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The problem with like 95% of these wattpad thieves is that they are ALL minors, some as young as 13 (I saw a couple), who clearly have NO clue what is right or wrong, they have this mentality that "if it's in the internet, it belongs to everyone" (same shit happens with fanart and gifs). A lot of them mention their age in conversations, profile, or even put links to their FB where you clearly see a birthday. Reporting them for being minors posting explicit content is the fastest way to get works


(Report a user called always-obsessing on Wattpad for stealing people’s fanfiction! I’ve reported them for stealing work and commented on their main page, sent them a message, and commented on my fic that they stole)


Shiny Pokémon arrive in ‘Pokémon Go’

  • Pokémon Go’s Water Festival is now officially underway, and players are already reporting that they’re finding shiny Pokémon: shiny gold Magikarp and shiny red Gyarados to be exact.
  • Although the inclusion of shiny Pokémon has been hinted at in leaks, this is the first we’ve actually seen the ultra-rare Pokémon in-game.
  • Although shiny Pokémon are now in the game, users reported that they only appear that way on the encounter screen. Read more (3/23/17)

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Herbs for Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon in which the body rests but the mind does not. In other words, you dream, but you are aware of that fact. Through this, dreams can be manipulated, and with practise, even controlled. Lucid dreaming can be achieved through several different methods, but I find that the best way it is done is with the use of herbs.

Herbs for lucid dreaming:

Calea Zacatechichi: Likely the most well known herb for dreaming, the Mexican Dream Herb brings about clearer, more wild dreams. A feeling of well-being accompanies after drinking tea, infusion, tincture, or smoking, as well as a clearer head the next day. Keeping an intention in mind is helpful when using this herb as you fall asleep. It is often used in ritual to meet spirit guides in dreams, too!

Mugwort: This is my favourite dreaming herb. It has been and is used in many different cultures for lucid and prophetic dreams and astral travel. Some users report having darker dreams that reveal hidden insights and core wounds, helping them to find closure. It helps you enter and stay for long periods of time in a conscious dream state and promotes REM sleep. It also brings more brilliant and longer dreams!

Heimia Salicifolia: Sun Opener Herb is another name for this powerful dream/sleep herb. It is known widely for enhancing memories as you dream and was regarded as scared by the Aztecs for this. It also causes yellowing of the vision, prophetic visions during sleep, and altered acoustic perception. Other effects include a feeling of well-being, heavy feeling limbs, floating thoughts, calmness, relaxation, and reduced pain. Some people have used this herb for a mild high*, though it is nonaddictive. 

Celastrus Paniculatus: The herb commonly known as Intellect Tree is regarded in India as a sacred medicine for memory enhancement and therefore helps with dream recall. Take it in conjunction with other dream herbs so you remember your experience more sharply. 

Salene Capenis: Also known as Xhosa Dream Root, its roots are traditionally used by shamans to promote lucid dream states in healers and other shamans during initiation ceremonies. It is noted as a “teaching plant” that is considered highly sacred.

Nymphaea Caerulea: This is another nonaddictive herb that is used often times for a mild high*. It promotes a deeper and more restful sleep, better dream recall, and more intense visual imagery during dreams. This herb is typically consumed in teas, elixir extracts, or by smoking it.

Asparagus Racemoses: Tian Man Dong is known well for spirit alignment. Known also as ‘Shatawari’, ‘Wild Asparagus Root’, ‘The Flying Herb’,  and ‘Heavenly Spirit Herb’ this delicate white flower is said to open the heart and cause dreams about things upon the heart and soul. The Chinese say it effective to help one fly through the universe at night, achieving magnificent dreams and moving in alignment with the spirit

Entada Rheedii: Or more commonly, African Dream bean, is traditionally used in African medicine to induce vivid dreams and enable communication with the spirit world. Entada facilitates entry into the dream world, and promotes increased REM awareness. This makes it easier for the sleeper to realise that they are dreaming and thus gives them an edge in achieving lucidity. This herb contains several active compounds, essential oils and alkaloids.

The Wiccan’s Glossary


Finally! You’ve asked for it, you’ve begged for it, you attacked a group of nuns butt-naked screaming about it, and I have heard your prayers and lazed about but eventually made it.
That’s right, keep your clothes on this time because it’s TRAIN POWER ARMOR.

