer head the next day. Keeping an intention in mind is helpful when using this herb as you fall asleep. It is often used in ritual to meet spirit guides in dreams, too!

Mugwort: This is my favourite dreaming herb. It has been and is used in many different cultures for lucid and prophetic dreams and astral travel. Some users report having darker dreams that reveal hidden insights and core wounds, helping them to find closure. It helps you enter and stay for long periods of time in a conscious dream state and promotes REM sleep. It also brings more brilliant and longer dreams!

Heimia Salicifolia: Sun Opener Herb is another name for this powerful dream/sleep herb. It is known widely for enhancing memories as you dream and was regarded as scared by the Aztecs for this. It also causes yellowing of the vision, prophetic visions during sleep, and altered acoustic perception. Other effects include a feeling of well-being, heavy feeling limbs, floating thoughts, calmness, relaxation, and reduced pain. Some people have used this herb for a mild high*, though it is nonaddictive. 

Celastrus Paniculatus: The herb commonly known as Intellect Tree is regarded in India as a sacred medicine for memory enhancement and therefore helps with dream recall. Take it in conjunction with other dream herbs so you remember your experience more sharply. 

Salene Capenis: Also known as Xhosa Dream Root, its roots are traditionally used by shamans to promote lucid dream states in healers and other shamans during initiation ceremonies. It is noted as a “teaching plant” that is considered highly sacred.

Nymphaea Caerulea: This is another nonaddictive herb that is used often times for a mild high*. It promotes a deeper and more restful sleep, better dream recall, and more intense visual imagery during dreams. This herb is typically consumed in teas, elixir extracts, or by smoking it.

Asparagus Racemoses: Tian Man Dong is known well for spirit alignment. Known also as ‘Shatawari’, ‘Wild Asparagus Root’, ‘The Flying Herb’,  and ‘Heavenly Spirit Herb’ this delicate white flower is said to open the heart and cause dreams about things upon the heart and soul. The Chinese say it effective to help one fly through the universe at night, achieving magnificent dreams and moving in alignment with the spirit

Entada Rheedii: Or more commonly, African Dream bean, is traditionally used in African medicine to induce vivid dreams and enable communication with the spirit world. Entada facilitates entry into the dream world, and promotes increased REM awareness. This makes it easier for the sleeper to realise that they are dreaming and thus gives them an edge in achieving lucidity. This herb contains several active compounds, essential oils and alkaloids.

The Wiccan’s Glossary

[!] Important

So listen up because this is really stinking important. I NEVER make these types of posts but this is 100% calls for it. THIS^^ not okay by any means what so ever. To put it in short, this author has decided to write a story in which Jimin is an Adult and Jungkook is a child. This author is normalizing and romanticizing an inappropriate relationship between an adult an a kid for goodness sake. Inserting Jimin’s inappropriate thoughts and closeness to Jungkook–it makes me sick. Not to mention this is straight up tagged Pedophilia and Child Abuse. Child abuse is an extremely serious topic not to be normalized or romanticized by any means, especially with so many children out there suffering from this kind of abuse. Now its turn into a fanfic for people’s enjoyment? This is disgusting. 

Not to mention that it brings the creeps out: 

Please guys, report this user/fic immediately because this just can’t happen. It can’t. You can report users at this link:

Update: Ao3, unfortunately, was made for this type of content. With that being said, reporting will not do anything. So this serves as a warning that this type of content is out there. I’m sorry, but no matter how many reports are sent in, nothing will happen. Just spread the awareness. 

Twitter Peeps

If anyone is on Twitter, please report the user @NotURGuru. 

The vile tweets this person is sending to both Sam and Cait are unacceptable, calling Sam a soul sucking narcissist, a fame whore, sayin he is using MPC for fame & is robbing ppl’s money…this troll is sending these tweets to Sam, MPC & Bloodwise…..there’s worse stuff being said but I don’t want to repeat it here. And with Cait same thing, sending her tweets saying she needs botox, tagging the Golden Globes, Outlander Starz & Gold Derby saying she’s a cow & a bully….they seem to be on a rampage over the last couple of days and its disgusting behaviour, report it if you can & lets hope none of the parties saw any of the gross tweets amongst all the lovely positive ones!!

I know none of it is true but ppl can’t go through life thinking this kind of behaviour is ok and acceptable.  

While I was at PiiPoo 2016 (a lego event in Finland), I got interviewed about my lego hobby. =D

Roots of how this happened was that a reporter asked my Lego User Group (LUG) for builders who happened to be engineers. I was the only one who fit the bill, so this happened.

Here’s a rough translation by me =]

Stories give birth to lego creations

The construction series inspires to create new creatures and whole worlds.

Strange things are happening at a distant island. The sun isn’t rising and nature with its animals has fallen in slumber. The island’s guardians have vanished. The dream warden begins to roam the island, investigating what has happened. Strange creatures lurk in the darkness.

Mysterious creatures are the information and communication technology student Jesse Åhlgren’s creations. He creates using Bionicle and Hero Factory parts characters, each of which contribute a chapter to a story.

Warden’s Diary-story with its pictures is readable at a lego builder’s online gallery. Åhlgren is known there as Monarth the Contrarian.