-A new set of power armor: TRAIN POWER ARMOR, which comes with its own unique paint jobs, over 30 new mods, lights, new sound effects and its own special mechanics
-The ability to build “steam” while walking in TRAIN POWER ARMOR. Steam can be used in place of AP when sprinting, and can be used for a variety of other actions and bonuses.
-A new UI element while in the armor that displays the user’s current steam.
-A new bossfight, puzzle, dungeon, AND quest to retrieve the armor.
-Full voice acting for all dialogue in the mod.

-The mod can begin by entering the old locomotive at the very very south end of the map, at the end of the railroad tracks. Enter it and flip the switch, and your TRAIN POWER ARMOR adventure will begin.
-Figure out the puzzle yourself.
-This armor, due to its SHEER GIRTH and size of the armor, is best played in third person. Some of the mods only work in third person as well, and most of the effects are only visible in that.
-Some users report the steam meter not showing up, this is due to some outside issue with DEF_UI, but god knows I don’t know what it is.


-registrator2000 for their help with testing and logging
-All the testers
-Kos for the initial models
-Niero for the light models and projectiles
-Buffscale for the ghoul hats

Before using your credit card or debit card in ANY machine, make it a HABIT to tug on the card reader with good force. You'll reduce the chances of your card being a lot.

Information Security Engineer at a Bank reporting in. Users don’t realize how easy it is for a credit card to be skimmed while doing day to day activities. I’m currently investigating multiple ATMs getting skimmers installed and looking almost identical to the original reader. ATMs generally are impossible to dismantle with human force. Tug on that reader with all your might. Wiggle it as well. If it moves even slightly, move on. Do not stick your card in it. Call me paranoid but if you see the amount of gas station pumps and atms I’ve seen get hijacked, you’ll understand why tugging is now a religious habit.

How to report someone on Tumblr

Tumblr does not have a “report user” button or something similar. But sometimes, you need to report someone; be it for harassment or art theft or something else.
In that case, send an email to
The subject line should contain the reason you’re reporting the other user, e.g. “harassment”. Make sure you include their user name / url and your username / url. If you have any screen shots of offending material, make sure to attach them to your email.

Callout Post: art-is-a-bitch

This user has been more than rude towards the newer side of the art and roleplaying community, stealing art as well as harassing users.

Before I move on, I do not condone the act of harassment. Block, report, and leave this user be. If your thread/art is reblogged by them, ignore and move on.

Exhibit A: Theft of art

Although I do not know the original posters to the art they are stealing, it is evident through each piece that it’s stolen. Different style, some still have watermarks, and some simply are screenshots.

I will not repost the images but I will put a link to where they have reposted art.

Here. (This is a screenshot of the stolen image)





And Here.

But wait! There’s even more! I won’t link to all of them since it’d be too much but you can go there yourself and see that there is a lot of stolen work that they claim to be theirs.

Exhibit B: The Art Community As A Whole

It’s obvious from their reblogs that constructive criticism isn’t something that matters to them in the slightest. Whether it be a colour scheme, sketch lines, or whatever, the newer side of the art community is where she targets all the time. For example, this:

Or this:

and this too:

This is unacceptable. Not only is it going to stop younger/newer artists from wanting to make more art in the community but this could have been avoided if constructive criticism was put into thought.

Exhibit C: The Roleplaying Community

They themselves don’t roleplay. However, they reblog threads that are active as well as putting rude comments.

Here, they can be seen not only using the term ‘cringe’ as an insult towards the writers but are also reblogging the thread. As an RPer for nearly a year now, this is the kind of shit that can mess up your threads. By reblogging a thread that you are not in, you are

1) Ruining the notes system and

2) not allowing the two writers know who’s turn it is.

There are other examples but I think one is simply enough.

Exhibit D: Dangerous Activities.

The ‘Blue Whale’ game is a game that steals your information. In order for that personal information to not be used, you must do a number of things which eventually lead to self harm. They are promoting this app here:

as well as the explosive bottles here:


So, I talked to someone by the name of “PinkBelle” on AJ. I talked to them via jam-a-gram. they were roleplaying as Jeff the Killer, I started talking about how Jeff wasn’t that scary..

I log on today, and.

Keep in mind I never insulted them personally. I was talking about how bad Jeff the Killer was. They took this as a personal offense, summoned their friends and their backups and spammed my jam-a-grams and Jammer Wall.

Do NOT attack this user, report them and their backups and friends. Report them, do not engage is conversation, do not spam them. Just report them ‘til you are satisfied.

Also, I’ll point out I never blocked them. Also apparently me saying “Jeff was a bad creepypasta” can put me in jail.. Apparently.

I never “hit” them, so I don’t know what story they told their buddies.

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not sure if you saw this, but trashythetrashcant reposted one of your yoi comics and it looks like they didn't link back to your account (except for your signature). just thought you should know in case they didn't ask for permission

thanks for letting me know. i have specifically said that my art is NOT to be reposted on tumblr…i’ve already reported that user




This user has re-uploaded almost ALL my edited audios on her/his channel :( And it really bothers, frustrates, depresses, demotivates me so much T^T :( . Please, please help me to report/flag this user by reporting their videos and their channel. This is urgent!

This user’s channel:

And many reuploaded audios like these ones …

1. (From Hirotsugu x Kazuki H-scene)

2. (Kou’s H-scene)

3. (Senri x Shin H-scene)

4. (third fantasy)

5. (Natsume + Subaru Imaginary H-scene]

6. (Onedari Sharemate 3P H-scene Haruto and Yuzuki)

7. (Shu’s Imaginary H-scene)

8. (noiz’ moaning)

9. (Sousuke x Makoto x Kisume Imaginary H-scene)

10. (Tachibana x Kazuki - Pigeon blood)


and so so many other reuploaded videos.

really! just looking at this channel demotivates me so much :(

Please help me to solve this problem! Thank you so much >.<

Calling out @yoiappreciation for stealing gifs from some yoi gifmakers

Like I said on the title above… @yoiappreciation is stealing the gifs from other yoi gifmakers and claiming it’s her own edit instead of reblogging the yoi gifsets from the respective yoi gifmakers.

She even stole the Otabek gifs that I made and someone was very kind to point it out about this user for using my gifs when you can clearly see my watermark in it. Which is a proof that she took it from these: gif 1, gif 2 and gif 3. Plus, I can even see that she stole some of the gifs that my friends did like @mizus, @sawtsuki, @captainpoe and more.

Please help us report this user for stealing our yoi gifs and claim it as her own plus she even got a ton of notes to some of it >_<

EDIT: The user took all down the posts that wasn’t her gifs!!

Hi, I’m really sorry to bother but I’m extremely worried about Bri (voltron-and-chill67). The anti-shipper that has been harassing her just posted this a little while ago. Is there a way we can contact Tumblr staff about their suicidal thoughts?

There is. I’m sure you’re familiar with the report function, and you can report a Tumblr user as a danger to themselves. This will alert the staff and resources can be sent their way.

But beyond just doing that, and don’t get me wrong I’m not singling you out here because you haven’t done anything wrong, you know what we can do? Not tell people to kill themselves. Not trivialize it when they say they’ve tried or will try. Or how about we just don’t take fandom and made up characters SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY? Look, I don’t give a single fuck what your thoughts on otayuri are. I don’t care if you’re an anti or one of the biggest shippers on this website. This, what’s happening? This is toxic. I almost lost a friend last night to this toxicity. I almost relapsed myself because of it. In fact, several of our mutual friends were in a similar headspace as me. In other words, much as I love her and was beyond worried about her, and as glad as I am that she’s okay, Brianna wasn’t the only one that could have been a victim here.

Because of one asshole who thought that trivializing suicide because of two made up characters was a good idea.

I’ve been lucky enough not to get antis on my blog, and I’m sure that after posting this, I’ll be getting some, but my point still stands. Otayuri, or any other ship for that matter, is not worth someone’s life.


Meet Raheem, a Facebook Messenger chat bot who wants your help to keep tabs on police

At any time of day, no matter what happens between you and a police officer, Raheem wants to know about it. Raheem never sleeps. Raheem is a Facebook Messenger chat bot that will gather and map out interactions with police across the country; it just entered beta testing and is looking for a few thousand helping hands. Raheem’s creator, Brandon Anderson, eventually wants to use reports from thousands of users to build a people’s map of police behavior. Using Raheem is super easy.