Uniqueness mesmerised

Constructing took Åhlgren along already at childhood, when he began collecting Bionicle figures. They form a Lego-series, of which shapes and connection methods differ from normal bricks. They have a lot of differently shaped pieces and moving joints.

-”I got addicted into how unique the figures looked like.”

When the figures were many, Åhlgren began disassembling and constructing new figures from the parts. At the same time own stories were created.

-”That was the idea behind the original Bionicle series. It had very large and complex universe, that gave enough material so that people could make their own characters.”

The characters have different abilities and weapons. They also have individual personalities and their own mission on the island.

“Inventing a story helps creating a character. When you know in what kind of environment the character lives in, you’ll know what kind of properties he’ll need.”

Online gallery unites

There many lego builder communities on the internet. Åhlgren administrates the Bionicle Mocers League gallery that has hundreds of enthusiasts.

-”You get constructive feedback from other builders. You can talk about techniques and improve creations over time.”

Åhlgren takes his pictures in his childhood home using a studio box specifically bought for that purpose.

When the studio and legos are at the childhood home, it is easy to separate the time between the hobby and studying. Åhlgren would like to change his studies to game industry however.

-”In that industry building and creating stories could prove useful.”

On top internet, Åhlgren likes to meet enthusiasts face to face. That’s why he participated in the building event arranged in october by the lego store PiiPoo. In addition to him present in Espoo’s Otahalli there were two other Bionicle enthusiasts. Åhlgren knows two others from Finland who were not present.

-”It would be great to find more of them.”


Reddit user willng reports that her grandmother asked her classmates to sign her graduation portrait (Class of 1956). One student wrote missing after his name. He disappeared the next day and nobody saw him ever again. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! If its not too much to ask, could you possibly ask your followers to report twitter user pjmjiminist b/c she is posting horrible things about other groups and just being really shitty tbh and with bts comeback the last thing anybody wants is for ppl to find more reasons to shit on bts/armys.

guys please report twitter user @pjmjiminist !! we as a fandom dont need armys like that to prove other fandoms point!! we arent all bitter and petty so dont let people like that spread shit!!!

anonymous asked:

you should really report that person for stealing your art, you can get Tumblr to remove the post. plus, their enter blog is pretty much completely stolen, unsourced art. could probably get their account deleted if enough people report them, because I doubt they'll take any of it down themselves or source any of it :(

already did fam! 

attention everyone pls report tumblr user monochromatic-monster, a reposter who doesnt feel any shame at all not crediting the artist

Return of the Chris Col-Fur Joke - 10.21.16

Hedwig Tour - San Francisco - SHN Golden Gate Theatre -10.21.16

*UPDATED 10.30.16

After the 10.21.16 performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch in San Francisco, several Twitter users reported that Darren had brought back the “Chris Col-Fur” joke he’d used for several months during the Broadway run of the show.


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Please, stop to help

If you are a twitter user and a fan of BTS, anti-bullying, or just care in general, please go and report the users asianmood and HateJhope.

They are spreading the hash tags wewantrapmonsterdead, wewantjhopedead, killjhope, killnamjoon, and also jhopeiscancer among many other horrible things, and then proceeding to tag Bangtan’s official twitter account.

Please, stop the chances of letting the boys see these tweets by reporting them and having their accounts permanently deleted.

Thank you for reading, and please go help put a stop to this.

Hey guys!

There’s a rumour going around today that Dan and I are being ‘targeted by hackers’ online and lots of our followers are being sent anon hate in their ask boxes - this is just a rumour someone started, nobody is attacking us in any way (don’t worry) but lots of people are saying they are getting mean messages!

As it’s unlikely a stranger would know your blog’s url, anyone sending you hate is most likely one of your own followers or someone you know. If you are getting mean messages you should go to your settings and turn off 'allow anonymous questions’. We both think that no one should really have anonymous questions enabled on tumblr or other question websites at all! 

Make sure to block/report any users who send you harassing messages and if someone ever seriously threatens you, take screenshots of any evidence and consider telling a parent, emailing (as they can track the IP address of anons) or contact the police! It’s best not to spread rumours/worry people about something that isn’t true but we appreciate anyone who expressed concern for us.

Hope you’re having a nice evening! ^_^

Scenario: The Hobbit Cast on
  • Thorin: *tracks Bagginshield* nice
  • Bard: Stop sending me sexual anons, Thranduil..
  • Thranduil: Ew, what the fuck, the PSD they used makes my hair look piss-yellow. *reports user*
  • Legolas: Oh....okay.... Tauriel didn't put me in her follow forever....*reblogs a bunch of deep&sad quotes*
  • Bilbo: I forgot my password.
  • Kili: *tears up reading KiliXTauriel fanfics* Alternative endings are so much better man...
  • Tauriel: GIVEAWAY!!! 1st prize: All of my feelings– 1st one to like this post wins + no return!
  • Azog: *runs a cat blog* eheheh they're so cute omg
  • Gollum: give us a chance precious....*posts selfie* *gets unfollowed* wELL FUCK YOU TOO
  • Gandalf: The world obviously is not in your books and maps.'s on tumblr dot com