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Random user: *spams a tag with random/disgusting pictures as an attack*

Random user: *gets reported for spam*

Random user: *gets their blog deleted for spamming*

Random user: “Ugh my blog got deleted by those damn shippers! They are horrible”


Uh no…. you got deleted… because…you were spamming… on purpose…. to disturb a tag… You deleted your own blog.

PSA: Terf callout

An awful terf has been harassing me and others in the BatJokes shipping community, specifically transgender/allies, making death threats and just generally being a terrible human being. Please, for the safety and comfort of other transgender people on this website, please reblog this and report this user.

Some quotes from the lovely @snowysugarsparkle :

*in response to a transgender headcanon for TLBM* “I’m blocking you.”

*in response to an anon calling her out and accusing her of promoting the MURDER of every transgender individual* “BOO HOO.”

*in response to someone else calling her out* “WOMEN DO NOT HAVE DICKS.”

*responding to another transgender headcanon post* “DISGUSTING WANNABE’S.”


She already blocked me for arguing with her so her link doesn’t work here but please report this user, protect other transgender people from similar harassment and cyberbullying, please.

@snowysugarsparkle is a terf
@snowysugarsparkle is a cyberbully
please report @snowysugarsparkle

If you see someone talking shit about NCT (especially in Twitter), please don’t give them any attention. Simply block and report the user. Let’s all focus on giving our boys the love and appreciation they deserve.

Spread love, not hate! 💕

Hell Ring Headcanons & Facts

Some of these are facts from the wiki.  The rings that do not have info or info that is not found for all the rings have been filled in by headcanons.

Ossa Impressione

Ability:  Supposedly the user is able to use the souls trapped in the ring as scapegoats.  There also been evidence of being able to link other souls to illusions..
Legends/Curses:  The ring is said to contain many souls of those in Hell.
War Potential Doubling Form:  Skeletal is how this ring’s form is described.  Personality can change to become cruel.

Best user: Someone who is indifferent or comfortable with death is preferable.  The user must be strong mentally and physically.  Self assured.


Ability:  The ring is said to bring misfortune upon its victim
Legends/Curses:  It is said to backfire with misfortune after 666 uses apparently
War Potential Doubling Form:  Out of all rings this one’s form is said to be the most demonic.  Personality can change to become very degrading and indifferent towards others.

Best user: Someone who is not superstitious.  Preferably someone who is ok with death and/or destruction.


Ability:  Victims of this ring are left paralyzed and unable to think. The ring itself is also carnivorous with the ability to consume an elephant with ease.
Legends/Curses:  The original user is said to be a traveler.  In an attempt to continue to see the world he gouged out his eye and attached it to this ring.
War Potential Doubling Form:  Some have said that it is the traveler himself who joins in this form.   Others say it is a demon.  Either way there have not been enough substantial reports to tell.  Personality can become violent and indiscriminate.

Best user: Someone who is strong both physically and mentally.  Preferably comfortable with death and violence though not naturally violent.


Ability:  Erase and create a presence/killing intent
Legends/Curses:  This ring has a history of its users being followed by ruin.
War Potential Doubling Form:  Fairly vague form that can be described as spirit-like.  Personality can become more melancholy.

Best user:  Someone who is accepting or indifferent towards death.  Someone more optimistic and confident.  


Ability:  Victims trapped by vines and flowers that trap the person in their worst nightmare.
Legends/Curses:  Users of the ring are rumored to have nightmares frequently.  Some people have been driven mad by it.
War Potential Doubling Form:  Seems to almost join with the vines coming from the ring.  Personality can change to become sinister.

Best user: Someone who is not disturbed much by nightmares or cannot remember them.  The user of this needs to have extraordinary mental strength.


Ability:  Weaken the opponent’s spirit.  Some unsubstantiated reports have said the user is able to seemingly implant thoughts in the victim’s mind.
Legends/Curses:  Hubris seems to often become the downfall of these users.  The ring seems to give many a false sense of security.
War Potential Doubling Form:  Some have described the forms as being very insect-like.  Personality can change to become highly arrogant and condescending.

Best user:  Someone humble in order to stave off the hubris that can come from this ring.  Better match than many of the other Hell Rings for those who are not as comfortable and/or accepting of death/violence.